6 Ways To Make Passive Income By Leaving Your Computer Running

If you’re here, chances are looking for ways to make some extra cash online – passively.

You might be feeling the pinch of living costs, looking for ways to save for a dream vacation, or simply wanting to make some extra money without the commitment of a 9-to-5 job. Whatever your situation, the struggle to find reliable sources of passive income is real.

Well, did you know that the average computer, if properly utilized, has the potential to generate income while doing nothing more than humming in the background of your daily life?

In this article, I’ll show you 6 little software that you can install on your computer or smartphone to transform your idle computer into a source of passive income.

What I Mean By Truly Passive Income (Vs Semi-Passive)

Before I move on into more details for each software, let me explain what I mean by truly passive income.

Truly passive income is money that comes in without you having to do much at all, unlike other kinds that might need you to check in now and then.

It’s something a lot of us would love – earning cash even while we sleep – right?

So, how do you get there?

These programs that, once you’ve got them set up, use the times when you’re not on your computer to do simple stuff for others or businesses.

These jobs could be things like sorting data or mining, and they don’t mess with how you use your computer.

It’s not going to make you rich overnight, but it’s a solid way to get some truly passive income. It’s all about letting your computer do its thing while you do yours. That’s what I call being free!

How These Software Work?

Most of the software (6 out of 7) in this post are all about residential IP proxies. So, what’re they?

Imagine you have a friend in a faraway city, and you can see what’s happening in that city through their eyes. That’s kind of what a residential proxy does, but on the internet!

So, a residential IP proxy is like having a friend whose house you can pretend to be at when you’re using the internet.

When you use a residential IP proxy, it’s as if you’re borrowing your friend’s address (on the internet, this is called an “IP address”) to look at the web.

Companies use these proxies to collect data from different websites or information from the internet, a process called “web scraping”.

Here are two examples of how companies use residential proxies:

  1. Imagine a company wants to know what toys kids like in different countries. They can use a residential proxy to visit online stores around the world from those countries. This way, they see the same things that local kids are seeing and can figure out what’s popular!
  2. Let’s say there’s a movie streaming service that has different movies in different countries. A company might use a residential proxy to check out what movies are available in another country, so they can understand what people in that place like to watch.

Each person who uses the internet has their own unique IP address, just like every house has its own unique address. Sometimes, the things you can do or see on the internet can change based on where your IP address says you are.

Now, here’s how and why you get paid.

When you’re not using the internet, your connection is just sitting there, like a toy you’re not playing with?

Suppose you have an internet connection with a maximum download capacity of 100 MB/s. If you’re currently downloading a file using only 30 MB/s, this means there’s an idle bandwidth of 70 MB/s not being utilized at that particular moment. It’s this unused bandwidth that companies can tap into to perform web scraping activities from your IP address.

That’s what we call “idle bandwidth”. Companies can use this idle bandwidth through residential proxies to do their web scraping, without you even knowing!

Some businesses are willing to pay for the bandwidth you’re not using at home. There’s a bunch of big companies that manage networks of these proxies all over the world – like the once below. They pay people for the internet they’re not using. Sounds pretty good, right?

Passive Income By Leaving Your Computer Running

If you are in hurry, here are the 6 software I’ll be talking about.

NameDevicesBonus*Minimum Amount†
Pawns AppWindows, Android, macOS, iOS$3$5
HoneyGainWindows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux$5$20
Packet StreamWindows, macOS, Linux$0$50
Earn AppWindows, Android, macOS, iOS$0$2.50
Grass.ioWindows, Solana, Android, iOS5,000 points
Koii NetworkWindows, Mac, Linux

*Bonus for registration through my referral link.
†Minimum amount required to cash out or withdraw.

1. Pawns App

6 Ways To Make Passive Income By Leaving Your Computer Running
  • You can make money without much work by sharing your internet that’s just sitting there and by doing surveys.
  • They let you get your money once you hit just $5 and you can pick how you get paid (PayPal, Bitcoin, or gift cards).
  • They’ve a buddy program where you get 10% of what your friends make when they use the app.
  • Has a handy mobile app that allows you to earn from there as well.

Pawns.app lets you turn the internet you’re not using into money and get paid for your thoughts by filling out surveys and by sharing your internet.

You can even get more money by using the app with different home internet addresses or by telling your pals about it.

They’ve got a bunch of ways for you to get your money, like PayPal, Bitcoin, or gift cards. And the cool thing? You just need to make $5 to get your money.

It’s a simple way to earn some extra dough, and all you need is your computer and a bit of free time.

2. HoneyGain

6 Ways To Make Passive Income By Leaving Your Computer Running
  • It’s really simple to start making money by sharing your internet.
  • You can get more out of it with bonuses for friends, JumpTask mode, rewards, and a daily game.
  • There’s always someone to help you out, and they keep your data safe.
  • Has mobile app

Honeygain is another app that pays you for sharing your internet when you’re not using it.

Just sign up, install the app, and it starts working in the background.

Honeygain makes it more interesting with extra perks inside the app.

You can get bonuses for telling friends about it, there’s a special JumpTask mode that can give you a bigger payout, and you can earn rewards by hitting certain milestones.

There’s even a daily game called Lucky Pot where you can win some bonus credits.

The app is ready to use no matter where you are, comes with help anytime you need it, and takes care of keeping your info safe. Honestly, it’s a no-fuss way to get some extra money without doing much.

3. Packet Stream

6 Ways To Make Passive Income By Leaving Your Computer Running
  • PacketStream is a cool way to earn a bit of extra money by letting others use your unused internet.
  • It helps you get into websites that are usually off-limits, which can be really useful for certain jobs.
  • The service checks that everything is safe, so you can use it without worrying.

PacketStream is another residential proxies middleman that lets you sell the internet you’re not using and get into websites you normally can’t.

Since 2018, it has been working as a network where everyone shares their internet with each other. You’re basically getting paid for letting others use a bit of your internet.

It’s not only about the money, though. PacketStream also lets you see websites that might be blocked otherwise.

You might be thinking about whether this is safe. Don’t worry, PacketStream takes care of that. They make sure everything is on the up and up.

So, if you’re up for making some money and surfing the web freely, PacketStream might be something to consider.

4. Earn App

6 Ways To Make Passive Income By Leaving Your Computer Running
  • You can make money passively by sharing internet you’re not using.
  • Super simple to use; just let the app run and go about your day.
  • There’s a chance to earn more with their friend-referral system.
  • Has a mobile app which you can earn too

Earning extra cash can be really simple with EarnApp. It’s a handy tool for folks who want to make some money from their internet that they’re not using, and all you have to do is let the app run on your device without bothering you.

With EarnApp, I earn money by sharing my internet that would otherwise go to waste. I don’t have to do anything actively, which is pretty cool. It’s kind of like stumbling upon cash that was just lying around.

They even have a program where you can make more money if you tell your friends about it.

I’m not sure exactly how much I’ll end up making, but it’s pretty exciting to think about. And guess what? It works on phones too, not just computers. That’s real convenience right there. Making some side money with EarnApp is super easy.

6. Grass.io

6 Ways To Make Passive Income By Leaving Your Computer Running
  • You can make money from internet you’re not using.
  • They’ve got a program where you can earn by referring friends.
  • It’s easy to join, and there aren’t a bunch of rules about who can do it.

GetGrass.io is a new crypto project that’s all about helping you earn money from the internet bandwidth you’re not using.

Grass uses your internet bandwidth to help train artificial intelligence (AI) models. It does this in two main ways.

First, it allows AI research labs to gather data from the web directly, which they can use for training their AI systems.

Second, Grass can provide these labs with ready-made data sets. These sets are collected and organized by Grass through its own network.

This makes Grass a handy tool for AI labs as it helps them find raw data and gives them pre-arranged datasets that are ready for use in AI development.

Now, this project is in Beta phase and for the moment, you’re earning points for selling your unused internet bandwidth which can then be used to get a share in the company when it exits the Beta phase.

If you are into getting a stake in a company that can turn out to be huge in a coupe of years, feel free to join.

7. Koii Network

6 Ways To Make Passive Income By Leaving Your Computer Running
  • You can make money while you sleep by being part of a big network of computers.
  • They care a lot about making sure you own your data, keeping your stuff private, and making it easy to take your data wherever you go.
  • They’ve easy guides, give out money, and you could even help teach people making new apps.

Koii Network is another crypto project that lets you use your computer to help out with storing information, hosting websites, and even helping search engines find stuff.

What’s really cool about Koii is that it’s all about letting lots of people come together to make artificial intelligence (AI) something everyone can use without spending a ton of money.

Also, they care about making sure you’re in control of your own stuff and keeping your private stuff private.

You get to keep the rights to whatever you put up there, and you actually get paid when people use it.

They’ve got easy guides and even give out money to help folks who are making new apps, and you could be one of those people helping them out and earning some cash on the side.

If you’re into tech, like thinking about the future, and you make apps, this is something you might want to join.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you use all the apps mentioned above, you can make around $10 – $20 per month. If you install all the apps on 2 more devices, expect to hit that $40 per month milestone. Keep in mind that factors like the country you live in and your internet speed, affect your earnings.

When you use these apps, your personal data is not accessed or utilized by either of them. Their software do not have access to any data on your computer.

Proxy networks can give you a nice extra layer of security. They hide your IP address, making it trickier for those pesky hackers to keep tabs on what you’re up to online. But remember, no online service is entirely hacker-proof. Just how safe your proxy network is really comes down to the security measures the provider has in place. We’re talking encryption protocols, secure ways to prove who you are (that’s authentication), and regular updates to their system. So make sure you pick a provider that takes your security and privacy seriously. And don’t forget – even with all this in place, it’s super important to keep up good personal cybersecurity habits to stay safe online!

Residential IP proxies are intermediary servers that use real residential IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). When you connect to the internet through a residential proxy, your online activity appears as if it’s coming from a regular household’s internet connection. This makes your actions less suspicious and more likely to bypass geo-restrictions or web scraping blocks. Residential IP proxies are often used for data mining, ad verification, and accessing localized content. They offer higher anonymity and legitimacy compared to other types of proxies because they’re associated with genuine residential addresses.

Yes you can. You can install them to unlimited devices. The only software from this list that doesn’t allow “unlimited” installations is Honeygain, which allows you to install their software to 10 different devices.

Keep in mind that a device, is a different IP address. So, If you have the app installed on your PC and your smartphone using the same WIFI network, this counts as 1 device. If you switch your mobile phone to your 4G network (hence a different IP address), this counts as a second device.

Bottom Line

So, there you have it — six ingenious ways to earn truly passive income by just keeping your computer on.

From Pawns App and HoneyGain to Packet Stream, Earn App, Grass, and Koii Network, each offers unique opportunities to monetize your unused bandwidth.

And remember, while this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s a smart use of resources you already have.

So why not give it a shot?

After all, who doesn’t like a bit of extra cash?

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