Wordlinx is probably the oldest paying ptc website in the world. It was first created 13 years ago and it is still online and paying its members. In this Wordlinx Review, you will learn everything you need to know about it before joining, as well as my opinion about this 13-year-old ptc website.

Who Created Wordlinx

Wordlinx is a free to join ptc website that was created 13 years ago by Rogue Media, a UK based company. The website maintains an open to the public who.is information which is great in terms of transparency. The website is registered to a guy named Richard Sturdy.

Earning Methods in Wordlinx

There are 4 methods to earn in Wordlinx.

1) Clicking ads: In Wordlinx you can earn money by watching advertisements. Their system is kind of strange. For example, you get only 2 – 3 ads to watch every day. If you want to ”unlock” more ads, you have to complete $0.10 worth of tasks or offers. If you want to unlock even more ads, you will have to surf 50 pages on their traffic exchange.

wordlinx review

2) Completing Tasks & Offers: Another popular methods among ptc websites to earn money is by completing tasks and offers. Currently, you can complete offers and tasks from OfferDaddy, Persona.ly and OfferToro. If you are not from a tier1 country (US,UK,Germany,Canada,Australia etc) you will not get many tasks and offers to complete. I suggest to check periodically though. Sometimes there are offers which pay up to $6 for a minutes work.

3) Traffic Exchange: Wordlinx has a traffic exchange as well. Each ad you watch on the traffic exchange you get one point. You have to watch each ad for 10 seconds. Points can be transformed to cash or advertising credits. For example, ten points equal to $0.01.

4) Link Sharing: Wordlinx has another ”weird” method to keep its members busy. It allows you to shorten any link you want through their platform and share it all over the web. When someone clicks on your link it is redirected to the page you promoted. On the top of the page, a bar appears, with a Wordlinx ad. If the user who clicked on your link, visits Wordlinx, you get rewarded points, and commissions (if he purchases advertising for example)

wordlinx-review-2Payment Methods

You can request payment from Wordlinx through PayPal only. Not even by check. You must have a minimum of $10.00 USD in your available balance before you can request payment. According to wordlinx, it keeps admin costs and transfer fees to a minimum.

Also, due to PayPal’s mass payment fees, 5% is deducted for cash out under $100 and 2% is deducted for cash out over $100. However, if you earn 500 points or more you can cash out under $100, free.

Wordlinx Upgrades

There are three upgrade levels in Wordlinx. Verified, Pro and Super.Verified costs $19 per year, Pro costs $99 per year and Super cost $199 per year. The higher the upgrade the more money you will earn.

If you would like to see the comparison of features between all wordlinx upgrades then click here.

Special Features

Buy Direct Referrals: Wordlinx allows you to buy direct referrals if you want. Wordlinx claims that these people are real members who joined Wordlinx without a referral. Wordlinx sells 50 direct referrals for $50. You get 5000 ad credits as a gift as well.

These referrals will be permanently added to your downline, without any need for renewals or extensions!

Rent Direct Referrals: Wordlinx offers you the chance to rent referrals as well. Their method of renting referrals is different from the other ptc websites who offer bot rented referrals.

Wordlinx claims that their rented referrals are real members that don’t currently have a referrer. They also state that even if they don’t click you will still earn one cent per day from each referral you rented.

wordlinx review rented referrals
Screenshot from wordlinx.com

There is a small trick here though. Although this statement might excite alot of people, I am not excited at all.

These are the renting prices:

20 referrals  /  30 days  /  1,000 visitors $12
50 referrals  /  30 days  /  2,000 visitors $24
100 referrals  /  30 days  /  3,000 visitors $36

Now, let’s do some math:

Lets suppose we choose to rent 20 referrals.

20 refs X 0.01 cent X 30 days = $6.00

That means that you will be $6 loss.

Do the same calculations with the bigger packages. You will understand that your investment is not guaranteed.

Wordlinx Affiliate Program

Wordlinx has a good affiliate program, if you consider that you get unlimited direct referrals, and earnings up to 50% of what they click and earn (Apply for Super Members)

You will also earn up to $97.80 USD per sale (20%) when they buy advertising. If your referral upgrades to a paid membership, you will earn up to $2.00 USD on 5 levels.

Advertising on Wordlinx

You can promote your business through Wordlinx, using the following methods:

Email Ads: Wordlinx has a database of over 100 000 subscribers. You can sponsor their newsletter by using up to 200 characters of text and your own web link.

Twitter Ads: You can promote your message to their 35 000 followers on twitter.

Banner Ads: You can promote your business through banner advertising. Banner advertising on Wordlinx is really cheap. For example to promote your banner for 7 days you will pay only $6 you can test 2 – 3 banner and see if this method works or not without burning your money,

Links Ads: Your link ad will appear when people internet users from all around the world click on shortened wordlinx links which were shared by wordlinx members. Another really cheap advertising method which you can test.

wordlinx review link ads
Link ad example

PTC Ads: Finally, There is the old traditional way of ptc advertising. There are four ptc ads available on Wordlinx.

  • Standard Ads: 30 seconds – $0.01 per click.
  • Mini Ads: 15 seconds – $0.005 per click.
  • Micro Ads: 5 seconds – $0.001 per click.
  • Fixed Ads: 5 seconds – $9 per day.

Learn more about Wordlinx Advertising here.

Final Thoughts

Although Wordlinx is a legit and paying ptc website for over 13  years, it failed – in my humble opinion – to ever reach the levels of ptc websites like Clixsense, Neobux and BuxP just to mention a few.

First of all, it has only PayPal as payment processor. Most ptc websites have 2 – 3 payment processors to cover all angles of the world.

Second, I feel that they make things complicated. I mean, I only get to watch 3 ads and if I want to watch more I have to surf its traffic exchange or complete offers? Why’s that anyway?

Third and most important, there are very few earning methods. I don’t think anyone can make a decent earning out of this site. If you don’t live in a tier 1 country the chances are you are not going to get any offers to complete. So how are the users going to earn any significant amount in order to promote it any further?

Fourth, the website hasn’t added any special features, such an extension

The only thing that i find attractive to Wordlinx is its affiliate program – if you are a pro or super member only. With unlimited direct referrals, 50% earnings from your direct referrals activities and the ability to buy those who don’t have an upline in wordlinx, it seems a good deal.

Anyway, If you are looking for a legit ptc website, you found another one. I just don’t think is worth my time. I prefer to invest my time and energy to other ptc websites like Clixsense or BuxP that will earn me more money.

If you enjoyed my Wordlinx review, please share it with the rest of the world. It’s like saying thank you.

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Wordlinx Review: Legit PTC Site | Over 13 Years Old PTC
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One thought on “Wordlinx Review: Legit PTC Site | Over 13 Years Old PTC

  • 28/11/2016 at 12:58 pm

    I am a member for more than 8 years now and in the first years promoted it a lot, but then NeoBux and ClixSense started to get more and more famous and rentable, so WordLinx members moved away from it :\


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