Direct Referrals Everyday ebook Review – Not Recommended

direct referrals everyday review

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(Very) Quick Take…

Not worth you money guys.. Don’t buy.

I’ve been a PTC user for a very long time and I still hate it when bad products that target PTC users circulate in the internet-o-sphere. As a PTC user myself, I am always in the search of knowledge about new methods of getting direct referrals for the PTC websites that I am affiliated with.

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I was recently introduced to a new eBook, a new guide on how to get a ton of direct referrals every day. This eBook is written and marketed by a guy named Arun. In today’s post, I will review Direct Referrals Everyday eBook and I will explain why I believe that you SHOULD NOT buy it.

Direct Referrals Everyday eBook Review:

I will start my review by explaining the pros and the cons of this product and why you should ΝΟΤ buy it. But, before I start, I have to make a small disclaimer.

I am not saying that this guy, Arun, is not getting a ton of direct referrals every day. He might be getting thousands of direct referrals every month. The product he created though, is really (really) bad, filled with false promises – especially on his landing page.

What the ebook teaches:

The eBook teaches ONE method to get thousands (supposedly) direct referrals. I tried the method and it does not work.

The method teaches you to go to a free blogging platform – webs specifically – and create a free blog. In it, you will write about a money-making method that is free to join and requires no experience to use. You will not mention that it is for paid to click websites. You will guide them with buttons to create an account to your favorite PTC website and to create a PayPal or Payza account.

Traffic to the page will be generated via Facebook advertising. You will target people from India and Pakistan who want to make money online.

The problem is that neither do webs or Facebook allows you to promote money-making online programs without clearly stating what they are. So, the method is not working..

direct referrals everyday review - webs screenshot
Screenshot from website saying that my account is suspended due to violation of TOS.
direct referrals everyday review
The notification from Facebook that clearly explains that work from home ads are not allowed.


  • Money-Back Guarantee: There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Even if you buy the eBook, read it and then ask for your money back in less than 30 days, you will get your five dollars back. Did I got mine, you may ask. No. Why? Because I am lazy and I really don’t care if I lost 5 dollars.
  • Very cheap: To start with the Pros, let me tell you that the product is very cheap to buy. It is only $4.95. So if you are still curious about what’s in his eBook.
  • Awesome landing page: From a marketing perspective, this guy, Arun, managed to create an unbelievably cool and catchy landing page. I saved his page (by taking a screenshot) for future inspiration. Too bad the product sucks.

The products sucks a lot. What you basically gonna get is an eBook that it is really bad written.

TIP: Let me give you a tip guys. If you are going to write an eBook, before you turn it to a pdf, please, go to Fiverr and hire someone to proofread it for you for $5.

So let me summarize the bad stuff:


  1. The title is deceiving: The landing page headline says that you will learn a method to get hundreds of direct referrals for free. Well, guess what, the method is not free. You have to actually promote your page/blog to Facebook to get visitors. Although targeting people from India and Pakistan on Facebook is indeed cheap, the method is NOT free.
  2. Do-Nothing System: Again a lie. I tried to implement what Arun was teaching in his eBook and I have to say that I spent about 5 hours to build my blog and another 30 minutes to set my Facebook ads. The blog platform that Arun was suggesting closed my account because as it seems I cannot promote PTC websites with their free blogging platform so I rebuild the blog on blogger. Another 3 hours. Also, Facebook does not let you promote money-making opportunities that are not clear on what they are.
  3. Testimonial videos at the bottom are all fake: Those videos at the end of the landing page are all fake. You can get them on Fiverr for 5 dollars each. So, stop being a f****** liar Arun and put testimonials of REAL people who met success with the information you are selling.
  4. The eBook is badly written:  As I mentioned above, the eBook is badly written. He created a super awesome landing page and didn’t bother to create a well-written eBook. Hire someone from Fiverr dude for five dollars from Fiverr.
  5. The method he is showing is nothing new: So this guy is basically teaching you to build a page and drive traffic to it. Is this the great secret that you need to buy the information to get direct referrals? I doubt…

I decided to write this review hoping that I can ”save” some unsuspected PTC user’s time and money by writing this review. Arun, if you are reading this review, I’m really sorry for the bad comments but I had to do it.

Anyway guys, thank you for reading my Direct Referrals Everyday Review. If you liked this review, share it with your social networks. It means a lot to me.

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  1. Thank you for this review. Unfortunately, I have just made the purchase, but unlike you, I didn’t even receive my ebook. Instead I got a message that I couldn’t access the download page because the account was inactive. Go me! So, obviously I opened a dispute with paypal and may actually get my $5.00 back. Luckily though, you’ve written this review well enough to tell me what I didn’t get to read myself, and clearly, it’s no help to me, because I’m already doing quite a bit of that myself and haven’t had any signups, so I know from experience that doesn’t work.

    Also, as an after thought of opinion, how stupid to set up a website, blog or splash page to promote your ptc affiliate link and then advertise it, Wouldn’t it just be easier to advertise your plain affiliate link? I mean, if someone clicks through your website and sees that what you’re advertising a ptc, they’re as unlikely to sign up to it as they were to simply see your ptc’s main website. Sounds like a lot of effort for nothing.

    Anyways, if you’ve got any methods you’d like to share, I’ll be appreciative that you shared them. I’ve only come across a few guides and at present haven’t yet bothered to rent any referrals, Guess I will if I ever want to make any money. Direct referrals seem to be a lost cause…

    1. Maghnuis, i’ve had similar issues with vendors in the past. I always get my money back when I fill a dispute with PayPal, so don’t worry about that.

      Don’t get discouraged about direct referrals. Getting direct referrals for a ptc, you need to learn the exact same skills an affiliate marketer and an MLM marketer must have.

      I know that at first things may be frustrating but listen this: Doctors have to learn their skills for 10 years before they start earning thousands per month.

      It’s the same thing as we do. You need to learn the skills (Internet Marketing) to get direct referrals and start earning money.

      I started earning 0.04 cents per day when I started my ptc journey five years ago. Now I am earning over $2.00 per day. My goal is to earn over $30 per day and I am going to achieve that, no matter what.

      That’s the mentality you need to develop too if you want to succeed.

  2. Hi Ptc King.

    Thanks so much for this brief & concise review. It really helped me because I was actually about to purchase the ebook today, when I came across your review. May the Lord bless you & continue to enlarge your coast.

    Please do you have any PTC strategies that can be of help to me? I’m just a newbie in PTC & really look forward to meeting someone more experienced than I am, to share some tips & tricks with me.


  3. Clixsense is one of the best site and nobody can ignore this. In fact it is the one of the best money making program out there on internet
    but when it comes to get direct referrals there is no other method than to create your own website over it and do seo so it can be ranked in google use the best keyword and work over seo ..

    I always believe that quality matters rather than quantity

    If you review only two sites in your websites then your review should be fare and should tell the actual reality about that ptc site…some people only make ptc review website for just getting referrals but i don’t believe in this. If we have gained experience in any subject than we should be true to our experience and to our reading audience.. What people do is, they promote sites where you can never, I repeat never make profit without direct referrals. Even if you do have direct referrals than also they can terminate your account without any reason and without providing any valid explanation.

    One of the best example of this is neobux. It is one of the biggest scam over internet but due to their popularity or you can say false promotion from some ill minded review expert people get scammed and that expert will be making money because he/she will be getting tons of referrals but people who join neobux will realize after some time that you can never make profit with neobux via rented referrals and they so called experts teaches newbies that (money making predefined strategy) which make people to become neobux prey.

    So according to my experience never join neobux unless and until you can get large no of direct referrals because if you gone with so famous strategy than you gonna regret in future it will be pure wastage of time and money.

    So according to me other than clixsense there is no website where you can make real profit with referrals and if you gonna make money with those sites than it will be only possible .if you teaches that great strategy of money making to newbies and will make them to join those scammed sites as a direct referrals.

    So only join clixsense and if you wanna join some other ptc than work for direct referrals in a ethical way.

  4. Hi, have you tested the site called The ultimate neobux guide 2016?
    It seems to be pretty well visited, and have some cheap guides as well.

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