My Honest Review After 1 Year Using It Review
My Honest Review After 1 Year Using It is one of the best value-for-money marketing suites you can lay your hands on. Why best value for money? Because of its generous free plan, and its low cost paid plans. With you get an email marketing platform, a landing page builder, a sales funnel builder, a webinar system, you can launch your own products, you can manage your affiliate program, you can integrate your payment systems and much more. It is truly a software marvel.

Operating System: Windows, Mac

Application Category: Business

Editor's Rating:


  • - All-in-one marketing suite
  • - Low cost
  • - Has free version
  • - Responsive 24/7 support
  • - Thousands 5-star reviews online


  • -No mobile application
  • -Not so many integrations available

In today’s world, where over 5.3 billion people are active internet users [1], the digital marketing landscape is more competitive than ever.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re searching for a tool that can help you stand out and make your mark online.

Like many entrepreneurs, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of options out there and unsure which one will truly meet your needs.

You’re probably looking for something that can save you time, automate your marketing tasks efficiently, and ultimately help grow your business without breaking the bank.

After spending a year using deep into the features and functionalities of Systeme, I have firsthand insights that could help simplify your decision.

In this article, I’m going to share my experience with Systeme. You’ll get a no-frills breakdown of how it works, what it can do for you, and where it might fall short. By the end, you’ll have a clearer understanding of whether Systeme is the right fit for your business needs.

Why You Should Trust Me?

I’ve been at this SEO and affiliate marketing game for over a decade now, blogging about all the tricks of the trade along the way. With that kind of run, you pick up more than a few things about what works and what doesn’t.

So, when I talk about Systeme, you can bet I’ve got a good handle on it.

You see, I’ve been using Systeme for quite a while (on year actually). I’m not just a casual user; I’ve spent real time with this tool, day in and day out.

Systeme Dashboard
– Inside my Systeme dashboard

As someone who’s made a career out of affiliate marketing, I’ve tried a bunch of different tools to keep my operations smooth. And I’ve got to tell you, not all tools are created equal.

But Systeme?

I’ve tested every nook and cranny of it, kept up with each new feature, and yeah, I’ve had my share of frustrations with it, too. But that’s just part of the deal.

Now, I’m not saying it’s perfect—nothing is. But after all this time using Systeme, I’ve got a fair bit of insight into what it can do for your business.

So, when I share my thoughts on it, you’re getting the straight scoop from someone who’s been around the block.

What is Systeme? Homepage
– Homepage

In simple words, Systeme is an all-in-one marketing platform – a one-stop-shop designed to support entrepreneurs in their online endeavors, aimed at helping you start, grow, and scale up your internet business.

Systeme positions itself as a more affordable alternative to various other services such as ClickFunnels, Kartra, and Kajabi.

It’s embraced by a significant number of entrepreneurs – over 300,000, to be precise – which is a testament to its popularity.

What’s noticeable about this platform is its user-friendly interface and the level of support provided to its users.

From creating sales funnels, email marketing, to managing affiliate programs and rolling out digital courses, Systeme seems to simplify these processes significantly.

As for the cost, it appears to offer good value for money, potentially saving users a substantial amount each month by consolidating several tools into one.

Who is Systeme Best For?

Here’s who I think Systeme is best for:

  • If you’re an affiliate marketer who wants a low-cost software to build landing pages, sales funnels and webinars Systeme is perfect for you.
  • If you handle large email lists and you don’t want the “bloat” all other email marketing software offer, then Systeme suits you great. From building squeeze pages, ready made templates, handling your email lists, building automations – Systeme has you covered. Oh, and did I mentioned that you can host UNLIMITED contacts and send UNLIMITED emails from just $75 per month? Just take the time to reflect how much money you’ll be paying if you were using email marketing platforms like Aweber, GetResponse or Mailchimp.
  • Now, for you folks selling digital products, Systeme has got a bunch of tools that help you sell more smoothly. Whether it’s taking payments DIRECTLY or setting up upsells and downsells, it helps you focus on making great products selling them, and growing your business within a single platform.

👉 Check’s offial website to see if it can cover your needs.’s Key Features

After a year of hands-on experience with Systeme, here’s what I consider the Key features Systeme has to offer.

1. Funnel and Landing Page Builder

As someone who’s been in SEO, affiliate marketing, and blogging for a decade, I’ve learned that simplicity and efficiency are key.

That’s what I found in Systeme’s Funnel and Landing Page Builder.

It’s straightforward to use, with a drag-and-drop setup that lets me put together sales funnels without any fuss. I don’t need to get tangled up in complex software anymore.

With ready-to-go templates, I can get my campaigns up and running quickly, making sure they fit the look and feel of my brand.

And when it comes to payments, it’s a smooth ride with PayPal and Stripe (plus Razorpay, Flutterwave, Xendit) I can accept payments without any trouble, which is a big win for me.

My Honest Review After 1 Year Using It
– Systeme’s payment gateways integration

The automation features are a real time-saver, too. They let me send out email sequences automatically as well as customize the

My Honest Review After 1 Year Using It
– Systeme Automations Workflow
My Honest Review After 1 Year Using It
– You can set up tens of automation rules that help you organize and save time.

2. Email Marketing Suite (Automations, Optin-boxes and pop-overs)

Another key-feature that is Systeme’s email marketing suite.

  1. I can send as many emails as I want, which is a real perk – even with the free plan.
  2. Setting up email sequences that run on autopilot means I can give more attention to content creation and strategy.
  3. The tagging system for organizing contacts is a lifesaver. It’s a straightforward way to make sure my emails are relevant to each group I’m sending them to.
  4. Plus, being able to shoot an email again to folks who didn’t open the first time helps me keep my engagement levels healthy.
  5. I’m also a fan of how easy it is to get those sign-up forms and pop-ups on my site. They’re simple, but they do the job well when it comes to getting more subscribers.

3. Website Builder

Although I don’t use Systeme’s website builder, I think it’s something worth mentioning.

My Honest Review After 1 Year Using It
– Screenshot from Systeme’s Website Builder

The site builder is packed with features that allows you to start a blog from within the same platform that you use to run your online business.

It’s got these customizable templates that make it really easy to get the look you want for your site. And the drag-and-drop editor is a no-stress solution for building web pages just the way I want you may want them, without having to mess with any complicated code or other platforms.

If you want to check some of Systeme’s website building templates click these links 👇

When it comes to adding stuff like an email list, a payment setup, or an online courses, it’s all pretty straightforward, which I appreciate. It means you can create a smooth path for folks visiting your site, hopefully turning them into clients.

And let’s don’t forget that EVERYTHING I mention is under one-single-payment and platform.

4. Create Membership Sites

Again, I’m gonna be honest here, I haven’t used this feature either (yet), but I think it is something important to mention if you are thinking into joining Systeme.

I mean, it’s good to know that you have that option too.

Other membership software like…

  • Kajabi cost $149/mo for the basic plan.
  • LearnWords charges $79/mo for the pro plan.
  • ClickFunnels at $127/month

But, even with Systeme’s Free plan, you get:

  • Unlimited members on your membership site
  • Send unlimited emails to your contacts
  • You have unlimited file storage
  • You get NO transaction fees
  • You can build you own affiliate program to get affiliates promote your membership site or course.

If you are thinking on starting a course or a membership site, it seems (at least to me) that Systeme is by far the wise choice.

5. Launch your own affiliate program

As mentioned above, you can run your own affiliate program within Systeme.

My Honest Review After 1 Year Using It
– Screenshot from Systeme’s affiliate managing dashboard

This platform is real helper for those of you who want to set up and manage an affiliate program – again, from within the same platform.

Handling the money side of things all in one spot should a big relief, too. No need to juggle between different programs or services to make sure everyone gets paid.

And the best part is that you can put your own digital offerings on Systeme’s marketplace, which you can get affiliates start promoting them.

Having said that, you may want to check these 9 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks And Platforms For Beginners.

6. Create webinars

Setting up automated webinars with Systeme is also an option. You don’t have to fuss over the technical stuff anymore.

A few easy clicks and you have your prerecorded sessions scheduled, with sign-ups and follow-up emails running on auto-pilot.

I bet you’ll find it a great relief not to be stuck to your computer during live events, knowing that your webinars are rolling out on their own schedule.

Systeme Pricing Plans

My Honest Review After 1 Year Using It

Systeme offers 4 plans. Let’s talk about their Free plan first.

  1. Free plan: It’s a solid choice for newbies just starting out. You don’t pay a dime, and you can handle up to 2000 contacts and send as many emails as you need. It’s a no-risk way to get your feet wet.
  • Startup plan: Now, if you’re growing your business, the Startup plan could be your next move. It’s priced at $27 a month, or get a deal at $228 annually. With a bump up to 5000 contacts, it’s a smart, budget-friendly option that can support the growth of your audience nicely.
  • Webinar plan: Then there’s the Webinar plan. Priced at $47 a month, it’s meant for those scaling up with webinars and supports up to 10,000 contacts.
  • Unlimited plan: And if you’re like me, aiming for the sky, the Unlimited plan at $97 a month is where it’s at. No limits on contacts or emails, it’s all about growing freely.

Systeme Pros And Cons

So, let me briefly summarize what I like and what I don’t like about

Systeme Reviews on Other platforms

To make this review more complete, I’ve gone through various review platforms for user feedback on

Here’s a snapshot of what users are saying across different review sites;

PlatformRatingKey Takeaway
Software Advice4.8/5“Intuitive and feature-rich”
Capterra4.8/5“Great value for money”
G24.8/5“Robust and user-friendly”
Trustpilot4.9/5“Reliable customer support”
RedditVaried“Mixed reviews on updates”

Taking a look at what folks have been saying on Software Advice, it’s clear that is doing pretty well with a solid average score of 4.8.

Although there are over one thousand, five-star review on Software Advice, there’s one guy that says there’s a bit of a learning curve for folks just starting out (what doesn’t?), and the website builder might throw a spanner in the works every now and then.

Heading over to Capterra, a site known for user feedback on software, I’ve seen plenty of positive comments about

  • One user likes the plethora of tools in a single platform.
  • Another user praised how easy is the migration service, customer support offers. It really helps in moving over from another platform without any headaches.
  • Yet, one reviewer said that you need to spend some time learning the ropes, but once you’ve mastered it, the level of control you have is impressive.

After checking out some really positive feedback on Capterra, I got curious about what people were saying about over on G2. And guess what? It’s all good news there too.

  • Folks are talking about how easy and clear the platform is to use.
  • The support team over at is on the ball, too.
  • And of course, many are praising the cost. It’s pretty amazing to find a full set of features that don’t break the bank.

Going over to Trustpilot, it looks like a lot of folks find pretty solid. They’re talking about how it’s helping them do their own thing online without too much fuss. And I get it – having everything you need in one spot makes life easier.

  • Someone mentioned that he jumped ship from other services, like Teachable, and that the migration process was smooth.
  • Another review praised the platform’s simple design.
  • Another reviewer said that when she needed help, the support team always steps up.

When it comes to Reddit, I’ve found solid group of folks who really get what this tool is all about. There’s even a subreddit where it hosts all Reviews in a single place. You can check it out here.

Systeme Alternatives

Some alternatives to that you might want to check are, GoHighLevel, and Builderall.

These platforms are – as well – like a Swiss Army knife – with competitive prices as well.

Take, for example. It’s a solid choice with a bunch of apps that make building sales funnels and websites a smooth process.

If you’re running a marketing agency and want to present services under your own brand, GoHighLevel is a strong pick with its white-label solutions.

Builderall, with its wide range of marketing features, can cover nearly any need you might have in the digital marketing space.

Here’s a simple table that I put up that compares with these options.

Sales Funnels⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Agency Tools⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Website Builder⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Marketing Automation⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

As someone who’s worked with these platforms, I can tell you they each have a unique set of strengths.

When it comes down to picking one, it really depends on what’s most important for your business and how you want to grow.

Each platform has the potential to help you reach your goals, so it’s all about finding the right fit for you.

Bottom Line: My Take on Systeme

After working with for a solid year, I’ve come to see it as an essential part of my marketing arsenal. As an SEO, affiliate marketer, and blogger for over a decade, I’ve used a fair share of tools, but Systeme stands out for its affordability and comprehensive functionality.

It’s a robust platform that’s incredibly budget-friendly, especially when you stack it up against other funnel builders out there.

Making the switch to Systeme was a big decision, especially with the volume of contacts I handle, but it’s one I’ve been glad I made. It just works well, and that’s what matters.

When it comes to creating funnels, blasting out emails, or setting up courses, Systeme makes it possible to handle it all in one streamlined space. The balance of simplicity and capability is something I really appreciate.

I’d recommend giving Systeme a try if you’re looking for an effective way to enhance your online presence without spending a small fortune. It’s a straightforward tool in an industry often filled with overly complex and expensive alternatives.

Go ahead and give it a go – I reckon you won’t have any regrets.

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