Human Synthesys Studio Review (Humatars): Is it Worth it?

In today’s article I am going to be taking an in-depth look at the Human Synthesys Studio, a software suite designed for transform not only text to speech but text to speech with a real looking avatar talking to your audience.

In my Human Synthesys Studio Review I will be exploring what the software has to offer (features), whether or not it is worth the price tag, and ultimately giving my own personal verdict on whether or not I believe it is worth your time and money.

So without further ado, let’s get started with my Human Synthesys Studio Review!

Human Synthesys Studio Review

Use For: Turn any text into real human spokespeople in your videos saying exactly what you want.


  • Commercial License
  • One time fee
  • 100% Web-Based.
  • Special Bonuses
  • Up 15 Real Humatars.
  • 6 Real Human voices
  • 66 Languages
  • 254 General Voices
  • 14-Day money back guarantee
  • User friendly


  • Restrictions in usage (only 2 hours of rendering month + 1000 character videos).
  • One time fee might imply that no further updates and development will occur to the software.
  • No future updates if you don’t purchase the Enterprise upsell.

Summary: If you’re looking for a product that can provide you with stunning results and realistic humans to talk to, look no further than the Human Synthesys Studio. This top of the line product offers state of the art technology that gives users the ability to create their own custom human avatar, complete with a voice of their choosing. You simply type in what you want your Humatar to say, and our software does the rest. The end result is a lifelike talking human that sounds just like the real thing. Whether you’re looking for a new customer service agent for your business or just want someone to talk to, the Human Synthesys Studio is perfect for you.

What is Human Synthesys Studio

Human Synthesis Studio is a software that allows you to create realistic 3D avatars that can talk using any text you input.

You basically add your desired text, choose an avatar and the software will do the rest. It is that simple!

Check this demo video software’s from the VSL page.

The software is designed for people who want to create marketing videos, product demonstrations, or any other type of video where it would be beneficial to have a realistic looking person talking.

This text to speech software or better text to speech + avatar video is created by renowned affiliate marketer Todd Gross who’s famous for his spokesperson skills.

More specifically Todd Gross appeared in (literraly) hundreds of affiliate VSLs (video sales pages) as a spokesperson of his products or other affiliate launches. Personally, I remember his face back from 10 years when I started my affiliate marketing ”career”.

Human Synthesys Studio is very similar to Synthesia – another text to speech software that I reviewed some time ago.

It seems to me that Todd Gross somehow ”copied” the code behind Synthesia and made Human Synthesys Studio. Don’t take this as a fact btw. It’s just my own thought. Anyway, Synthesia has a monthly fee while on the other hand Human Synthesys Studio has a one-time fee – which is something that differentiates them and attract customers. More on how HSS compares to Synthesia below.

Human Synthesys Studio Features

Here’s a list with all the features Human Synthsys Studio has to offer:

  • Text-to-speech: HSS is essentially a text to speech software with the twist that you can input your text and have it spoken by a realistic 3D avatar. This is done by using what is called ”dynamic lip-sync technology”.
  • Choose from different languages: The software currently supports 66 languages and 256 voices – the ones that are currently offered by Google’s Wavenet TTS technology.
  • Templates: There are currently 10 different templates you can choose from, each with a different style and look. You will be able to find both
  • Cloud based: The software is cloud based which means you can access it from anywhere – no matter if it is a PC or MAC – as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Extremely easy to use: The software is very intuitive and easy to use. You don’t need any technical skills or experience to be able to create your first video.
  • Background and audio bank: With your purchase you get access to a ”bank” of backgrounds and audios that you can use with your humatar videos. Having said that, YES, you can change your humatar’s background to any video or image you want.
  • Chroma key support: You can also add a green screen (chroma key) effect to your videos and use it with any background you want.
  • Commercial license: By purchasing the “Commercial” version (more on that later) you get a commercial license which means you can sell the videos you create and keep 100% of the profits.
  • Spokesperson Positioning: With Human Synthesis Studio, you can control exactly where your spokesperson is positioned on the screen. You can have them in the middle, off to the side, and even in multiple positions within the same video.

This is what the software has to offer. Further below this article I will go through Human Synthesys Studio’s PROS & CONS, so be sure to read through the end.

>> Click here to visit Human Synthesys Studio official website

How it Works

I am not going into much detail on how the software works – since I’ve found this quick step-by-step video which shows how easy it is to use it. (They’re using their own software to show you how their software works).

As you saw, Human Synthesys Studio is easy as one-two-three.

Click here to claim your copy

Imagine combining this AI technology with Jasper the AI writing tool and you can have both copy and video spokes person done without paying expensive actors and copywriters and minimizing the time needed to create and organize everything with the freelancers.

How It Can Help Your Business? Who is this software for?

As a business owner – either you work in a S&P500 company, you are running your own local shop or you are just an affiliate marketer like me, you know that video content is much more easily consumed than written content.

Most people would rather watch a video than read an article (unless they are looking for in-depth info on something).

As a business owner Human Synthesys Studio can help you:

  • Create training videos: Suppose you work in a company and you need to train your employees on a new software or process. You could create a video with Human Synthesys Studio and have it done in a few hours. Best of all, your video can look the same in any country your employees are.
  • Courses and membership sites: If you are in the business of creating courses or you run a membership site, this software can help you create the videos for your content. You could do a video per week and have it done in no time.
  • Sales videos: Use Human Synthesys Studio to create sales videos for your products or services. You could use it to create a video testimonial, an explainer video or a product demonstration video. Again, imagine creating sales videos in 60+ different languages and distribute them around the web.
  • Facebook ads and YouTube Ads: You could create video ads for your products with this software in minutes and have them translated into any language. You could then create a YouTube ad campaign in any language and target people all around the world.
  • Local businesses: Local businesses can use this software to create video ads in any language and target people in their city, state or country.
  • Explainer Videos: You can use this software to create explainer videos for your business or products or even affiliate products. I mean you saw how they used their software to create an explainer video, right?

The possibilities are endless..

I could go on and on about how this software can help you and your business – but I think you get the point.

Human Synthesys Studio is a powerful tool that can help you create videos in any language and have them look professional by simply copy-pasting the text you want your spokesperson to say.

The Best Part? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any video editing experience or technical skills.

Human Synthesys Price

How much it Costs

Human Synthesys has a simple pricing plan. It basically offers two options. The PERSONAL plan which costs $47.10 one-time-payment and the COMMERCIAL plan which costs $67 one time payment.

Here are the differences between both plans as copied from their website.

Text to Video AI technology.✅✅
Real Humatars515
Real Human Voices06
Wavenet Languages6666
Wavenet voices254254
Video Rendering1 hour2 hours
Web Based✅✅
Commercial License❌✅
Special Bonuses❌✅
Exportin Green Screen❌✅
Humatar Position Display Options❌✅
Full Video Customization❌✅
Use Or Sell Your Videos❌✅
Comparison table of Human Synthesys Studio “Personal” plan and Human Synthesys Studio “Commercial” plan.

Now, if you ask me which plan to choose, I would go with the Commercial plan. If I am willing to spend $47 on this software I don’t mind spending an extra $20 for getting commercial rights etc..

But there’s a catch..

Even if you choose the commercial plan you have restriction on using the software. That is you can’t render more than two hours of videos and your videos can’t be more than 6000 characters each.

For example if you got a client who wants a ten minute video, you will not be able to deliver because your plan doesn’t allow.

Or if you want to create more 200 X 1 minute videos – again, you will not be able to do that.

To be able to create more more than two hours (combined) of videos you need to purchase extra credits from within the platform. Although purchasing extra credits does not cost much, the one-time-fee feature starts to ”shake”..

Now, if you want to create a video with more than 6000 characters, you need to purchase the ”agency upgrade”.

Keep reading to learn more…

Human Synthesys Studio Bonuses

As you saw in the table above, when you purchase the COMMERCIAL plan, you are entitled to some bonuses as well. The bonuses can be found on the software’s official website.

I am listing them here for your convenience and for making this Human Synthesys Studio review more complete.

  • BONUS #1: 100 PRO HD VIDEOS – You also get access to over 100 royalty-free pro stock footage clips for you and/or your clients! Excellent for YouTube content videos or sales marketing videos to lend a touch of sophistication!
  • BONUS #2: High Paying Client Acquisition Cheatsheet – You also get access to a tried-and-true cheatsheet will show you how to close High-Ticket Clients without spending time on unqualified leads.
  • BONUS #3: 150+ Free Online Marketing Tools – You basically get access to a curated list of 150+ free online marketing tools.
  • BONUS #4: Personal Branding Secrets – A short eBook on how to buiild your personal brand.
  • BONUS #5: 400 Power Words – A short report on 400 power words you can start using in your content that have been proven to elevate your content marketing efforts.

Human Synthesys Studio Upgrades

After you purchase HSS you will get 4 optional upgrades which you can purchase to add more value to your investment – although NOT necessary to operate the software. Here are the OTO (one-time-offer) upgrades.

  • Upgrade #1: PRO – $77 one time payment – You unlock 65 MORE Humatars with different outfits covering dozens of different niches, PLUS 30 MORE Human Voices! Cost:
  • Upgrade #2: Enterprise – $67 one time payment – You unlock 100 more templates and you can record any voice and use it with the avatars. Plus, you get free updated for life.
  • Upgrade #3: Audiosuite – $77 one time payment – You get access to “Synthesys” – which is a text-to-speech software (perhaps using another TTS technology instead of Google’s Wavenet) and to “Infinitunes” a software that generates copyrighted tunes.
  • Upgrade #4: Agency – up to $552 one time payment – The Agency plan offers unlimited credits – meaning that you can create unlimited videos and your videos can have a length of up to 12 minutes.

Pros & Cons

Human Synthesys comes with a lot of PROS but with a lot of CONS as well. At least for me.. In the next section, I am going to recommend a similar software that I believe it it much better than Human Synthesys Studio – but has a monthly subscription.


One time payment: You only need to pay once and you get access to the software + all the bonuses. No monthly recurring payments!

  • Low Cost: The starting price is only $67 for the COMMERCIAL plan. This is not a typo!
  • No learning curve: The software is very easy to use and you can create your first video within minutes.
  • Video creation on autopilot: The software allows you to create videos fast and on autopilot.
  • You can use your own voice: You can record your own voice and use it with the avatars.
  • Real human sounding voices: Wavenet’s artificial intelligence creates realistic human voices with breaths, pauses and everything
  • 60+ languages: The software can create videos in over 60 languages! And you don’t need to be familiar with any of them!
  • Edit the videos: You can edit the videos after they are created with the built-in video editor.
  • Download the videos: You can download the videos and use them however you want.
  • 100+ HD video clips: You get access to over 100 royalty-free stock footage video clips.
  • Make Money: You can make money by reselling the videos you create with the software or by offering video creation services to clients.
  • Cloud based: The software is cloud based and you can access it from anywhere
  • 14-day money back guarantee: You can try the software for 14 days and if you don’t like it you can get a refund – no questions asked!


  • Many restrictions: Even if you purchase the COMMERCIAL plan you are still not able to use the software for more than two hours per month and also your videos are restricted to 6000 characters only.
  • Maintenance: I don’t thing that this software will go much far having a one time fee. These software need software engineers, marketers and so on to keep this running. I don’t see how they will sustain with only one time fees.
  • Support: I have my doubts that you will get much support from the author. At least not as much as you would need it.
  • Some videos may look fake: If you use the same video over and over again it may look fake.
  • No future updated: No future updates unless you purchase their agency plan that costs $552.

Best Human Synthesys Studio Alternative

The best alternative to Human Synthesys Studio is Synthesia. I am not going to go too much in detail about it but I will just list the main features:

  • You need to pay $30 per month to use the software. For some this might be a bad thing for others (like me) is a good thing.
  • You can create up to 10 X 1 minute videos per month or 1 X 10 minute video per month. To create more videos you need to purchase more credits. (I know, it sucks..)
  • You also get access to 60 languages and 40 built-in avatars
  • 50+ Templates – Synthesia has 50 pre-built templates for you to choose from.
  • Custom backgrounds – You can upload your own images and videos for backgrounds.
  • Background music – You can add background music to your videos from the royalty-free library.
  • All videos are rendered in Full HD (1920×1080) resolution and you can download them.
  • Add text, images, shapes – You can add various elements to your video to make it look more funky or enhance the viewers experience.
  • Synthesia has a built in stock image and video search engine that allows you to search and use assets from more than 5 million images and videos.
  • You can import powerpoint slides and use them as backgrounds (Up to 6 slides per video).

For me, Synthesia is a worthy alternative to Human Synthesys Studio because it has more features, it is updated regularly and the price is reasonable.

If you want to try Synthesia you can use this link to get a free trial

Final Take – Is is Worth It

So, to summarize, Yes, I believe Human Synthesys Studio is worth it – especially if you purchase it now where the price is only $67 for the commercial plan.

Although it has a lot of nerve-breaking things to consider, it is very cheap and you get access to this technology for only $67. If you want to up your game and get the agency upgrade for another $552 one time payment and offer this text-to-video as a service then go for it.

You can use the software to create videos for your personal brand, to sell as a service or to resell. You can also use it for your own projects. Overall, I think it is a great deal.

I hope you found this Human Synthesys Studio review helpful and if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to answer them.

Thank you for reading!

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