Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools For Agencies

In this article, I am presenting the best keyword research tools for agencies. If you work in a digital marketing agency or an SEO agency and you need to upgrade your SEO arsenal with tools that will transform you into an SEO gangsta, then keep on reading.

Quick Comparison Table

And because I know your to-do list is kind of full here’s a quick table with all the best keyword research tools for agencies. Further below you can find a more detailed review for each SEO tool.

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Key features to check when choosing a keyword research tool include:

  • Speed
  • Large database
  • Ability to show search volume
  • Ability to show if chosen keywords rank high or not
  • Ability to run competitor analysis based on metrics

This keyword research tool comparison guide uses the following criteria:

  • User best experience
  • Standout features
  • Pricing

Best Keyword Research Tools For Agencies

Here’s a more detailed description of the Top 10 best keyword research tools for agencies.

1. LongTailPro – Best For Easy-to-Rank Long Tail Keywords

Best Keyword Research Tool For Agencies To uncover easy to rank long tail keywords

long tail pro

Long Tail Pro makes finding low-competition long-tail keywords fast and simple. Users find this tool user-friendly and able to save a fantastic deal of time. Its platinum version allows for ranking keywords based on metrics including trust flow, keyword density, citation flow, age, etc.

Long Tail Pro offers free hands-on training from which you will learn their 5-step strategy.

Standout Features

Long Tail PRO Pricing

Long Tail Pro prices come in main categories of monthly and annually and subcategories of starter, pro, and agency.

  • Monthly starter – $37
  • Monthly pro – $67
  • Monthly agency – $147
  • Annual starter – $25/mo
  • Annual pro – $45/mo
  • Annual agency – $98/mo

Long Tail Pro (official website here) can help you uncover low competition keywords for your clients extremely fast saving you a ton of time. With its powerful keyword filtering and keyword report exporting features, your keyword research tasks will be completed in a breeze.

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2. SemRush – Best For Experienced SEOs

Best Keyword Research Tool For Agencies Who Employ Experienced SEOs

semrush homepage
– Semrush’s Homepage

SemRush is a tool that can audit your site and tell you the issues you need to fix. It will help rank your site and ultimately help in bringing $$$ to your coffers per month. With 6,000,000 users all over the globe, this is a tool you want to try.

Standout Features

SemRush Pricing

Prices start from $119.95.

  • Pro version – designed specifically for freelancers and startups ($119.95/mo)
  • Guru version – for marketing agencies and SMBs ($229.95/mo)
  • Business version – for large-scale agencies and businesses with an extensive web internet presence ($449.95/mo)

With more than 4.000.000 marketers using it around the world, Semrush is the ultimate SEO tool. Not only because you can uncover long-tail keywords, but because you can use it as your agency’s Swiss Knife on everything SEO and reporting.

🖱ī¸ Click here to visit Semrush and take advantage of the free trial

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3. Ahrefs – Best All-in-one SEO toolset

Best Keyword Research Tool For Agencies who are looking an all-in-one SEO toolset

Screenshot from Ahref's homepage
– Screenshot from Ahref’s homepage

Ahrefs offers several SEO features, but it is best known for its link-building tools. Link building is a time-consuming SEO process, but Ahrefs can make the process easy and save you a massive amount of time.

Standout Features

Ahrefs Pricing

Start a 7-day trial for only $7 (applicable to Lite and Standard plans).

  • Lite ($99/mo)
  • Standard ($179/mo)
  • Advanced ($399/mo)
  • Agency ($999/mo)

Subscribers can cancel or upgrade their subscriptions anytime. No hidden charges, no contracts.

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4. Serpstat – Best For Large SEO Marketing Teams

Best Keyword Research Tool For Agencies Who have Large SEO Teams

 Serpstat's homepage
– Serpstat’s homepage

Serpstat offers 30+ essential tools that an entire marketing team can use, including site audit, keyword clustering, and backlink analysis. Companies that use this tool include Uber, Shopify, Samsung, and Philips. It is an all-in-one SEO platform that makes websites visible for search engines.

Standout Features

Serpstat Pricing

Serpstat comes with two billing options: monthly and annually. These options have four subcategories of Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise.

  • Billed monthly – Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise are $69, $149, $299, and $499, respectively.
  • Billed annually – Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise cost $55/mo, $119/mo, $239/mo, and $399/mo, respectively.

5. KWFinder – Best UX/UI Interface

Best Keyword Research Tool For Agencies Who Prefer a Keyword Research Tool That Is Easy To Use

KWFinder Screenshot
– KWFinder is part of Mangools suite of SEO Tools

This tool focuses on recommendations of the right keywords to target several facets of SEO strategies. In particular, KWFinder is a powerful Keyword Research tool to use when identifying which long-tail keywords are low in competition but high in search volume.

Standout Features

KWFinder Pricing

KWFinder offers a 48-hour money-back guarantee for all plans, 40% savings on annual plans, and a free 10-day trial.

  • Basic – $29.90/mo (save $229.20 per year)
  • Premium – $39.90/mo (save $349.20 per year)
  • Agency – $79.90/mo (save $589.20 per year)

KWfinder (official website here) is so easy to use, that makes the onboarding process of new employees a breeze. No more having an employee for one to two months trying to figure our how things work. On top of that, it is part of the Mangools SEO Suite with tools like Keyword Tracker, Backlinks Analysis, On-page SEO reports. Finally, their Agency Plan is only $79 per month which makes this tool as valuable as ever.

🖱ī¸ Click here to check and compare pricing

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6. – Best For Non English KW Terms

Best Keyword Research Tool For Agencies Who are dealing with Non English Speaking Clients

Keyword Tool's Homepage
– Keyword Tool’s Homepage is a robust autocomplete scraper. It does not pull many keyword ideas, but this tool pulls them up fast nonetheless. Keywords appear within just seconds.  

Next, this tool not only scrapes from Google, as it can also pull suggestions from eBay, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, etc. If you run an online store, you can benefit from its ability to scrape results from eBay, Amazon, and other similar sites.

Standout Features Pricing

Premium services start from $89/mo (Basic Pro). Other plans include:

  • Pro Plus for $99/mo (most popular)
  • Pro Business for $199/mo

*Annual subscriptions are cheaper by 20%.

7. Moz Keyword Explorer – Best For Its Data

Best Keyword Research Tool For Agencies Who Value The Accuracy of The Data More Than Anything Else

MOZ is one of the Best Keyword Research Tools For Agencies
– MOZ’s Keyword Explorer

MOZ’s free Keyword research tool covers many of the core requirements in terms of SEO management, reporting, and research. Moz is a thought-leader in SEO, so we expect this solution to continue to adapt to changing best practices.

Standout Features

MOZ Pricing

This SEO software offers numerous pricing packages, monthly payment options, and a 30-day free trial. The free trial allows users access to ten queries per month.

  • Lite ($129/yr) – manage listings and monitor reviews
  • Preferred ($179/yr) – Lite features + respond to reviews, social media posts, and directories from a single dashboard
  • Elite ($299/yr) – Preferred features + distribute location data to additional directories

8. SECockpit – Best For Small Agencies

Best Keyword Research Tool For Small Agencies

secockpit homepage screenshot
– Screenshot from SECockpit homepage

Like other keyword tools, you provide SECockpit with a seed keyword, and then you will receive a list of results in return. But what makes this tool different is its ability to perform in-depth searches on search trends, traffic eliminates, and organic competition.

Standout Features

SECockput Pricing

SECockpit comes in three different packages.

  • Personal – $25/mo (10 keyword searches per day)
  • Pro – $42/mo (50 keyword searches per day)
  • Agency – $75/mo (unlimited keyword searches per day)

*Yearly billings are cheaper by 35%.

9. Jaaxy – Best For Affiliate Marketers

Best Keyword Research Tool For Agencies That Engage in Affiliate Marketing or Have Affiliate Marketers as clients

Screenshot from Jaaxy's Homepage
– Screenshot from Jaaxy’s Homepage

Another great tool that can push your business ahead of the competition is Jaaxy, a tool for revealing unexploited high-traffic niches. With this tool, you can also ascertain how competitive keywords are and figure out what niches are good sources of income. 

Standout Features

Jaaxy Pricing

The company offers a free plan if users want to see first if the tool is something that they will be willing to pay monthly fees before they go ahead and get paid subscriptions.

  • Pro Plan ($49/mo) – three times faster compared to the free plan
  • Enterprise Plan ($99/mo) – works five times faster than the free plan and allows up to five tabbed searches

10. Answer The Public – Best For Question Type Keywords

Best Keyword Research Tool For Agencies To uncover Question Type Keywords

Answer The Public Homepage
– Answer The Public Homepage

If you want to know the questions people ask around your keyword, Answer The Public offers that ability. It listens to autocomplete data provided by search engines and then instantly generates the phrases and questions people ask around a keyword.

In other words, this tool is a goldmine of consumer insights to guide you in creating fresh, beneficial, and relevant content, products, and services – the kind your target audience wants.

Standout Features

Answer The Public Pricing

Answer The Public comes in Monthly, Yearly, and Enterprise packages.

  • Monthly – $99/mo
  • Yearly – $79/mo
  • Enterprise – $299/mo


Grow your brand and get ahead of the competition FASTER by using a keyword research tool. The above SEO suites and Best Keyword Research Tools for agencies come in different pricing schemes, so whether you are s small SEO agency that’s just starting or you run a large digital marketing agency, there is one that matches your budget.

My personal favorites are Long Tail Pro and KWFinder. I love their simplicity, their UI/UX interfaces, and their value for money pricing. What’s your favorite one? Shoot your thoughts in the comments section.

The products we have featured come with different functionalities. Some work best for building insights into what your target consumers are thinking when trying to purchase a product. Others work best for site auditing, backlinking, or keyword clustering.

Make sure to take advantage of the free trial some companies offer. You want to know whether a particular research tool will work well for your application before getting a paid subscription.

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