Tools Of The Trade

Having reliable tools can help you save time, grow faster and make more money. In this page, I present you the tools I use on a daily basis to run my online businesses.

Tools of The Trade

Video Production

Video is the next big thing in communication. If you are not creating videos for your business, you are leaving money on the table. Here are my favourite Video production tools.

Pictory logo

Pictory is one of the best Ai video editing software the market has to offer right now.

InVideo logo

InVideo is another great Ai video editing software you should look into.

Synthesia logo

Synthesia allows you to create videos with human looking ai models.

Hosting & Domain

Your hosting provider is probably your most important partner in your journey to blogging, making money online or your internet marketing endeavors. Your hosting provider can break you or elevate you. To avoid the ”break” part stick with the pros.

hostinger logo

My preferred choice for hosting. Very reliable, good prices and excellent support. I suggest you start here.

Siteground logo

One of the best Hosting Providers with probably the best support you can find out there.

Namecheap logo

My go-to place for all my domain registrations. Cheaper than else, great support.

SEO Tools

SEO is an integral part of my online success. The following tools help me uncover easy to rank keywords, track my rankings, spy upon my competitors as well as perform other important functions necessary for SEO.

long tail pro logo

The best keyword research tool to uncover easy to rank keywords for your content needs.

Tools of The Trade

The best all-in-one full marketing suite for professional bloggers and internet marketers.

Tools of The Trade

The most user-friendly suite of SEO tools with an even friendlier pricing policy. Best for SEO beginners.

Email Marketing Tools

Have you ever heard the saying ”The money is on the list”? That’s right, my subscribers are the lifeblood of my websites and my online businesses and this is why I treat them with the utmost respect. These email marketing platforms are at the top of the pops – based on my own 11 years of experience in Internet Marketing.

Mailerlite logo

My go-to email marketing suite. Very easy to use and with all the features I need to run my business.

get response logo

One of the best email marketing platforms trusted by millions of internet marketers worldwide.

AWeber Logo

Another great one that I am a big fan of and I feel super comfortable recommending it to my readers.

Content Production

The following tools help me produce BETTER content with the help of AI, for my audiences and my internet marketing promotional campaigns.

speechelo logo

The best text-to-speech tool currently in the market. Turn your blogs into videos.

sqribble logo black

Turn any article or document into an ebook in just 3 clicks using Sqribble‘s ready made templates.

surfer seo logo

Use Artificial Intelligence to scan your articles and literally tell you what to do to rank higher.

AI Writing Assistants

AI Writing assistants are essential for my blogging journey. Not only they help me write content faster, they’re also helping me in producing more fluent English content.

jasper logo

Jasper is (by far) the best content writing assistant out there as well as the most expensive. No other AI writing assistant from all the ones I tested reached its accuracy.

Tools of The Trade

Writesonic is another great AI content writing assistant much cheaper than Jasper. It’s writing quality is not the same as Jasper’s, but, if you are on a tight budget, it’s a great choice.

simplified logo

Simplified is an all-in-one AI content productions tool. With it you can produce AI art, content, videos and social media posts. Best of all, it’s very well priced.

What is Online Marketing

Online marketing is the process of promoting a business or brand through the use of digital channels to reach and engage customers. tactics include paid search, organic search, social media, email marketing, and more.

Basic marketing channels include:

  • paid search (such as Google AdWords)
  • organic search (SEO)
  • social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • email marketing

Digital marketing channels are often used in conjunction with traditional marketing channels such as television, radio, and print.

What are the different types of online marketing?

There are a number of different types of online marketing, but some of the most common include search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing and digital advertising. Each tactic has its own unique strengths and can be used in conjunction with other strategies to achieve better results.

Of course nowadays there are new types of marketing such as influencer marketing, and new channels such as Snapchat and TikTok. But the most effective online marketing strategies are still the ones that have been around for a while.

Tips for staying ahead of the competition in online marketing

The online world is constantly changing, which means that marketers need to be adaptable and proactive in order to stay ahead of the competition. Here are some tips for staying ahead:

  • Keep up with the latest trends and technologies
  • Experiment with new tactics and strategies
  • Analyze your data and results regularly
  • Be creative and think outside the box
  • Stay ahead of the competition by being adaptable and proactive.
  • Use tools and services to automate and scale your marketing efforts
  • Outsource your tasks to other people or companies

These are just a few tips, but if you follow them you should be able to stay ahead of your competitors.

What is the future of online marketing

Online marketing is constantly changing and evolving, so the future of online marketing is always uncertain. However, some things that are likely to stay constant are the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and creating high-quality content.

Additionally, online marketers should continue to focus on developing strong social media presences, as this is increasingly becoming a key factor in driving traffic to websites.

Also Artificial intelligence will be playing a big role in marketing and sales. It is expected that AI will help marketers automate tasks, personalize messages, and improve customer engagement.

As a matter of fact there are already AI tools that help turn text to human like speech, create real human video avatars using deepfake technology, or turn text to video with the click of a button.

So the future of online marketing is likely to be more automated, personalized, and driven by artificial intelligence. However, as with all things in the world of marketing, nothing is ever set in stone and anything could change at any time.

The same rules of online marketing will always apply – create high-quality content, focus on SEO, and build strong social media presences – but how exactly marketers go about doing this may change as new technology emerges.