Starting Up a Business? Learn a lesson or two from these companies?

Are you Starting a New Business? One of the most difficult tasks is getting potential clients to use your services. Even if your business has been around for a while and has seen better days in sales, the fact remains that sales marketing is a never ending job!

Your sales team needs to keep at it continuously, if not your business may fold up and file for bankruptcy. I believe that neither you nor the board of directors (for medium/large scale companies) would love to go under for any reason.

Therefore, one of the most successful ways to connect with new customers and convince them that you have the solution to their problems is the use of animated explainer videos.


Animated Explainer videos are short, engaging videos that can be placed on a website, mobile phone/tablets or television to explain in a simple and efficient way, who you are and what you do.

Animated explainer videos are so compelling that, they can increase your click-through rate by 100% and adequately inform others about your company and its product.

Many businesses have approved the implemented and use of animated explainer videos on their various platform. Today, I shall be introducing you to a few of them so you can draw inspiration and learn a thing or two from them!


As a start-up company or even a well-established business, if you offer a product or service that is pretty difficult to explain in black and white, then you should consider putting forth your ideas via animation. The following examples would help spur and inspire you to write a video animation script for your business!

  1. Boom Town: was able to showcase how its highly targeted real estate service can help professionals in the estate industry to close sales.
  2. That Tutor Guy: convinced students and parents via his explainer videos that he is the best option to solving an education dilemma amongst students. By identifying the cause of the frustration amongst students, he was able to come off as the best possible solution for a successful learning!
  3. Hubspot, a market leader in inbound marketing, was able to explain the start-up’s problem and showcase how they (Hubspot) would be able to meet their needs.
  4. Capital Media a start-up, business growth focused company is ready to open you up to the trade potentials of using Facebook to reach more customers. If you are not yet convinced that Facebook marketing could help your business grow, then Capital Media will hook you up after watching its animated marketing video.
  5. Basecamp: a start-up, made animated explainer videos that contained laser focused content. The video only answered one question, but it was able to grab the attention of viewers, and they all wanted to know what more Basecamp has to offer. All these enthusiasms came via the help of a little but power 55 seconds animated explainer video!

Bottom Line

Your start-up business can also take its first wobbling steps towards becoming a blue chip company with the assistance of animated explainer videos.  You can sell, entertain and educate your clients via animated explainer videos. However, be sure to choose the right explainer video company to produce your video, because first impressions matters!

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