How to use Instagram Comments For DM Automation

Machines are getting smarter and smarter, but their effectiveness in supporting business objectives is directly related to the mode of their deployment.

Over the past few years, new and improved AI-based chat bots have transformed social media marketing and enabled marketers to connect with huge number of users through platforms like Instagram.

Still, getting the user to buy in remains a challenge and brands must explore all possible entry points into a conversation.

Comments are a section that is inherently interactive, so it offers solid potential for user activation through automated conversations.

If this channel is used organically and with a clear strategic focus, it can greatly contribute to relationship building, product promotion, sales, and many other key aspects of a modern business.

How Comments Automation Works on Instagram?

Any interaction with a user allows brands to start a conversation using Direct Messages, and Instagram Comments offer a great opportunity to do that.

Essentially, every time someone comments on a post that can serve as the starting point for an automated chat exchange. Smart bots can instantly deliver messages to the userโ€™s inbox, dynamically altering the course of the conversation based on responses.  

Since users need to opt in to continue receiving messages and can choose to quit the conversation at any time, this type of prolonged interaction feels very natural and less spammy than most other digital marketing techniques.

At the same time, this channel can provide users with quick answers to their inquiries and recommend products and services they might be interested in.

Why Comments Are a Great Entry Point for Conversational Marketing?

Social networks are generally conversational tools, but Instagram is primarily a visual medium. The comments section is the only place on the network where verbal communication is dominant.

This is why it makes perfect sense to use them as the launching pad for extended conversations that give brands a chance to complement their visual identity with more detailed facts and arguments.

Marketers can also encourage their followers to comment on a specific post in order to kick off a related campaign that relies on Instagram automated DMโ€™s to reach a large number of customers.

This can be done by including a question in the original post, promising a reward for commenting, or in many other creative ways.

How to Personalize Marketing Efforts Using DM Automation?

Personalized offers can be targeted very precisely thanks to smart bot technology. Based on the selection of Instagram posts that the user interacted with, brands can tailor exclusive offers and limited time promotions that are certain to draw attention.

Once a conversation is started, bots can collect additional information and refine the offer even further. One-on-one communication through Instagram DMs allows for the offers to be delivered in a format that elicits a swift response, so itโ€™s possible to guide the customer through several steps leading to the purchasing decision.

Thus, DM automation can positively affect the bottom line in addition to boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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