KWFinder Vs Long Tail PRO: Which one is the best keyword research tool?

In this article, I am comparing two of the most popular keyword research tools the SEO industry has to offer. I am talking about KWFinder vs Long Tail PRO.

Both keyword research tools are awesome and there is no right or wrong with your choice. I personally used both of them for some time – it’s just that I chose to stay with Long Tail PRO for a number of reasons that I am about to explain in this KWFinder vs Long Tail PRO comparison guide.

For now, here’s a quick comparison table that compares the most important features both Keyword Research tools have to offer (the table compares starter plans of both tools).

Keyword Lookups (per 24h)800200
SERP Lookups (per 24h)800100
Tracked Keywords (Rank Tracker)30200
Simultaneous logins11
Keyword Difficulty Feature
Keyword Profitability
Keyword Filtering Options
Backlink Analysis❌*
Pricing (Monthly)$37$49
Pricing (Yearly)$297.00$358.80
Free Trial7 Days2 Days
Visit LTP Official WebsiteVisit KWF Official Website
*Not by default. It is charged extra.

Having said that, I urge you to read to the end my KWFinder vs Long Tail PRO comparison guide and learn more details about their features, pricing as well as my own feedback on why I chose Long Tail Pro over KWfinder.

KWFinder vs Long Tail PRO


KWFinder and Long Tail PRO are both among the best keyword research tools you can have in your SEO arsenal in 2022. Both of them are constantly ranking in the top 10 in keyword research tools lists across the web.

For you to be searching Kwfinder Vs Long Tail Pro, this means that you’ve done your research, and you are between these two SEO tools. (and I am doing a damn fine job in SEO 😎)

I know the dilemma is huge. I’ve been there. I had the exact same Kwfinder or Long Tail PRO dilemma as you now. I mean, I personally hate buying an SEO tool, start learning how to use it, only to find out that is not covering all my needs. And then, here we go again. Research another tool, buy it again, learn how to use it, and so on… Such a waste of precious time.

This is why I decided to write this KWFinder Vs Long Tail Pro article. I’ve done the research and now I am giving back to the SEO community my findings. So, close your social media, put the kids to bed, and dive into my KWFinder Vs Long Tail PRO article.

What is KWFinder

For those of you who haven’t done your research yet, KWFinder is a popular keyword research tool that was started by the team over at Mangools. It is being used to uncover easy to rank keyword ideas for any online website.

KWFinder Vs Long Tail PRO: Which one is the best keyword research tool?
– Screenshot from KWfinders dashboard

KWFinder Keyword research tool is very reliable, straightforward, and user-friendly and it has features that help even inexperienced SEOs to understand the data that are presented to them. That is what even SEO experts and web professionals love it – because of its user interface and functionality.

KWFinder It comes packed with unique search options that most keyword research tools lack. The SEO suite also has a lot of features baked into it, and with just a single click, you will unveil the difficulty of any given Keyword.

KWF Key Features

  • Analyze your Pages – One of the best features of KWfinder is that it also analyzes your pages and your SERPs. It can be used to checkmates your existing web pages and feed you information on what they might not be ranking. You also have access to your SEO metrics to see how you can make them better. It helps you succeed not just with keyword research but also SEO.
  • Great Keyword Research – KWFinder helps you generate keywords that are generally hard to find in your niche. You can also search for keywords based on location, competition, and accuracy. The keyword research tool is top-rated and reliable. However, it has some differences with long tail pro because it doesn’t generate a lot of long-tail keywords.
  • Content Planning – After researching keywords using KWfinder, you can plan how you will use them with time. This is a distinctive feature that is lacking on long tail pro, and this guides you on how you will work with the keywords you have discovered on KWfinder. The content planning feature is on KWFinder of the significant differences between the two Keyword research tools.
  • Keyword Suggestions – You are going to get some keyword suggestions according to your niche. The tips are gathered from Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. You can use the suggested keywords to rank your website on search pages.

What is Long Tail PRO

Long Tail PRO on the other hand is a keyword research tool that built its name due to its focus on uncovering long-tail keywords that are easy to rank.

It is an effective SEO tool that will help you with your online marketing campaigns. However, the tool is different because it can analyze many web pages and generate thousands of valuable keywords in a matter of seconds.

Long Tail Pro dashboard area
Long Tail PRO’s Dashboard.

Long Tail Pro has a unique search function that lets you enter keywords and set some parameters to generate a comprehensive list of keywords you can rank on your website. If you are now starting online a new website, using long-tail keywords will help you. Longtail Pro made the job of finding long-tail keywords easier.

Long Tail Pro is regarded as one of the best keyword tools in the market nowadays. Its original founder was Spenser Haws – an SEO veteran and founder of popular blog Nichepursuits.

According to him, Long Tail Pro was designed because he couldn’t find a tool that would help him rank across various search engines. He has used long-tail keywords to rank hundreds of websites, and that’s why he came up with the idea.

LTP Key Features

  • Backlink Analysis and Suggestions – One of the standout features of Long Tail Pro is that it helps you suggest backlinks that will increase your website’s domain authority. Backlinks are essential, and they help your website compete and rank across search engines. It is one of the best tools to get a good backlink strategy that will help your website.
  • Technical Analysis of your Website – The tool will analyze your website pages and compare them with your competitors. Using this analysis, you can fix some of your web pages and re-rank them across the various search engines. For example, there are times when some pages on your website might have slow loading times, and these analyses will help find them. Slow loading times affect how a web page ranks on google, and long-tail Pro will guide you on fixing those pages.
  • Tracks your Rank Across Search Engines – Long Tail PRO helps track all of the keywords you have on your website. In addition, it will show you all the details of how your website is performing for the various keywords you are competing against. This is very important because you can use the stats to focus more on keywords that are doing good and try to re-rank others that are not doing great.
  • Keyword Research – This is the most important and unique feature of the long tail pro. It helps you gather long-tail keywords for which you can easily rank in your niche. The tool also lets you filter out the specific keywords you want your website to rank across search engines. As a result, the long-tail keyword has effectively ranked new websites across various search engines. The tool has three trusted and tested ways of getting you the right keywords for your website.

Both KWFinder and Long Tail PRO are some of the industry-leading keyword research tools that allow you to uncover easy to rank keywords. Apart from uncovering easy to rank long-tail keywords, both tools have a number of features that enhance their usability and give more value to your money.

KWFinder Vs Long Tail PRO: Key Features Compared

Both SEO tools have similar and distinctive features, that set them apart from each other. And since I am pretty sure that you’ve already done your research – so, I will not list them [features] here.

Below I am laying down my own comments on both told features.

If for any reason you haven’t checked their full features list yet, I suggest you do so by visiting each tool’s website – KWFinder website and Long Tail PRO website.


First of all, let us start with pricing – which is one of the factors that play an important role in someone’s decision.

KWFinder – as part of the Mangools suite – costs $49,00 per month (Basic Plan).

If you purchase a yearly subscription you get billed once per year at $358,80. That drop’s the monthly cost at $29,90 per month.

If you own an agency and you need more keyword research volume, you can jump to the Mangools Agency Plan for $129.00 per month.

Again, you can purchase a yearly subscription at $958,80 – which drops the monthly cost at $79,90 per month.

Click here to check KWF’s full list of Plans and Pricing

Long Tail PRO’s starter plan costs $37,00 if you pay monthly or $297,00 per year.

Choosing the yearly subscription drops the monthly cost at $24,75 per month.

If you own an agency you can choose the agency plan that costs $147,00 per month or $1.177,00 per year.

Choosing the yearly subscription drops your monthly cost at $98,00 per month.

Click here to check LTP’s full lists of Plans And Pricing.

Long Tail PRO’s starter package is cheaper compared to that of KWFinder’s and it offers significantly more Keyword searches per day. (LTP – 800 keyword searches / day. KWF – 200 Keyword searches per day).

LTP’s Agency package is more expensive compared to KWF, but, it offers significantly more resources in general.

This was the main reason behind my personal decision. I opted to move forward with LTP because it was cheaper, provide accurate results and it gives more value for my money overall.

Keyword Difficulty Score

Both Keyword research tools have their own algorithm for calculating if it is easy to rank for a keyword or not. The feature works great in both cases. Long Tail PRO’s though it’s better – in my opinion.

Let me explain.

You see, KWFinder calculates the difficulty of keywords based on the metrics of the top 10 websites in the SERPs.

On the other hand, Long Tail PRO calculates the difficulty of keywords based on the metrics of the top 10 websites in the SERPs but also against your website’s metrics.

You see, in LTP, you create a project and you enter your website’s domain. LTP then calculates your website’s ”strength”. So, the keyword competitiveness score you receive for each keyword is compared against your website’s strength.

So a keyword for [] website that has a very good Domain Authority and a very strong backlink profile might have a different score than when comparing against a website with a low Domain Authority and a weak backlink profile.

Both tools are great in calculating how easy it is to rank for a keyword. In Long Tail PRO, this feature is more sophisticated as it makes its calculations against your domain’s power (Domain Authority, Backlink profile, etc).

This was another reason that made me stick with Long Tail PRO.

Rank Tracker

Both tools offer a rank tracking option. In simple words, they allow you to track how your pages are ranking for specific keywords.

Here, the clear winner is KWFinder, since it allows you to track up to 200 keywords with their starter plan. On the other hand, Long Tail PRO allows for a measly 30 Keywords.

Now, in my case, this didn’t affect my decision much because I am using another software for Rank Tracking. I do understand the importance of it though and I wish LTP could raise the bar on the number of keywords you can track your rankings.

KWFinder allows up to track your rankings for up to 300 keywords while Long Tail PRO for only 30.

Both tools offer a backlink analysis feature that allows you to see a list of backlinks that point to a specific URL or the whole domain of your choice.

Actually, KWFinder offers this feature as part of your Mangools subscription via their Link Miner app (that’s how they call it).

Mangools (KWFinder) uses Majestic’s SEO API to index links. Majestic’s link indexer is solid and trusted by many SEO pros.

KWFinder Vs Long Tail PRO: Which one is the best keyword research tool?
Mangools Link Miner Interface

One great feature that KWFinder’s Backlink Analysis has (I never saw in any other SEO tool) is that they allow you to preview the page you are exploring. This makes it extremely easy for you to understand

Long Tail PRO on the other hand offers the backlink analysis feature as an addon – which means you have to pay extra. This is not the best situation in my opinion. I mean, most SEO tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Mangools, etc offer this feature by default.

KWFinder Vs Long Tail PRO: Which one is the best keyword research tool?
Long Tail PRO’s backlink analysis feature.

KWFinder offers backlink analysis by default and it uses Majestic’s API which is solid and respected by SEO professionals. On the other hand, Long Tail PRO does not offer this feature by default. It is sold as an extra feature.


Both SEO tools are unique in their way. The way they generate information and data differs. If you are a beginner, I suggest you go for Long Tail PRO because it is cheaper and can cover your SEO needs.

Click here to Try Long Tail PRO for 7 days to see if it works for you (it did for me).

If you are a Professional SEO with clients or you run an agency, I suggest you move with KWFinder – because again, the cost will be less.

That doesn’t mean that SEO professionals cannot use Long Tail PRO. Although it is more expensive, it does allocate significantly more resources to its agency plan.

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The SEO suite has some advanced features that can help you track keywords and audit your site, vital for long-term growth. In addition, you can group keywords and plan your content flow with Long Tail Pro.

Now, with KWFinder, you can get backlink rows which are also essential. Backlinks help make your website more substantial, and you can compete for even the most difficult keywords to rank for if you have suitable backlinks. KWFinder also feeds you information on which keywords your competition uses to rank on search pages.

You are also getting free keyword suggestions that can help your website grow. KWfinder looks more advanced, and it has a friendlier interface, in my opinion. You can easily navigate the KWfinder platform because they made it simple.

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Although it is not a complete package like Ahref or Semrush, it can be perfect for beginners and professionals. Before selecting any SEO tool between these two, the most important thing is to know what you want. What keyword research strategy are you adopting, and which SEO suite will do what you want.

There is an eternal comparison between Long Tail PRO vs KWFinder, but for Keyword Research, both tools do a great job. KWFinder is more user-friendly with a fantastic user interface.

Test KWFinder with a free Mangools Subscription for 2 Days.

Long Tail PRO is greater for finding keywords that are easier to rank across various search engines. However, as a beginner, you don’t want to compete with the more prominent website, so focusing on long-tail keywords generated by Long Tail Pro will help you a lot.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this KWFinder vs Long Tail PRO comparison guide will help you decide between these two fantastic keyword research tools.

If you have any questions regarding KWFinder or Longtail Pro, let us know in the comment section below.

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