Fluz App Review [2022]: Is Fluz Cashback App Legit?

In this Fluz App Review article, we are going to explain in detail what Fluz Cashback App is and if Fluz app is legit.

Fluzz App Review

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What is Fluz

No matter who you are, wanting to save money where you can is something that everyone can relate to.

Fluz is a brand new app created to help make that possible by assisting customers with their online shopping journeys by giving cashback on various purchases.

While there are a lot of cashback-style apps on the market, third-party rewards apps such as Fluz stand out.

Because it is not specifically offered by a certain bank or retailer, Fluz lets you enjoy cashback through a variety of stores and shops that you would already be visiting to buy from.

Many popular stores work with Fluz, including corporations such as Starbucks Nike, Amazon, and Chipotle.

Of course, the amount of cash you receive back will change from retailer to retailer, but in the app, you’ll be able to check out how much you’ll save before shopping.

Fluz is a legitimate app that helps people far and wide save money, and it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many.

Read on to understand how to sign up, use, and take advantage of Fluz.

Fluz app review 2021
Fluz App boast over 300 popular stores all over the world.

How to Use Fluz

Fluz offers a free and simple sign-up process after you download the app from either the Android or Apple store.

After you have verified your phone number, you are then able to enter some basic information such as your email address, your first name, and your last name.

Then, you’ll need to connect your debit or credit card to start your account and create a digital fingerprint and a four-digit pin for your safety.

Once that’s taken care of, you can start saving money straight away.

After these steps have been completed, you can start connecting with the retailers that work with Fluz and begin shopping right away.

Here’s a quick video by Fluz’s team that shows how to add your debit or credit card and how to use the app both offline and online.

Fluz cashback app video, shows how to add your debit/Credit card and use it for offline and online shopping.

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Notable Features of Fluz

Fluz Rewards

Fluz is ready to save you money both online and offline, thanks to its Easy Swipe feature that is coming to the app.

You’ll be able to save big at participating stores when you pay in person with the card that is linked to the account, though you’ll need to manually activate the offers you’re looking to take advantage of before using.

The only catch to this is that you’ll only be able to receive a reward for your purchases once every 24 hours.

This is known as a cooldown period, and you’ll be able to check out the time left in each period as it counts down toward the next time you can use it to get a reward.

Fluz Pay

Through Fluz Pay, you can shop online to receive your rewards instead of going to physical shops.

In this way, you can get cashback rewards for products purchased online even if the retailer is based in a different country.

Fluz Chrome Extension

Another notable feature is the Fluz chrome extension (Personal favorite). With the Fluz Chrome extension, you get automatic notifications to your browser when you enter a store that is in the Fluz network.

Cashback is activated and you earn cashback as your shop from your desktop computer as well.

How Does Fluz Work?

When you’re ready to make a purchase, simply link your preferred payment method and watch the cashback reward be instantly added.

The minimum and maximum purchases you can receive will change depending on the retailer.

Keep in mind that gift card codes through Fluz never expire, leaving you free to shop whenever you want.

You can easily track the items you buy, which can help you see what you are earning with each purchase you make while also keeping tabs on what your network is currently buying.

That said, unless a member of the network gives permission for their purchases to show up, their spending will be confidential.

Still, you can at least see where they are buying from and what you are earning from their purchase.

fluz app review

Passive Income With Fluz

Even though there are many cashback apps on the market, Fluz stands out in the way that it allows you to build an online community around yourself and earn a cut every time one of those shoppers buys something.

Building a network is done through sharing your links through social media, emails, articles, or even text messages.

Once a person joins through your link, he/she enters your network, you don’t have to do anything else.

The amount you receive from the secondhand purchases will vary, but the more people you have, the more rewards you will receive. With a maximum of 65,000 people available in your network, you can bring in plenty of money.

Outside of the ongoing payments, there are other ways to get paid through your network by inviting people:

  • If you personally invite 30 people to Fluz, and if they all purchase more than $100 in their first 30 days, you receive $150 as a bonus.
  • If you invite 100 people to the app and they each make $100, Fluz will pay you another $100 bonus.
  • If your network reaches a collective total of $10,000 purchased, you will receive $150 from Fluz as a bonus.
  • If you sign 100 people up on the app and they each make $100 in purchases through the app, you will get a $350 reward from Fluz.
fluz app review

How to Access Rewards

Once you are ready to cash out, for the time being, you need to be sure you have at least $26 in the account ready to withdraw. You can withdraw easily from the Fluz app right to your bank account or PayPal account.

Fluz has taken into consideration all of the ways an everyday person can get more out of their shopping experience.

While it is nice to receive a gift card as a reward, they can be quite limiting, especially if they are only for a specific shop.

With Fluz, you get cashback that can be used anywhere you please, even outside of the Fluz app.

The money that Fluz offers for the network of people who use the site doesn’t come from anyone’s personal wallet and is instead just the result of various shoppers buying what they love from retailers that have partnered with the app.

Working together with a personal network maximizes the amount of money you have the potential to make as well.

Fluz App Reviews: What others Say

Here are some real people testimonials that have been using Fluz as found on Fluz’s website.

Pros and Cons of Fluz



Platforms Similar to Fluz

Fluz is an excellent cash-back rewards app, but it is not the only one available. If you’re curious about other such apps and want to consider if one would better suit what you’re hoping to get out of it, there are other ones to consider.

TIP: Because Fluz is so new, they might be a good choice for using them as a complement to your Fluz app.


Belly is a cashback rewards app that is a similar rewards platform that aims to cover a multitude of businesses.

Through Belly, you can earn rewards at various stores, although they tend to partner mostly with large companies that have a lot of activity in urban areas.

The points you make will accumulate in the Belly account you own and then can be turned in for gift cards.

The biggest drawback of Belly is that it does not pay cash like Fluz, only gift cards, which could be a turnoff for some. Still, it offers rewards from your favorite stores, and gift cards are better than nothing.


Ibotta is mostly designed to be used in person at physical retailers but can also be used on its desktop app to help you save money from home.

Just like with Fluz, all you need to do is download the app, set it up, add the credit or debit card of your choice, and then begin shopping to get those cashback rewards.

You can shop at local stores and accumulate the rewards, and when you’re ready to cash out at the minimum payout threshold, you can collect your monetary rewards through Venmo, PayPal or through a gift card of your choice.

Ibotta works to keep you in the know by alerting you to various special offers from any local retailers. In this way, you can plan your shopping excursions around the stores that you know are going to give the most cash back for your purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Fluz FAQs that you might find usefull.

Is FLUZ app safe?

Fluz is 100% safe. They provide a secure environment for their users to purchase gift cards. They’re doing everything they can to make sure that only cardholders and account owners may link their payment methods on Fluz. However, fraudsters or scammers can still obtain information about your payment method – NOT -from within the Fluz app, but if they trick you in willingly giving them.

What is FLUZ used for?

To save you and make you more money. Fluz is a purchasing software that gives you savings both online and offline. It is completely free to download and use the app. The organization collaborates with major retailers to offer discounts and other benefits to customers who purchase at their stores.

Is FLUZ a pyramid scheme?

Fluz isn’t a pyramid scam, so don’t get your hopes up. Pyramid programs are unlawful since you can only profit if others join the program and put money in. Fluz is free to join (so no money added in the program), and you can earn rebates if you shop. You can make more money by networking with Fluz, but only if the people you invite actually use the app. They don’t require to purchase anything to use the app.

Who owns Fluz?

The founder of Fluz is Maurice Harary. His LinkedIn profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/maurice-harary-30a2519/

Is Fluz App Legit?

Fluz is a legitimate application. I was doubtful at first, too, but I can guarantee you that it works. Because of the cashback I earned throughout my Spring Sales shopping, I’ve already received almost $90 in my PayPal account.

How do FLUZ vouchers work?

With vouchers, you may get up to 35% cash back at famous businesses. When you join using a referral link or tell people to join using your referral link and they make their first purchase, you reward them.

Final Thoughts

Fluz is one of the best ways for you to make money while already doing the shopping that you want to do. With benefits that come in the form of not only direct rewards for shopping but also passive rewards from your network of friends who also use the app, there are plenty of ways to make money through the app.

Of course, because it is new, it still needs time to build upon itself, getting more retailers and partnerships built up to give its users more options for shopping.

If you want to make some money through cashback rewards with minimum effort, check out Fluz on the Google Play and App Store. It costs nothing and will instead practically pay you for using it.

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