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Clixten Review – I don’t recommend joining

clixten review

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UPDATE: Clixten is offline. It is no longer active. It shut its doors many years ago after PayPal raged a war against PTC websites, leaving them – in essence – without an easy method to pay their users. Even Clixsense (who now goes by the name ySense) the biggest and most trusted PTC website in the world was forced to shut down at that time. Although Clixten didn’t have PayPal as a payment processor, people lost faith in the PTC industry and Clixten got ”drained” in the process. Clixten was a LEGIT PTC website. Below you can see our past review on Clixten and why we were recommending it to our readers.

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Clixten.info is a PTC website that has been online since 2012. I joined it recently because I wanted to get to know it better before I could write this Clixten review. In this post I will talk about what I like about Clixten and what I don’t, hoping that it will help you decide to join or not.

Clixten Review – Pros

  • Visible Who.is: When a website has its who.is information visible, this is considered to be a good thing. The reason is, you know that the administrator of the website is not hiding behind internet anonymity. In the case of Clixten, it’s who.is is visible. You can check it here. Personally, I fell more ”secure” when I know who the admin of a money-making website is.
  • Online for many years: Clixten is online for almost five years. This is a good sign of a well-managed PTC website. Most PTC websites don’t last more than a year. Clixten is online for five. The admin must be doing something right to keep the website running for all these years.
  • Receives hundreds of new sign-ups per day: I told this many times. If a PTC website receives many new members every day, then it is unlikely to shut its doors. The reason it because ”new blood” enters the system, giving the advertisers more sign-ups to their promoted websites. When an advertiser gets many sign-ups from a PTC website advertising, he is going to advertise again — giving thus more money to the administrator and its members. Clixten now has over 600 000 members and growing steadily.
  • Has a forum: Clixten has a forum I believe that websites who have a forum are more legit than those who do not. And let me give you a piece of advice. DO NOT join a PTC website that does not have a forum. Period!!
  • Many Earning Methods: Clixten has a lot of earning methods. Apart from watching ads to earn money, Clixten uses close to 10 more methods to help its members earn more money. Here are in detail:
  1. Watch Ads
  2. Trying your luck on the Clixgrid
  3. Trying your luck on Head or Tail Game
  4. Trying your luck on Crack The Vault Game
  5. Paid to Sign Up (PTSU) Offers
  6. Get Paid to Like Pages on Facebook
  7. Online Offers (from MinuteStuff, Matomy, Wannads, Offers4All, Superrewards, AdClick, ClixWall, PtcWall, BtcWall, SurveyWall)
  • Over 80 ads per day: When I clicked the ”View Ads” button, my jaw dropped to the ground. Clixten has over 80 ads available to view and earn money from. Of course, I quickly realized that most ads are ”Nano” ads and each click pays you $0.0001. That means that if you watch 70 nano advertisements you will earn $0.007. Although each ”nano” ad is only 2 seconds, it still does not worth your time spent. $0.007 is not even a cent.
  • Low Minimum Cashout: Clixten has a low minimum cash out of only $2.00 for your first time. With each withdraw, the withdrawal limit increases until it reaches $5 dollars. So, after your first five withdrawals, you will always have to have a minimum of five dollars in order to withdraw your earnings.
  • Many payment gateways: Another good feature of Clixten, is it has many payment gateways. Currently, Clixten supports Payza, Payeer, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, and Bitcoin.

Clixten Review – Cons

  • No-Unique Script: First of all, the website does not use a unique script. Now, you know how I feel about PTC websites that do not use a custom-made design for their websites. This shows to me that they do not see seriously their online business.
  • The Website needs a redesign: The website clearly needs a redesign. It’s been online for almost 5 years and the administrator has not made something to make the website look prettier.
  • The website has a ton of glitches: For example, when I tried to complete some offers from the many offer-walls it has, half of them never opened. Also, the buy referrals button does not work. The Facebook Like button appears half. Why the administrators pay a web developer to fix these problems?
  • The website has a ton of glitches: For example, when I tried to complete some offers from the many offer-walls it has, half of them never opened. Also, the buy referrals button does not work. The Facebook Like button appears half. Why the administrators pay a web developer to fix these problems?
  • It doesn’t have PayPal as a payment system: Although in the pros section I mentioned that Clixten has many payment processors, it lacks the one and only, PayPal. PayPal is the most trusted and secure payment system in the world and when a website does not support PayPal, then for me, something smells fishy. Clixten’s PayPal account has been permanently limited and Paypal will be no longer offered as a payment processor on Clixten. A few years ago, PayPal stated that it will no longer offer its services to websites that they think are not trustworthy. If I was you, I would think twice before investing money and time on Clixten.
  • You need to view at least 4 more advertisements to earn clicks from your referrals tomorrow: God, I hate this feature. I generally do not invest my time in PTC websites that have this restriction. I don’t like losing money because I haven’t clicked on ads. Also, as a marketer, I like to earn from PTC websites by referring direct referrals. If I don’t click on advertisements, then I will lose money? That’s a NO-NO for me.
  • Rent Referrals: Again, a topic that I covered in this post. Rented Referrals are bots. End of story. Each PTC website that literally steals money from its members by offering this so-called money-making opportunity is not ethical and should be boycotted.
  • Many Upgrade Levels: Again, another shady method, administrators use to earn more money. They offer you 5 – 10 upgrade levels to be able to get all the benefits for the particular PTC website.
Clixten Review - Upgrade plans

For example Clixten’s Ultimate Membership plan cost’s $700 per year…

What? Barney Stinson photo tumblr_lna522MSk91qdap7wo1_500.gif
  • You have a maximum number of Direct Referrals you can refer: This is another feature that I really hate and pushes me to avoid investing in this kind of PTC websites. Clixten, has a direct referrals limit of 100 referrals for free members. This tactic is used to force members to upgrade. Very shady and unethical tactic.
  • Really Bad English on website: The website’s copy is written in really bad English. I tried to read the F.A.Q, the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service pages and I couldn’t understand anything. Maybe if the admin hired a professional copywriter, things would be better.
  • There are withdrawing limits: Clixten has withdraw limits. Here is an excerpt from the F.A.Q section:

Cashouts are being limited for security purpose, in the case there are members that are earning more in the time frame days between cashouts then the cash out limit, there the limits will be increased so everyone to not be limited on earnings. Standard limit per withdraw – $7.26

So in essence, if you have $50 in your account, you can’t withdraw them all in once. You have to break your money to $7.26 withdrawals. As you upgrade, the limit increases.

Again, a big NO-NO from me.

  • Withdrawals take too long to credited to your account: As a member, you should know that after you withdraw your funds Clixten states that you will receive your money within 5-10 working days but it could take up to 20 business days to complete all the necessary account verification. Personally, I am not willing to wait up to one month to get my payments.

Other Important Information


Although a legit ptc website I wouldn’t recommend investing in Clixten in terms of promoting it to get direct referrals. I suggest you join other ptc webites that are more affiliate friendly.

I suggest you join Clixsense – the best PTC website that ever appeared on the PTC scene. Read my review here or join directly.

I hope you enjoyed my Clixten Review. I’ve done my best to bring you the most honest Clixten Review from my perspective. If you have any suggestions on how to make this Clixten Review better, feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.

Also, I would really appreciate if you share this article to your social networks. It would mean a lot to me.

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  1. The site looks totally outdated. More than that the site goes offline offen.
    It’s good that they have added lot of offer walls. This is helpful in recruiting referrals, and getting active referrals.
    Even though I collected more than 50 direct referrals, they never made me $2 commission. Upgrading Clixten account is necessary to earn from referrals.

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