How IT Temp Work Can Help You Launch A Permanent Career

The world of business might be searching for technology professionals. However, if you don’t have any experience and have new certification, then you aren’t a professional yet. So how do you get this experience that everyone is looking for? One way you can do it is to accept temporary assignments.

Your ultimate goal might not be to work as a temp, however when you are just starting your career, it is very important to get experience in whatever way you can. A temporary job can give you the opportunity to make contacts within the IT industry, get a track record established and let you hone your skills. If your goal is to obtain a permanent position, having several temporary assignments first can help you achieve your goal.

It should be viewed as an excellent opportunity, instead of something that isn’t secure. He added that often the toughest gig to get is the first one.

Individuals who have non technical degrees or certifications are using temporary work as an effective way to break into the IT field or to explore a career within the field. He says that these individuals develop more skills as they are taking on job on a contract or temporary basis.

Types Of Temporary Work

In the world of technology, you will most likely find temporary work called different names. Often the term “temp” is avoided since many people associate it with administrative work. Some agencies call their temporary assignments “project” or “contract” work. Are all of them the same? Not always.

With contract assignments, typically the length of time is established from the very start. It may range from two weeks up to six months or even longer. In general there is no set period of time for temporary work. According to Linde, you might be given a guesstimate about the length of time they are going to need you for.

Typically contract work is for more experienced individuals. Contract workers might command hourly rates of $40 or higher, with some people earning $150 per hour or even more for in-demand, specialized skills. Those jobs, of course, are not for newbies. If interested Capita IT Resourcing  have some good tips.

According to Craig Silverman, a Hall Kinion senior vice president, says that individuals who are independent or contract professionals have made a decision on their careers. Typically contract professionals choose the route for selecting leading-edge technology projects. It also provides them with the first-rate compensation and flexibility.

Test the Waters

Typically temporary jobs don’t pay as much, particularly for those who don’t have a lot of experience, however they do give people the opportunity to try out various options early on in their careers. Would you like to get involved working with databases?

Do you want to stick with networking? When you work in various parts of the field it can help to clarify your thinking in terms of what you would like to do. People new to the IT industry, once they get some training in, can find opportunities in the following areas:

  • Technical Support: Companies with software launches or product roll-outs might need to temporarily increase their staffing. Pay might be low, at times less than $10 per hour.
  • Low-Level Web Skills: People who have basic web skills, like JavaScript and HTML, may use temporary work to help them break as well as hone their e-business and Internet strategies. The pay rates can vary a lot, from $15 to $25 per hour or even high, depending on the level of skill.
  • Programming: Although finding long-term contract assignments might be possible to find for budding programmers, temporary work can be a way for individuals with knowledge of languages like Java, Perl and C++ to demonstrate their abilities to work on real-world projects. Depending on the level of expertise and language, pay will vary, ranging from $20 to $40 per hour.

For technology professionals who are just getting started in their career, they may be able to get assistance from staffing agencies for their education as well. For instant, Aquent offers training at discounted rates for its Web professionals via The Aquent worker ideally will then get placed in jobs that draw on this training.

Never stop learning. It is important for independent professional to take advantage of computer-based training as well as other educational resources even when taking on new assignments and determining which skills they would like to develop.

Staffing agencies can also provide you with advice. If you happen to have information technology expertise, whether it is from a certification program or community college, agencies searching for technical workers can give you guidance on the steps that you should take for launching your career. You will not be charged for this advice by the agencies. Their business is to help people get started in the industry.

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