How to Earn Money Online with Surveys

It’s a known fact that participating in paid surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. For registering your opinion about products, services, targeted research, etc. the survey panels pay 0.50 cents to few dollars depending on the country of participation. In this article, you can get a complete idea about how survey panels work, why they pay you, and how to earn money online with surveys.

How survey sites pay money

A survey panel will conduct research about something for a company or a client and rewards the participants with gift cards or cash rewards. The client will pay on whole to the survey panels for organizing the research.

The programmers of the survey panel will design the technical part of the survey so that the members can just use a mouse click to answer the survey.

Once the technical part of a survey gets completed, it will be tested well before sending invitations to the members. After testing the members will be asked to take part in the survey and for successful completion the account will be credited with the promised amount.

This is how the survey panel works – the survey panel charges $150 to the client for conducting research among 100 members. The survey panel will pay a part of the money say $100 to their 100 members i.e. $1 per member and $50 will be taken as a fee for conducting surveys.

How to join a survey panel

[su_pullquote]A survey panel will conduct research about something for a company or a client and rewards the participants with gift cards or cash rewards.[/su_pullquote]To earn money on the survey site it is very simple.

You have to just create an account on a survey panel. Make sure you enter the correct email and name because you’ve to verify your email and name is the most important to receive payments via processors. Never try to cheat the admin by entering the wrong information.

After successful registration, the first step you’ve to do is complete the panel profile. The panel profile will be helpful to send you relevant surveys.

For example, the IT professionals will get IT-related surveys and not about manufacturing. Your profile should be completed 100% and remember you will not get a chance to take part on day one itself.

You have to wait for the panel to analyze your profile before receiving invitation mail. Make sure you add the email of the site to your contacts to never miss one on the spam folder.

How to Earn Money Online with Surveys

On the next day or after few days you will receive invitation mail asking you to take part in a survey with reward information. Just follow the link to start the survey. If you didn’t receive the invitation(s) just log into your panel account to check the email settings.

The first page of the survey will be for classification purposes. Few surveys allow people from all the groups to participate, but most will allow only a specific group of people whom they think are fit for their research. Once you pass the screening survey you will be redirected to the main survey

How to earn money online with surveys

Just answer all the questions very truthfully. Your answers will be registered every time and a mismatch will result in a ban.

This happens mostly when people enter different age in various surveys. While answering the questions read the question properly before you choose the answer. Do not choose the answers randomly.

To prevent spammers the technical department will place some screening questions in between like “select red on the answers” “To maintain quality just select 3”. If you answer them wrong immediately you will be screened out even at the end of the survey without any reward for participation. Also, your quality score will reduce resulting in invitation reduction.

A genuine member will get more survey invitations and have chances to get selected as a premium member, who are eligible to participate in premium surveys which have high pay like $10 / survey.

Final words

Usually, a survey will take 5 to 20 minutes to complete with a reward of $0.50 to $5 based on the technical specification and difficulty level. The best part is you can participate in surveys through smartphones. Surveys created nowadays are smartphone compatible.

So this is the best chance to earn money using a mobile phone. And the truth is the number of survey opportunities is always limited. So you have to join more than 5 survey sites to receive enough survey opportunities to participate.

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