How awesome photos can boost traffic to your website

How awesome photos can boost your traffic

You know what they say: A picture in a thousand words. If you are looking to increase the traffic back to your website or your business in general, whether you are a Real Estate Agent, a blogger or an FMCG retailer, you need to have AWESOME photos of your products (in the case of bloggers โ€“ your selves) if you want more traffic and sales.

Awesome pictures, graphics and photos tend to grab the attention of people much easier than plain and ugly photos. For example, on social networking sites like pinterest, facebook and instagram if you have great photography, people will click on the image and visit your page more and also will share your page more often that with a bad photo.

The question that arises now is where you get great photos from. Well, there are three places where you can get awesome photos for your business and I am going to analyze them for you below in a bit.

  1. Free Image Websites

There are many free stock photography websites available online where you can go and simply download awesome photographs and graphics. These photographs and graphics are taken/made by professionals and are given to the public as their own footprint of charity in the internet.

Some of these websites require you to post a small link about the origin of the image to the end of your page/post and some others require you to do absolutely nothing. My favorite website is Pixabay has thousands of free stock images and graphics and you can post it without including any links to the end of your post.

  1. Freelancer Designs

Another popular method that gives you more flexibility in terms of design is hiring a freelancer to create your image. For example you can guide him about the style, the colors and the way you want your image designed, based on the way you want to โ€œpushโ€ your brand to the internet. You can find really talented people in places like

In fiverr you can find talented people that can draw an awesome graphics of your product, yourself or a relative image of your photo for only $5. If you search enough,you can find people who can design two pictures for your with only $5. This way, the cost will be only $2.5 for each image you get designed.

  1. Professional Photographers

Hiring a professional photographer is probably the best method for projects such as real estate photography, product photography and personal photography.

It is important to choose a talented photographer with great experience in the field and many satisfied customers.

If you hire a photographer based on their low cost instead of the quality of their job, then you may lose money on the long run. Imagine having someone to take photos of your product with the photos being dark and without the right angle. Your products will look ugly in magazine or other online publications that you may want to post them.

One of the best photography studios is Adm Loweโ€™s in Washington DC. The guys there have tremendous experience in creative photography so you should be absolutely 100% satisfied from their job, from your first visit. You can check their website for more information and samples of their work.

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