GPT Planet Review: Runned by a trusted Administrator

gptplanet review
[rwp-review-recap id=”0″] is a genuine PTC website which has been running for about six years. It is a PTC website which I recommend to everybody wishing to make some extra money through PTC websites. Gptplanet is not a get rich quick website, but you can make a good income if you focus your self to it. Their click rate is between $0.002 to $0.0005, while their minimum payout is $1 through paypal or payza. They accept members from all countries of the world. The administrator is the same owner as scarlet-clicks. Gptplanet is a PTC website that has come to stay because it is a paying PTC website. Description is a PTC website that has been running for almost six years. The website is running on evolution script and it is owned by the owner of The owner of the website is Dimitrios Kornelatos. They have a rented referral program with expensive membership upgrade. Members must click at least 4 ads each day to be able to earn from their referrals the day after. There is a game called GPTGrid which members can play daily, if you win, you will get your account credited directly to your account balance. Free membership comes with 20 chances per day. The earnings will be cleared if account is not active for the past 60 days.

What I like about

  • Paying since 2010: com is paying according to their terms of payment. The payment gets to you within 7 days of ask.
  • The website has been up and running for long time: The website is paying for over 6 years now and that is the hallmark of a good PTC website. The website has passed the test of time. Gptplanet is a well-managed website; it is unlike some PTC websites that will pay for a few year and stop paying.
  • Good affiliate program: You can refer as many as direct referrals as you can. This is a good opportunity to build a big downline which can help you earn a lot of money from the site.
  • No country is restricted: There are no restrictions.People from all the countries of the world can join GPT Planet and earn money. You also don’t need to upgrade your membership before you can earn.
  • Minimum payout is low: You can withdraw your earnings as soon as you reach just $1 for your first payout, you must however have $2 in your account balance to receive the second payout.
  • There is an active forum: They have a forum where members can discuss, ask questions and upcoming members can get ideas of how the site works.

What I don’t like about them

  • Slow earning: If you are free member, you can’t earn much like the members that are paid. Most of the ads available for free members are between $0.001 and $0.002 per click.
  • Relative few Members: Compared to other ptc websites, GPT planet has very few members. (only 196000). For 6 year that is online it should have at least 500 000. If the administrator is not able to get new members to join to his website, then he is not going to last long enough.
  • Multiple Upgrade Levels: The website offers multiple upgrade levels which is something I don’t like. To get the full advantages of GPT PLanet’s program you have to spent $300 per year on upgrades.
  • Rented Referrals: The website is renting referrals. Everyone knows that Rented Referrals are bots aimed to suck money from new members to pay the rented referrals of upgraded members.

Conclusion is a good PTC website. After all I am listing it on my best ptc sites article and to any other article that I suggest trusted ptc websites. I believe they can do many things to improve their website and strengthen their place within the ptc community.

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