Would you like your guest article (guest post) to be published on ClixsenseSuccess for Free?

We accept guest authors and contributors that are willing to put the effort of producing great content for us. Just read the rules below, and if you can play along, then your article will be posted and shared to thousands of community members.

Requirements for Contributors

  • The article must be unique. (Copyscape checked): You do understand that search engines hate plagiarized content (so do we). So, don’t submit an article which is copy-paste from other sources. I will check it out and I will not publish it.
  • The article must be informative and of high value to my readers: I strive to build a brand by providing awesome information and content to my readers. You do realize that if I start accepting badly written content, spined content, content that is filled with grammatical errors and content that is of low value to my readers, I will not build the brand that I desire. Also, since we require all guest authors to provide a description and a profile picture of them, badly written content will traumatize your personal image.
  • The article must be over 1500 words: It is proven that long articles give more value and provide far more information. Also, search engines love it. So, the submitted article should be at least 1500 words long.
  • The article must be SEO optimized: If you want your article to get noticed, then you should optimize it for the Search Engines. Include your keyword in the title, in the first couple of paragraphs and as an H2 heading somewhere in the article. We receive 10 – 15 submissions every week and it is very time consuming for us to try and optimize each article contributors submit.
  • The article’s should fall under the following categories: Internet Marketing, Making Money Online, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Content Creation, Affiliate Marketing, WordPress etc.

You are not allowed to

  • Send a spun or copied article. All articles posted in this blog must be unique and well written.
  • Include affiliate links to your article: Please don’t do that. I understand that you may want to add a couple of do follow links in the content for SEO purposes. That’s fine. Don’t add them affiliate links though.
  • Send articles less than 500 words: Your article will not be published. As I said in the previous section, guest posts should be 1500 words or more.

Benefits you’ll get by contributing to this blog

  • A do follow and permanent link back to your website. Consider this as a thank you πŸ™for trying hard to bring value to our industry.
  • Improve your SEO score by getting a backlink from a related website back to your preferred page.
  • Position your self as an authority in the make money online and the internet marketing niche in front of over 10000+ visitors every month (as of 31st of October 2022).
  • Include this article as a ” featured on ” resource on your blog/website to promote credibility and trust.

πŸ‘‰ If you have any questions, contact me through this form with the subject line ”Guest Post”