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If you are thinking on joining Clixsense – but you are not sure about it – then my honest Clixsense Review below, will solve any questions that you might have and it will help you take a decision on joining or not.

Note, this is probably the most thorough review on Clixsense that you are going to ever read.

I have spent over 30 hours writing this review, trying to cover everything in a well formatted and understandable way.

I warn you though.. This post is a MEGA POST ! ( It is over 3900 words actually). That means that there’s a lot of reading here..

I like to be as honest and transparent to my reviews as much as it gets. I will not create unnecessary hype or try to ”push” you to join Clixsense. Instead I will point the Pros and Cons and I will share with you my own genuine opinion.

 Again, because this review is huuuuuuge, you can click on any of the links on the table of contents to automatically scroll to the point that you would like to read without leaving this page.  


I have dealt with the ptc industry for almost 3 years now and I can say with confidence that I have tried and tested almost every ptc website that is out there.

Of course after joining and dropping over 50 (YES, Over 50) ptc websites, I have finally settled down to just one.


The reason?

  • Because I was sick and tired joining ptc websites that last – only – 3 to 12 months.
  • Because I was disgusted by the fact that almost all ptc admins are looking for quick profits and then abandon their projects and their users.
  • Because I was mad with the renting referrals scam that every ptc administrator is promoting on their websites.
  • Because I had finally found a ptc website that had the fond to last forever (and it did and still does), bringing me profits for years to come.
  • Because I saw a ptc website that it is continuously updating its interface and its features.
  • and finally.. Because I had realized that Clixsense admins are Honest people.

Again, I am not going to try to create hype for Clixsense in this review. I will just present its features – on my perspective – in a well structured way, to help you take an easier decision on whether to join or not.

About Clixsense

Clixsense is a PTC website. PTC stands for Paid To Click and it a business model that allows users to get paid to watch advertisements. Clixsense was founded on February 2007 – 7 years ago. It is among the oldest ptc websites that are still running and growing day by day.

[Update 29/1/2017] Currently Clixsense has over 7 000 000 active members and it has payed them – until now – over $23 000 000.

Currently (as of the day I am writing this review) Clixsense has over 3 900 000 active members (Yeap, almost 4 million) and it has payed them – until now – over $7 000 000.

clixsense review: Screenshot of the amount of active members clixsense currently has.

Screenshot taken from Clixsense’s homepage on 29th of May 2015

Clixsense’s administrators according to Wikipedia and is Steve Girsky and Jim Grago.

The company’s office – according to – is located on:

  • Street: 734 W. LIBERTY ST
  • City: ROME
  • State/Province: NY
  • Postal Code: 13440
  • Country: US
  • Phone: +1.3153370162

The fact that the administrators have their names and their contact details available on the internet shows (at least to me) that these guys are not here to scam anyone.

You can call them at any moment or visit their office (if you are from New York) at any time you want.

TIP: Always do your research on Google and on before you join a ptc website. If they don’t have their names and contact details available to the public, that means that the ptc website you are thinking to join will more likely be a scam site.

Methods of Earning Money With Clixsense

There are total 6 methods to earn money with Clixsense.

Let’s check them one by one.

1. Get Paid To Click on Advertisements

Ok, so this is no brainer, right?

I mean what else could you do with a ptc website other than watching advertisements for money.
Clixsense – like all other ptc websites out there – allows you to get paid to click on advertisements and watching them for a certain amount of time.

Clixsense - get paid to click on advertisements
Clixsense’s view ads page.

Clixsense has 4 different advertising formats available for you to earn. Whether you are a premium or a normal member you earn the same by clicking on each advertisement.

Premium Members tend to get a lot more advertisements every day to watch because Clixsense offers to its advertisers the opportunity to promote their content only on Premium members.

Advertisers love this feature because they can promote their services to people who are proven buyers, know how to use a credit card online and who are not afraid to spend money online.

Here is a table with the money you will get paid for watching ads.

5 seconds $0.001
15 seconds $0.005
30 seconds $0.01
60 seconds $0.02
TIP: If you are from the US, Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland or Germany You will receive even more advertisements to click on (sometimes up to 20 more ads) because Clixsense allows its advertisers to geo-target their advertisements to a specific country. Marketers tend to prefer those countries I’ve mentioned above due to their high income level.

2. Get Paid To Click on The Clixgrid

The Clixgrid is a game where you can earn up to $10 if you are lucky enough. It is basically an image divided into small boxes (30 X 20) and each time you click on a box, an advertisement appears.

You have to watch the advertisement for 10 seconds (5 seconds for premium members) and see if you won a prize.

Players are eligible to earn $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5,00 and $10,00

Normal Members have 30 chances per day while Premium members have 60 chances per day.
Clixgrid image screenshot
Screenshot from the Clixgrid Page.

Note that the red box shows players who have won a prize today.

If you hover your mouse over these columns in the Clixgrid page the columns will expand revealing even more people who have earned a prize today.

You might click for several days without winning a prize though.

Again, I am not here to create hype for Clixsense.

It’s just that you have the opportunity to win an extra prize. Why not take advantage of it. The only thing that you are going to lose is another 10 minutes from your day.

I suggest you check Clixsense’s forum as well – where Clixgid players upload screenshots of their earnings. Click Here To Visit The Forum

TIP: Some users state that if you click the boxes all close together you are increasing your chances to win.

3. Get Paid To Complete Tasks

Another method to earn money with Clixsense is to complete tasks.

Tasks are like massive mini jobs that need people to do them. Each Task You Complete you can earn from $0.01 up to $0.14 per task.

Here is a screenshot from the tasks page on Clixsense
Clixsense Task Page Screenshot

Completing tasks can be very profitable since there are people who earn up to $20 per day by completing them.

In the screenshot below we see the top task workers. In the left column The Top Tasker for today completed 566 tasks in one day. If we assume that he earned $0.03 for each task he completed – then his earnings for today are $16.98 ** WOW ** :0

Clixsense task workers screenshot

Of course to complete 566 tasks that user was probably sitting in front of his computer for 6 – 8 hours.

It is not an easy thing to do, but if you are willing to do it, then you will be earning $10, $15 even $20 per day.

TIP: Once you find your first available task do not leave your computer until you complete at least 100. The first 100 are called test tasks (which you will get paid for of course) and they ”unlock the ”doors” for huge amounts of tasks. Until you complete your first 100 tasks you might not get available tasks every day.

4. Get paid to Complete offers

Clixsense offers you the chance to earn even more money by completing special offers.
These offers are divided into Free Offers and Paid Offers.

  • Free Offers requires you to install an application on your smartphone or sign up for free to a page or play a game for an hour. You win from $0.01 – $0.02 per Free offer completed.
  • Paid Offers requires you to make a purchase of something, like an antivirus program or buy something from an online jewelry or even download paid applications from your smartphone. You win from $5 – $15 depending on the amount of the purchase.

Matomy offers page on Clixsense

For example: Let’s suppose that your girlfriend (or you mother) is having her birthday in 2 weeks. You are thinking on getting her a nice necklace. Instead of buying the necklace from somewhere else, get it from the offers page on Clixsense. You will pay for the necklace $45 and you will earn 1500 clixsents (1 clixcent = $0.01) It’s like you are getting a 33.33% discount in the form of Cash-back.

5. Get paid to Complete Surveys

Clixsense offers you the possibility to make money by completing surveys too.

That’s right, You tell your opinion and you get paid for it.

The drawback of this money earning method is that surveys appear only to people who are again from TOP Tier countries such as United States,United Kingdom,Australia,Canada, Ireland, Germany etc..

I am from Cyprus and I never been able to complete a survey in 3 years. It seems that companies do not target my region.

I suggest you complete your account on Clixsense Surveys though by clicking on the link that I show you in the screenshot.
Clixsense Paid Surveys Link Screenshot

You never know when an extra amount of cash – in the form of a survey – will knock your door.

6. Collect The Daily Bonus

Clixsense rewards active users by giving them daily bonuses if they do certain things every day.
Clixsense Review checklist bonus

For example if you :

  • Click on at least 6 advertisements
  • Click play at least 20 times on the Clixgrid
  • Complete at least 10 tasks or 2 offers
  • Visit the forum at least one time

You will be eligible for your bonus.

Premium members earn 12% extra on the money they have earned and Normal members 5%

For example if I earn in a day $2 my daily checklist bonus will be $0.24 extra because I am a premium member. If I was a normal member I would have earned $0.10

That’s a nice incentive, isn’t?

Now if you visit Clixsense through the Clixaddon (Its the next thing I am going to talk about) and if you get your daily bonus for 3 days in a row, then you earn an extra 4% to your daily income for premium members and an extra 2% for normal members.

The Clixaddon

Clixsense clixaddon screenshotClixsense offers its users the chance to download and install on their browsers an addon called the Clixaddon.

The Clixaddon updates you automatically while you surf on the internet when ads, tasks or offers are available.

This allows you to never miss an advertisement or task hence,making even more money with this get paid to click website.

Also, you don’t have to visit the ptc website all the time to check about new available ads or tasks saving you valuable time.


Premium Membership on Clixsense

Clixsense Premium Membership Program is one of the best out there – based on my experience – and one of the cheapest.

It costs you only $17 per year to upgrade to Premium, while other ptc website charge $45 – $90.

On most ptc websites you need to buy up to 5 upgrading plans costing you – literally – hundreds of dollars to get the maximum benefits they have to offer you.

Here is a table with The Most Important Benefits Premium Membership has to offer:

You can click here if you want to see the full list of benefits.

Guaranteed DAily Ads 1 4
ClixGrid Chances 30 60
ClixGrid Timer 10 5
Minimum Cashout $8 $6
Tasks & Offers Referral Commissions 5% per completed task/offer 10% per completed task/offer
Daily Check List Bonus 5% 12%
Referral Commissions Up to Level 1 Up to 8 Levels Deep

As you can see Premium membership on Clixsense can increase your earnings exponentially compared with the standard membership.

The best part is that is has only one upgrade level and it costs only $17 – which makes the Premium Membership affordable for everyone.

TIP: If you are not willing to refer other people on Clixsense (in order to increase your income even more) then, there is no need for you to upgrade your account. You can still make a good income with Clixsense just by completing tasks, offers and surveys.

Clixsense Affiliate Program

ClixSense offers one of tMake Money With Clixsense Affiliate Programhe most lucrative affiliate programs online.

By referring other people through your affiliate link, you get commissions when your direct referrals:

  • Click on PTC Ads,
  • Purchase advertising,
  • Complete simple tasks and offers,
  • and when they or their referrals upgrade to Premium through 8 levels!

You can refer as many people as you want in Clixsense. 1000 or 10 000 people it doesn’t matter with Clixsense.

The possibilities with this ptc website are endless.

Lets check each method you are able to earn from your referrals one by one:

1. Ptc Ad Clicks

Each time your direct referrals click on PTC (Paid-to-Click) Advertisement you get paid ! There are 4 different ad types, each offering a different commission always depending whether you are a Standard or a Premium Member.

2. Referral Signups

For each person you refer that earns a total of at least $5 or $10 (depending on your membership status) you will earn a generous sign up commission as follows:

  • $0.50 for each of your referrals who earn $10 (If you have a Standard Membership)
  • $1.00 for each of your referrals who earn $5 (If you have a Premium Membership)

3. Offers & Tasks

Whenever Your Referrals complete tasks or offers you will earn 5% from each task/offer if you have a standard membership and 10% from each task/offer if you have a Premium Membership.

4. Advertising Sales

Earn even more when your referrals purchase Ad Credits or ClixGrid links. For example if you are a Premium member and one of your referrals buys a ClixGrid link you immediately earn $2.00 for doing … nothing!

Note: Premium members can earn unlimited money from their referrals advertising purchases while Standard Members can earn up to $100 from every referral.

5. Premium Membership Upgrades

This is where the true power of the ClixSense affiliate program comes into play.

Whenever your direct referrals upgrade, you’re instantly paid $2.00! If you are a Premium member and if your referrals refer others who also upgrade you are instantly paid $1.00 for each upgrade through 8 levels!

With 8 levels deep there’s no limit on how much you can earn from your referrals, although you’ll have to upgrade yourself to take full advantage of this because Standard members earn only from their direct referrals.

With multiple streams of income your earnings potential is unlimited. Commissions for Premium members are substantially higher than Standard members you saw on the table above.Visit The Affiliate Program Page

The No Renting Referrals Policy.

Renting Referrals Scam robot.jpgOne of the things I love in Clixsene is the fact that – although it is such an enormous ptc website – they don’t have the renting referrals option on their website that every other ptc website has.

After many research (and loss of money renting referrals on other ptc websites) I realized that the Renting Referrals option – that almost all ptc websites have – is a BIG FAT SCAM !

Yes it is !

Those referrals that you rent, they are NOT Real People.

These are bots, programmed to ”click’ on a certain tempo earning you – almost every time – $1 to $2 less, than the money you’ve spent to rent them.

If you don’t believe me, just check out this website and you will understand.

How Much Money Can You Earn With Clixsense?

There are people on Clixsense who earn up to $24 per day ! If you visit the success stories section, on the Clixsense Forum, you can read about people who are posting their daily earnings and their payment proofs.

Here are some of the most recent posts.

This user made  $24 in a day  by completing 59 tasks. At the right hand corner under its profile image, you can see that this user is a real task/offer maniac ! (WOW! 5132 tasks & offers combined) Read This Post On The Forum
Clixsense Success Story 3

This user earned  $15.14  in a day. She even wrote how she earned them analytically. Read This Post On The Forum
Clixsense Success Stories 2

This user earned  $1000 in one year  (WOW) with Clixsense. You can understand that he is telling the truth, by Checking his auto-generated stats on the right of the screenshot, under his photo. These stats are auto-generated from Clixsense. Read The Post On The Forum.
Clixsense Success Stories

You can too earn that kind of money on Clixsense. It depends how focused and determined to work to make that kind of money.

On the table below you will see about how much money you can make with Clixsense every month.

Note that the numbers presented are based on average values. In plain language.. You can earn more or you can earn less. It all depends on how much you are willing to work.

Standard Member Click only on ads+ClixGrid $0.60 – $1.00 per month
Premium Member Click only on ads+ClixGrid $1.80 – $3.00 per month
Premium Member Click on ads+Play Clixgrid+300 tasks/offers $10 – $20 per month
Premium Member Click on ads+Play Clixgrid+1000 tasks/offers $30-$50 per month
Standard Member Click on ads+Play Clixgrid+Complete 1000 tasks/offers+100 active referrals $125 – $200 per month
Premium Member Click on ads+Play Clixgrid+Complete 1000 tasks/offers+100 active referrals $250 – $400 per month

As you can see, the more you are willing to work with Clixsense, the bigger your income will be at the end of every month.

Payment Methods

You can ask payments through PAYPAL, PAYTOO, PAYZA, NETELLER and PAYONEER as well as by check or bank transfer.

I suggest using the electronic methods because they are faster and easier to complete, rather than the check method.

Standard members can ask for a payment after they reach $8 while Premium Members can ask for a payment after they reach $6.(I have to admit that this is something that I didn’t like at the beginning)

Electronic cashouts are processed 2 times a week, on Monday and Friday afternoon, before 5 PM EST.

Until know, Clixsense has never missed a payment – at least on me. You can check my payment proofs page here.

Advertising On Clixsense

If you are looking for some cheap advertising for your marketing needs then Clixsense’s advertising system is one of the best in the PTC industry.

Basically You can advertise on Clixsense using 2 methods.

I will not get into much detail on Clixsense advertising system in this Review. I will point some of it’s best features though..

Clixsense’s Advertising Program has some cool features that other ptc websites don’t have, making

Clixsense the best choice for cheap ptc advertising.

Let’s see in brief some of them.

1. [Update 29.01.2017] Over 7 200 000 Active members

They have 3 902 000 active members. 

Clixsense deletes inactive members accounts leaving only the ones who have clicked at least once in 3 month time period.

That way you can be sure that your advertisements will be seen by the number of users Clixsense actually says that it has.

Here is an excerpt from Clixsense’s User agreement policy page.

Inactivity – If your account should go to inactive status (90 days with no logins), ClixSense will consider the account abandoned and closes it. All funds in the account will be forfeited and the balance zeroed. If you reopen this account the balance that was reclaimed will not be credited back.The Clixsense Staff

Most ptc websites lie to advertisers by telling them that they have – for example – 100 000 users while only 10 000 of them might be active.

2. Advertisements timer stops.

Yes ! This is by far one of the best features Clixsense has. Most ptc users watch advertisements from 5 -6 ptc websites at the same time, simply because even if they switch to another page, the timer will still continue to run and they will still get credited – without actually watching the advertisement.

Not with Clixsense.

Clixsense’s timer will stop immediately when the user leaves the page, forcing the user to watch the advertisement to the end.

You paid for 30 second advertisements, then your ad will be seen for 30 whole seconds.

TIP: Did you know that the timer starts counting only after the website is fully loaded or 10 seconds after opening the website (timeout), whichever comes first.

3. Many Targeting features

Clixsense allows advertisers to target their advertisements based on:

  • Gender (male of female)
  • Premium or Standard Status
  • Country

By targeting your advertisements to the right people you increase your chances to increase your conversion rates and make even more money from your products sales.

TIP: My favorite combination is to target Premium Members from USA, Canada, Australia, UK & Ireland with 15 second advertisements. As for the gender, it all depends by the product you are promoting.

4. Incredibly Cheap Advertising

You can buy dirty cheap quality traffic from Clixsense.

For example, you can buy a link on the Clixgrid for 3 months for only $100. It’s like paying only $0.55 per day.

You’ll get around 100 licks per day. That means that your cost per click ( CPC) will be $0.0055 per click.

That’s Half a penny.

Also, did you know that you can start an advertising campaign with only $1.10? Don’t believe me? Check it by your self.

TIP: If you wish your banner to appear on Clixsense, you can do so by visiting – an advertising network – and target your ads only on Clixsense.

Summary of Pros & Cons

In brief lets see one more time the Pros and Cons the Clixsense PTC Website has. As I said to you at the beginning of this post, my goal is to not ”push” you to join Clixsense rather to present all its features with honesty.

So, I present you the Pros and The Cons Section of Clixsense.


  • Online and paying for 7 years now.
  • Over 3 900 000 7 000 000+ ACTIVE members.
  • Admins are not hiding from the public.
  • Multiple Methods To Earn Money.
  • Promotes activeness through the daily bonus.
  • It has the Clixaddon browser plugin.
  • Cheapest Upgrade Membership. Only $17 per year.
  • Only 1 Upgrade Level available with all inclusive.
  • No limits to the number of direct referrals.
  • No need to be active to earn from your referrals activity.
  • Earn from your referrals 8 levels deep.
  • No Fake Renting Referral System.
  • Ability to Earn Up to $26 per day.
  • Many targeting Options to its advertisers.
  • Offers very cheap advertising.
  • Users are required to watch the advertisement to the end to get paid.


  • No instant payments.
  • High Payment Threshold.
  • No direct banner advertising feature available.
  • Some people never get to complete surveys.
  • Difficult at the beginning to complete tasks due to unavailability.

It seems that the Pros are a bit more that the Cons .. 😉


Clixsense Review Tutorial Video

So, this is the end of the my Clixsense review. I hope I covered every question that you might had about this ptc website. In my opinion Clixsense is one of the best ptc websites out there – if not the best.

Now it’s your turn to decide whether you will join Clixsense or not.

If you believe this is a great article, then please help me spread the word by sharing it.

Also, rate this ptc by clicking on the stars below:

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    • 22/09/2014 at 6:45 pm

      You can earn a lot more money with Clixsense® if you are willing to work hard with it.

      I suggest you read this article from my blog as well, as it shows the earning possibilities Clixsense® has when completing online tasks for money.

      There are people who earn $20 – $80 per day by completing online tasks.

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    Although the website is great but I hate the Clixgrid feature.I have clicked more than 1000 times but the only thing I have won is 5 Extra Chances.Does it really woks or not?

    • 12/09/2015 at 6:38 pm

      I know that you may click alot and win little. But that’s how gambling is. There are people who earn $5 & $10 every day.

      On Clixgrid you gamble your time and clicks with earnings.

      To be honest I click on Clixgrid only 20 times per day, just to be eligible for the checklist bonus. I also advertise on Clixgrid and I see GREAT Results !

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    I am a standard member , i dont know about upgreate another .

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    I’ve been a member there for years now and I’ve made great profits from it and tried the advertising too. Now, I am making about 100$ per month spending only 2 minutes a day. And that is great deal for me 🙂

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    I’ve been with ClixSense over 4 years and I’m making great money and haven’t had any complaints at all. great post, thanks for sharing.

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      Hi Clifford,

      I haven’t because Clixsense Games is not a feature that can make you money or grow your income. But, in order to have a full review, I guess I will have to mention it somewhere.

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