Eddie Castillo Partners with Tech Mogul to Advance AI Production at Altered State

Eddie Castillo Partners with Tech Mogul to Advance AI Production at Altered State

Altered State Productions, under the leadership of media director Eddie Castillo, is teaming up with a leading technology firm, whose name remains confidential, to transform video production workflows through cutting-edge AI innovations.

This collaboration is set to enable more active brand involvement in the creative stages, from scriptwriting to final video enhancements, via an advanced, newly updated platform.

The ‘Altered State’ initiative is poised to unveil a collection of AI tools tailored to streamline and improve different phases of video production. These tools will cover critical services like scriptwriting, color correction, and image editing, and are designed to expedite and refine the agency’s output.

With introductory prices starting at $50, this initiative will democratize professional video production for a broader range of businesses and independent creators, ensuring high-quality production remains collaborative and accessible.

Presently, Altered State Productions collaborates with leading software providers including SEMRUSH, Klaviyo, and Corebook. These partnerships utilize top-tier technologies to boost its marketing and creative services across the globe.

These collaborations have already augmented the agency’s use of sophisticated analytics and automation tools, bolstering its strategic capabilities and securing superior results for its clientele. Looking to expand its tech partnerships further, the agency anticipates announcing new alliances in September 2024 to enhance its creative marketing services.

Eddie Castillo Partners with Tech Mogul to Advance AI Production at Altered State

Since its launch in 2021, the Altered State platform has been a trailblazer in the creative and marketing sectors, marking its debut as the first video production e-commerce store. The platform offers a transparent and straightforward purchasing experience akin to Amazon, allowing business owners to directly select and secure video production services.

With clear pricing and defined KPIs, the platform facilitates campaign customization through additions like drone footage, influencer collaborations, and specialized color grading, tailoring each project to meet specific marketing objectives.

At the helm of these progressive efforts is Eddie Castillo, an esteemed American entrepreneur and media director celebrated for his innovative approaches to video marketing. His expertise has been showcased on platforms including Vice, Uncrate, Amazon, the Latin Grammys, Apple, and Semrush.

With over a decade of experience in film, television, and various media sectors, Castillo has been instrumental in reshaping video production and related fields. His leadership guarantees that every project not only meets but surpasses the creative and commercial goals of its clients, turning their concepts into effective and memorable brands.

The increasing demand for the agency’s inventive services has led to a necessity for operational scaling. In response, Altered State Productions is upgrading its technological infrastructure to maintain its high standards of service delivery as its client base grows.

In a move to strategically broaden its offerings, Altered State Productions is reorganizing its services into four main categories: CREATE, MARKET, PARTNER, and AGENCY.

Each division will function as a distinct subsidiary within the Altered State Productions group, enabling more targeted service delivery that addresses the unique needs of its clients, from content creation to comprehensive marketing strategies and partnership development.

Eddie Castillo Partners with Tech Mogul to Advance AI Production at Altered State

Scheduled for a September 2024 unveiling, the video marketing agency is set to introduce an AI-powered customer service feature. This sophisticated tool will assist users from the initial idea to the final product, providing personalized advice, custom quotes, and budget management.

Designed to serve as a virtual account manager, it aims to streamline the creative process and significantly elevate customer satisfaction.

To enhance transparency and communication with its user base, the agency is also implementing a thorough feedback system.

This initiative will enable real-time client feedback on platform features and services, gathering essential insights for continuous improvement and ensuring the platform remains at the forefront of industry standards.

Altered State Productions is reinventing how businesses interact with video service providers, introducing a pioneering click-and-create experience that is set to redefine the engagement landscape between businesses and agencies. Visit alteredstateprod.com to learn more.

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