How to Find Long Tail Keywords With Low SEO Difficulty in 2022

In this article, I am explaining what Long Tail Keywords are, I am providing a few examples and case studies from companies that utilized them with great results and I am explaining how to find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty for faster and higher search results rankings.


It has long been known that tailoring your site toward search engine optimization is a successful strategy for getting traffic and hits on your site.

Oftentimes, the keywords used are simply seed keywords that are short and vague, encompassing a wide variety of products within a category instead of something more specific.

While this does drive organic traffic, these short keywords are also highly competitive and the likelihood of other sites, ”stronger” than yours, showing up on top of you, distracting the customer, and ”stealing” his click from yours is certain.

Long tail keywords are an underused way to help drive more targeted traffic to your site through customers that are highly motivated to purchase what they’re looking for.

In order to know exactly what customers are searching and find possible keywords that are easy to rank for, you need a keyword research tool.

You donโ€™t want to risk your strategy by ”guessing” about what they might be searching for and if your website is eligible to rank for that particular query you are optimizing for.

In this article, we’ll explain not only what long tail keywords are but also how to find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty using various tools available to you online.

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Let us start with the basics. What are long tail keywords?

Where short “seed” keywords tend to be vague and long-reaching, long tail keywords are, as the name suggests, longer and more specific.

They are short phrases and terms that any potential buyer of yours will search for when they are nearing a point of purchase or are using voice search; they are not just targeted toward very specific things but they are searched for in a way that tends to be like more natural human speech.

Because these keywords are so specific, they are more likely to bring in people looking for very specific things.

They usually have certain adjectives, phrases, and words that customers search for to find the exact item or information they wantโ€”one that could be waiting on your site ready to be discovered.

With long tail keywords, quantity certainly comes in over quality. By optimizing your content for more specific keywords instead of shorter and vague queries, you’re more likely to get traffic from search engines.

Although long-term queries are searched less than short ones it is more likely to benefit your business through them because of less competition – hence, easier ranking.

For example, if you are a digital marketing agency and you have just started offering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services trying to optimize your website for keywords like ”SEO” or ”Search Engine Optimization” will be almost IMPOSSIBLE to rank on the first page of Google because of the huge competition around that term.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords With Low SEO Difficulty in 2022
According to Long Tail Pro Keyword research tool, the term ”SEO” is searched for 110.000 times per month. They Keyword difficulty score is 60 which is very hard to compete – especially if you are new in the SEO market. On top of that, you’ll have to compete with websites like, ahrefs, Neil Patel etc.

If you try to optimize your website for queries such as ”SEO for Lawyers” or even ”SEO for Lawyers in [city name]” then you are increasing your chances to rank for this keyword by 10 fold – even if it is searched significantly fewer times per month.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords With Low SEO Difficulty in 2022
The term ”SEO for lawyers” is searched significantly fewer times than the ”SEO”, but, as you can see, the keyword difficulty score is only 32.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords With Low SEO Difficulty

Finding long tail keywords can be a real pain in the ass (sorry for the lingo).

For example, most users would go into google’s keyword research tool, add their seed keyword, hit the search button, and get thousands of related terms.

They would then pick a few terms, go back to google search, search each term and try to research their way out to find the keywords that

A. are searched for

B. they can rank for

If you have ever done this before, you know how time-consuming this process is. Personally, I don’t want to even think about it.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords With Low SEO Difficulty in 2022
Google’s keyword research tool. Although it shows how many times a search term is searched you don’t have much filtering options to narrow down results. Also, you don’t know how difficult it is for each keyword to rank for.

In today’s world though, finding long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty scores is a relatively simple task. To begin, you first need to think about the seed keywords you usually use as a basic starting point.

Once you know where you want to branch out from, it’s a good idea to use a long tail keyword research tool.

Keyword research tools are designed specifically to help you find long-tail keywords that you can rank for.

Without using a long tail keyword tool, you run the risk of just guessing what people are searching for and guessing incorrectly at that.

The result is a bunch of time wasted for little to no reward. By using research tools, you can eliminate that guesswork and naturally human error to help ensure you are getting a better result from your keywords.

What Is a Long Tail Keyword Tool?

As discussed, long tail keyword research tools are tools built specifically to help you find keywords that are easier to rank for.

People are constantly looking for all manner and number of specific items like furniture or clothing or specific services such as plumbers, lawyers, electricians, or even information such as ”how to” or ”what is” questions.

Your job as an SEO specialist is to find the keywords that are easier to rank and will bring traffic to your or your client’s website.

With long-tail research tools, you don’t have to wonder which keywords are these. These tools come with a large set of features that will help you to uncover long tail keywords with low competition.

One of the top tools for long-tail keyword research is Long Tail Pro. This is a professional keyword research tool that goes in-depth to provide its users with metrics and data to help them make more informed decisions on what keyword to target and optimize their pages for.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords With Low SEO Difficulty in 2022
Long Tail Pro’s Dashboard

All you have to know to get started is your niche and what vague terms your customers are searching for.

What Is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is among the most trusted long-tail keyword research tools available. This site connects businesses with long-tail keywords that they can assume with relative certainty is going to give them more organic hits on the site.

Keyword tools such as Long Tail Pro will do the rest. In fact, Long Tail Pro takes it a step further than simply uncovering keywords that are searched for; they help make sure that you are getting keywords that are easy to rank

Because of the meaningfulness of the connection that long tail keywords give potential, motivated buyers to connect with businesses, the possibility of a sale is increased as well.

This particular keyword research tool takes the idea of long-tail keyword research to new levels as opposed to other similar sites.

It uses a simple seed keyword to search for more specific items for you with just a simple search on your part. Long Tail Pro makes sure that the keywords they are returning to you are specific and therefore as profitable as possible so you can enjoy greater success.

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How Does It Work?

To begin, all you have to do is start with a seed keyword. Upon entering the seed keyword, choose the number of results you want Long Tail Pro to uncover, hit the retrieve button and you are done.

Keywords related to your search query start to appear with useful data such as keyword difficulty score, search volume, average bidding on Google’s ads network, etc.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords With Low SEO Difficulty in 2022
Long Tail Pro’s dashboard

Long Tail Pro will generate a list of hundreds of long tail keywords for you to consider.

Once Long Tail Pro has generated a list of keywords for you you can narrow your results based on the powerful built-in filtering system.

Surely you didn’t expect to go through all 400 results manually, right?

How to Find Long Tail Keywords With Low SEO Difficulty in 2022
An Example of Long Tail Pro’s Filtering System. Keywords are filtered by search volume, the number of words, and keyword difficulty.

This will help you uncover your preferred keywords in one-tenth of the time needed without using this keyword research tool.

In this way, you can also examine the information of those shorter seed keywords and figure out how to work them into the pages at the same time.

I’ve just published my Long Tail Pro Review. Click the link to have a look it and understand if this tool is the right fit for your SEO arsenal (it is to me).

Long Tail Keyword Examples

To help you better understand what long tail keywords are and how powerful Long Tail Pro is, check these long tail keyword examples in various niches

Long Tail Keyword Examples for Cryptocurrency Niche

Search TermSearch VolumeKeyword Difficulty
automated crypto trading260/m30/100
what is aion coin20/m33/100
cryptocurrency exchange software210/m28/100

Long Tail Keyword Examples for Internet Marketing Niche

Search TermSearch VolumeKeyword Difficulty
amazon research tool140/m29/100
ebay keyword research tool free10/m29/100
keyword research services320/m28/100

Long Tail Keyword Examples for Law Firm

Search TermSearch VolumeKeyword Difficulty
lawyer for bad contractors70/m34/100
what kind of lawyer do i need to sue a company170/m41/100
things you can sue a company for210/m37/100

Long Tail Keyword Examples for Insurance Firm

Search TermSearch VolumeKeyword Difficulty
car insurance for college students2400/m39/100
iso student health insurance700/m30/100
health insurance broker near me4400/m33/100

Long Tail Keyword Examples for Plumbers

Search TermSearch VolumeKeyword Difficulty
plumbing services near me14800/m24/100
cheap plumber service590/m34/100
plumber for clogged toilet320/m31/100

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Though short vague keywords can bring in traffic, when customers search it, they will also be exposed to many competitors using the same vague information. Long tail keywords is a tried and true way for businesses to drive more organic traffic toward them that is likely to actually result in sales.

While it does usually mean fewer hits on the site, the hits that it does get are often more meaningful and are more likely to result in a sale.

Instead of guessing which long tail keywords are going to work best for your niche and wasting time for what has the potential to be nothing, keyword research tools are there to help.

In particular, Long Tail Pro keyword research does so much more than look for new keywords. It will also check it against 13 metrics to check on the projected success and profitability of the keywords themselves.

In this article, we’ve discussed not only what these long tail keywords are but how to find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. If you liked the article, feel free to share it with the rest of the world.

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