14 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For More Sales

Every affiliate marketer has its own “arsenal” of tools and programs that help him to “move” faster, easier and more efficiently.

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In this article I will show you the 14 best affiliate marketing tools and explain how each tool will help you achieve more affiliate sales.

Of course, you do NOT need to have all of these tools in your “arsenal” to get involved in affiliate marketing. Depending on the method (or methods) you use to promote your chosen products you can buy the appropriate tool.

It’s just that these best affiliate marketing tools will save you a TON of time and effort.

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

Mangools – Best For Keyword Research / SEO

mangools logo
  • Best for: bloggers, content creators
  • Cost: from â‚Ŧ49 per month

What is

Mangools is one of the most popular and user-friendly “suites” for Search Engine Optimization.

It has 5 tools in total:

  • KWfinder to find keywords to target,
  • the Serpchecker to analyze the websites that are already ranked in search engines,
  • SerpWatcher to monitor the rankings of the keywords you target in search engine results,
  • LinkMiner to spy on the backlinks of “competing” websites and
  • SiteProfiler that lets you see the “authority” of any website.

How it will help you

Mangools’ suite of SEO tools will give you the advantage over other bloggers and content creators as the data it presents will help you find keywords for which you can rank more easily, see the backlinks that “rival” websites have, see how your content “moves” in the SERPS (search engine results and more).

Best of all, you can save 5X more time than bloggers that don’t use it – without breaking your bank account.

Jasper AI – Best AI Writing Assistant

jasper logo
  • Best for: bloggers, content creators
  • Cost: from $49 per month

What is

Jasper is an artificial intelligence program that helps you write articles 5X times faster than writing them yourself.

Jasper is actually programmed to read and analyze billions of pages on the internet, learn various topics and store them in its memory.

At the touch of a button Jasper can produce original articles, product descriptions and anything else you tell him to write in no time.

How it will help you

With Jasper, you’ll dramatically reduce the time it takes to write new articles for your blog. You can produce tens of new articles per day and publish them in your blog or distribute them across the web.

Talkia – Best Text To Voice Tool

14 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For More Sales
  • Best for: Bloggers, Content Creators, YouTubers
  • Cost: from $39 per month

What is

Talkia is a text-to-speech software in which you just copy-paste any text and it reads it in a voice that sounds like a real person. FYI, I wrote a full-scale review about it a while back ago.

How it will help you

Each article you produce can be converted to a natural human sounding voice-over, downloaded and used to create videos on YouTube or upload to Podcast platforms (e.g. SoundCloud/Spotify).

So, in one go, you upload content to multiple platforms increasing your chances of making an affiliate sale.

Here’s an English voice example. Listen how natural it sounds.

Surfer SEO- Best Content Optimization Tool

surfer seo logo
  • Best for: bloggers, content creators
  • Cost: from $49 per month

What is

SURFER SEO is one of the best affiliate marketing tools – especially for Bloggers. Surfer SEO uses artificial intelligence to analyze the content of your website and tell you exactly what you need to change in your content in order to rise higher in the search engine results.

How it will help you

It will help you rank your content higher in search engine results, with less thought. You don’t need to break your head trying to figure out what is that you need to do to optimize your content. This will result in (many) more affiliate sales.

Designrr – Best eBook Maker

designrr logo
  • Best for: Bloggers, Email Marketers, Kindle Marketers
  • Cost: from $29 per month

What is

Designrr is a tool that allows you to create eBooks from any source with the click of a button.

Basically you take a link from any article on the web, put it into the program and it automatically produces an eBook with graphics, styling and everything – even the 3D cover and af flip book.

You can also manually edit all the graphics and elements before downloading it.

How it will help you

Designrr will help you repurpose your content and create countless eBooks that you can offer as a lead magnet to attract more subscribers to your email list or offer it for free to existing subscribers.

You can even upload them to Amazon’s Kindle store or other eBook stores and let people download them for Free.

Now imagine you write an article with Jasper AI titled “How To Make Money With Pinterest”, fill it with affiliate links to various tools and services mentioned in the article, turn it into an eBook and make it available for free on Amazon.

Even if your new eBook gets download only 1000 times, this means that you have “exposed” your affiliate links to a new audience.

TubeBuddy- Best For YouTube Marketing

Tube Buddy Logo
  • Suitable for: YouTubers
  • Cost: from $3.20 per month

What is

TubeBuddy is a browser add-on that unlocks a variety of tools and data that help you grow your YouTube channel faster.

For example, Tube Buddy will show you: which keywords to target, how competitive each keyword is and much more.

In general, if you are involved in YouTube or affiliate marketing through YouTube, this tool is a must.

How it will help you

Tube Buddy will help you grow your YouTube channel and increase your channel subscribers faster. Note that almost ALL famous YouTubers use Tube Buddy or similar software for YouTube SEO.

Udimi – Best For Purchasing SOLO Ads

udimi logo
  • Best for: Direct Response Marketers, Email Marketers
  • Cost: free to join

What is

Udimi is not actually a software or a tool. It is a marketplace – a platform where you can find hundreds of “Solo Ads” sellers.

What is a Solo Ads seller – you might ask? Let me explain..

I want you to think of a person who through various actions has built a list of 100,000 emails of people who are interested in making money online.

You go and buy, for example, 500 clicks. He sends an email with what you are promoting to his list until 500 people click on your link.

Udimi, as marketplace of these people, allows you to see reviews, comments from other buyers pricing etc. Here are some review examples from SOLO Ad sellers on Udimi.

Solo Ad Seller Review
Solo Ad Seller Review

How it will help you

What else.. It will help you generate more affiliate marketing sales and increase your email list.

Fiverr – Best For Outsourcing Tasks

14 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For More Sales
  • Best for: Anyone who wants to save time (or do more).
  • Cost: from $5 per service.

What is

I have mentioned Fiverr many times in this blog as it is my favorite freelance marketplace. From there, I buy backlinks, graphics, content, videos – everything. I even outsource my keyword research sometimes.

How it will help you

It will free your hands and open the doors to thousands of freelancers who can help you do things you don’t have the knowledge to do on your own.

GetResponse – Best Email Marketing Platform

getresponse logo
  • Best for: Affiliate who are looking to build email lists
  • Cost: from $0per month

What is

GetResponse is probably the best email marketing and funnel builder platform that allows you to collect, manage and send emails to your subscribers.

How it will help you

It will help you collect and manage emails from customers or people who are interested in what you have to offer.

You can use Designrr to create a lead magnet, promote it via SOLO Ad from Udimi, subscribe to your GetResponse list and promote products from your favorite affiliate marketplaces.

Medium – Best For Content Publishing

medium blogging platform logo
  • Best for: Bloggers, content creators and for redestributing content.
  • Cost: from $5per month

What is

Medium is a blogging platform where you can create an account and start publishing content. It’s the fastest way to get started with blogging.

What makes it special is the “content recommendation engine” that it has. That is, the articles you post are recommended to other users of the platform who have the same interests.

Meanwhile, Medium has millions of users around the world and its articles are also indexed by search engines.

I once achieved 43 subscriptions to a service I was promoting with 1 article only. Best part: You can import your content from your blog and have 1 article, published in two platforms, thus maximizing your exposure.

How it will help you

It will help you achieve more sales and offers you another channel to promote your affiliate links. People will start follow you and subscribe to your medium newsletter, increasing even more your chances for an affiliate sale.

Synthesia – Best Text To Video Tool

synthesia logo
  • Best for: Content creators, YouTubers
  • Cost: from $30 per month

What is

Synthesia is an amazing program that allows you to convert any text to video with a realistic person saying the text you paste in.

It’s like Talkia which converts text to voice except that Synthesia converts text to voice and video.

Watch the video below (made with Synthesia) that explains the technology behind this truly incredible program.

How it will help you

It will help you increase your sales by publishing videos on YouTube and other video platforms.

Imagine writing a review for a product and having the above avatar say it in a video. How much more convincing do you think it will be to someone who sees that review.

Google Ads – Best For PPC Advertising

Google Ads Logo
  • Best for: Driving affiliate sales with Pay Per Click
  • Cost:

What is

Google’s advertising platform is one of the best affiliate marketing tools and the number one way to promote anything online.

As an affiliate marketer you cannot promote affiliate links directly through Google Ads. But you can direct the “clicks” first to a landing page (e.g. built through GetResponse) or to an article you wrote on your blog or on your medium blog and so on.

How it will help you

It will help you get your “message” in front of an interested audience and increase your sales. Best part: Google Ads allows you to target the exact keywords people are using to search things online.

Facebook Ads – Best Social Advertising Platform

Facebook Ads Logo
  • Best for: Driving affiliate sales
  • Cost:

What is

The equivalent – equally powerful – Facebook advertising platform. Again, one of the best tools for affiliate marketers.

The data collected by the Facebook platform and its similar products is so much that it allows you to target with great precision the audience you are interested in.

But carefully. They don’t like affiliate links very much and may “shut down” your ability to advertise on their platform.

Yes, that means that no direct linking here as well.. Again, you can use Get Response for landing page creation, a blog post for landing page etc.

I also advise you to read and understand what you are allowed to write on your ads or on your landing pages and what not.

How it will help you

Facebook Ads will help you to promote your message to your target audience and drive on hell of affiliate sales when mastered.

WordPress – Best Blogging Platform

14 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For More Sales
  • Suitable for: bloggers, content creators
  • Cost: Depends on your hosting and the cost of your domain name

What is

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world. It is estimated that 80% of the websites on the internet are built with WordPress.

There is no cost to use the WordPress program. The cost lies in the name of your website (domain) and the hosting you choose. For cheap hosting click here.

How it will help you

Creating a blog offers many advantages. You can make a lot of money from it in many different ways.

As an affiliate marketer you will give your content the opportunity to be ranked in search engines, to be found by interested people and to buy what you suggest.

You will benefit from Mangools, Jasper AI and Surfer SEO tools if you choose the blogging method to promote products. You may also want to read this article where I reveal 10 secrets to master blogging.

Final Words

There are hundreds of tools and programs that can make your life easier by automating some processes and making them much easier and faster.

There are even hundreds of strategies that allow you to maximize return with the same or less work.

To get started with affiliate marketing doesn’t mean you have to have any of these tools. But if you do have them, you will certainly have a tremendous advantage over those who don’t.

So, make sure you check them all, and according your strategy, choose the ones that suits you best.

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