Earn Money Online By Playing Games Without Investment (5 PROVEN Ways)

In this article, I am going to explain the 5 PROVEN ways to earn money online by playing games without investment.

Making money playing games on your pc or favorite console is a dream of millions of gamers and you can do it too.

While it may seem impossible, there are actually quite a few people who make millions playing games on their computer. I am sure you heard of stories of Grand champions, YouTubers and Twitch Streamers that earn money playing the favorite games.

Some, in fact, get paid so well playing games that they make much more than the average person makes from their job.

Of course, the are many ways to make money online playing games. If you search on Google ”make money online playing games” you will find many articles that list up to 20 methods of doing so.

Most of the methods in these articles are not going to make you a dime… or perhaps, you’ll earn a dime for doing so.. ­čśü

In this article, we’re not going to write a guide on how you can make money faster or how you can get rich playing games. In this article we will show you the PROVEN best ways to make money playing games from your computer.

Note: We do not recommend anyone to quit their job and pursue this profession – it is better to do it in your free time and when you have enough money on the side, then you can jump in pursuing your dream.

Can I make money playing games? And if so, is it difficult?

The real truth is: yes, you can make money online playing games on your computer. In fact, there are quite a few gamers who have managed to earn a very good monthly salary from their gaming habit.

There are plenty of live examples we can give you – and we’re doing so as we write this article.

As with blogging and vlogging, making a decent salary in gaming is not easy. It requires long hours of working behind a screen, you have to come up with something different and you need to build a user base in whatever you do.

But it’s not impossible.

More than a few people have tried to make money from gaming and failed. Of course, we don’t recommend you pursue this career unless: you’re young, you have free time and you’re single.

1. Live Streams

This method requires you to live stream and show the world in real time what you’re playing – and how well you’re playing.

Earn Money Online By Playing Games Without Investment (5 PROVEN Ways)

You’ll need to build a large community of users (from which you can show ads) and increase your number of subscribers.

The biggest and most well-known platform to do this is Twitch. Don’t even bother with Hitbox and Beam, they’re too small to provide you with a decent paycheck.

Why it is difficult: It will take some time before you manage to build a large community of users and subscribers. You may not even be seen by more than 10 people for several months. The real truth is that most streamers never manage to make money and become known – and to make a lot of money, you need thousands of users.

Game streaming is not as easy as it sounds. After all, why would someone get on to watch you play when they can get on to someone who has more people and is known? You’d need to acquire a very specific and unique sense of humor and have the gift of keeping your viewers – or playing a game that no one else plays but a lot of people like.

Getting started: To start streaming gaming you’ll need a good computer that runs the game you’re streaming with good graphics, as well as the streaming software. For PC gaming, I highly recommend Open Broadcaster Software, which is free, open source and works up to Linux.

2. Gaming Guides

Novice users love to read guides for various games, especially those that are played multiplayer (PvP games).

You can either create a blog where you write guides for a specific game, upload YouTube videos explaining them, or write them in e-books and sell them online by posting them on social networks with affiliate links.

If you write on blogs or upload videos to YouTube, you can make money from Google Adsense, alternatively, if you do e-books, you can either pass affiliate links or sell your great guides.

Why it is difficult: Anyone can write a guide. To make a steady paycheck, you’ll need to create guides for well-known games – but the more well-known a game is, the more competition there is. To stand out, you’ll need to write detailed and long guides and avoid the mistakes of other bloggers and vloggers.

Apart from that, you will need to be good with writing. The guides need to be detailed and well-written. You will also need to learn how to format your articles and choose the right platform.

Getting started: Find a well-known game and search online to find the biggest problems people have with that game. Learn how to fix those problems and then write in great analytical guides (i.e. solutions).

TIP: Although you don’t need to invest any money to start, using tools such as Talkia to make voicovers from texts, Sqribble to automatically produce ebooks and TubeBuddy to help your videos rank better on YouTube.

3. Podcasts And Video

Create a daily, weekly or monthly show that is about gaming. This show can include your personal opinions on various games, have interviews with well-known gamers, provide tips, suggestions and tricks for specific games, and so on.

– A gamer recording a Vlog or a Podcast

Both Podcasts and YouTube videos allow you to customize them with ads to make money. Of course, you’ll need to build up enough subscribers to get to a good point to start receiving a good salary.

Why it’s difficult: You’ll need to build a large enough user base (or community in any case) who will log in to watch your videos or listen to your podcasts. If your podcasts are boring or don’t sound good, then you won’t succeed.

In order to create successful podcasts or YouTube videos, you’ll need to be knowledgeable on several games while also creating very good and interesting programs (like what to talk about, which games to cover, etc.).

Getting started: All you need is a computer and a reasonably good microphone to sound good. Upload your videos to YouTube or your podcasts to SoundCloud.

TIP: You might want to use a tool like Tube Buddy to help you rank your videos higher in YouTube’s search engine – thus get found more.

4. Gaming Journalism

Write about news, review games and post interviews with well-known gamers and companies. You can quickly and easily create a journalistic blog with WordPress (which you can monetize with ads, Patreon subscriptions or even start your own newsletter).


Why it is difficult: Journalism is very competitive. A lot of people write about games and make a living out of it. If you’re writing for other websites, you’re likely to get paid very little. If you start your own blog, it may even take years until you get known – if you succeed in the end.

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Besides, journalism is not easy and requires many hours of work. You will need to first find the best and most reliable sources (not to copy articles, but to gather information). You will also need to have plenty of free time for interviews and writing articles.

Most importantly you’ll have to have your own edge, style and tone of voice. Don’t try to mimic others. Keep in mind that however your look and express yourself there are at least 100 000 people around the world who would like you – if they had the chance to read your stuff.

Getting started: Look for major websites and forums that hire columnists or journalists to cover gaming events, reviews, etc. Alternatively, create your own blog via WordPress and start writing unique and quality articles on a daily basis.

5. Game Tester

Before a game is released to the public or the global market, it will first need to go through many different phases to make sure the company is complete. When they have it almost completed, developers need people to play and test to see if the games work properly.

gaming joystick

As a playtester, your job is to try and test what the developer asks you to do. You will need to note down all the problems and bugs that exist in each game and then hand them over to the developer.

Why it’s hard: Nowadays it’s not too hard to get a job like this – as long as you’re in a place where such companies exist, of course – but the psychological fatigue is great. Also, it’s not a job that provides a good salary and unless you work for a big gaming company, most of the tests you’ll do will be for mobile games.

Getting started: To find a job like this more easily and quickly (especially overseas), you’ll need to use websites, apps and services like PlaytestCloud, BetaFamily and BetaTesting. To work at a big gaming company, you’ll need to do a lot of homework, send out resumes and so on. But then, you’ll be making money playing games that haven’t even been released yet.

Make Money Playing Games – Final Take

Gamers can make a lot of money while doing what they love. But keep in mind that when gaming becomes your job, then things won’t be so simple and enjoyable as you will have a large audience and many obligations.

Negative reviews and bad comments will also be a part of your job that you will have to accept.

Have you tried to make money playing games in any of the above ways? And if so, what difficulties did you encounter? We’d love to hear your views in the comments below.

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