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How Does The Fluz App Make Money?

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Everyone is always looking for ways to save money when they shop whether that means coupon codes found online or ones clipped from newspapers and pamphlets. Since the creation of cash-back rewards apps, saving money through earning back a part of your purchase has never been easier, and with Fluz, it becomes even simpler.

Fluz is partnered with a variety of different businesses and corporations that will allow you to get cashback for purchases you make, which can seriously add up over time.

Fluz is a cash-back rewards app that does far more than just reward you for purchases like many others. While you can get paid for the purchases you make through a cash reward, you can also build up a network of other Fluz shoppers that will allow you to make even more money.

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Making Money Through Fluz

The first step toward making money with Fluz is signing up for an account. During this process, you connect your Fluz account to the credit or debit card that you plan to shop with, and by doing so, you can easily make the purchases. The card you provide will also make it easy for the money to be transferred to your account when you are ready to cash out.

After the app has been completely set up, you can begin to make purchases through your favorite stores, either in person or online. Simply shop for the items you want and put them in either your physical or virtual cart and proceed to checkout.

Once there, all you’ll need to do is type the exact amount of your purchase into the app and take note of the gift code that the app generates. Either copy and paste this code into the gift card section of your online checkout page and make the purchase or give it to the cashier and you’re done.

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Passive Income Through Fluz

Fluz has a unique network system in place that allows you to make money off of other people’s sales. In order to do this, you’ll need to share a referral link and code with your friends online. When they click the link and make an account through your referral, they immediately become added to your network. Upon being added, each of the purchases that they make will kick you a little cashback in return.

Your friends can then invite their own friends to join through their referral link to do the same thing. This friend-of-a-friend will also benefit you, as you can get rewarded for their purchases as well. This has the potential to go on and on to extend out as far as 65,000 people, and through this network, you can bring in all of that passive income as they shop.

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Referral Network Bonuses

While you will receive cash back rewards from the shopping that your friends do, you can also receive additional rewards by way of their referral rewards program. The people that you directly invite to Fluz have the potential to make you even more money just through their shopping habits.

It works something like this:

  • When 30 of your invited friends make purchases of more than $100 in their first 30 days on the Fluz app, Fluz will give you $150.
  • When 100 of the personally invited friends make a purchase of up to $100 in the app, you will receive another $100 payout from Fluz.
  • When the people in your network collectively make a purchase of $10,000 or more, Fluz will give you yet another $100.
  • In the event that 100 people who you have directly referred make $100 in purchases through the app, Fluz will reward you with $350.

Final Thoughts

When you go shopping, you typically expect to give money, not receive it. Fluz aims to change that by way of giving you cash back rewards on the purchases you make through the retailers they are partnered with.

Not only can you receive direct rewards from your sales, but you can also enjoy passive income through the purchases made through your network. With so many ways to make money just by shopping, Fluz is definitely an app worth checking out and taking advantage of.

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