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One of the best websites to watch advertisements and get paid is BuxP. I have joined BuxP three years ago and although I am not actively promoting it, I feel confident in recommending it to other paid to click users who wish to expand their ptc portfolio.

In this article I will walk you through of all its important features as well as the things I like about this website and the things I don’t like with absolute transparency.

About BuxP

most trusted ptc sitesBuxP is a ptc website that has been online since  2008. The fact that it is online for almost 8 years is a sign that the administrators are doing a good job on having a steady stream of new members and advertisers.

A PTC website in order to be able to withstand the pass of time, needs to have a steady stream of new members and steady stream of advertising money.

The administrators of BuxP is called Max Cartner and he has been paying his members ever since on time, every time. The website currently has over about 500 000 members with about 500+ new members joining daily.

BuxP offers many ways of earning money with them and offers services for advertisers and marketers that other ptc websites don’t offer such as YouTube and Vimeo views, comments, Facebook likes twitter followers etc. This allows to the website to have more income streams and more money making methods for its members.

What I like about BuxP

  • I love the fact that BuxP has been online since 2008. Again this factor alone should make you feel safe to invest money and time to this ptc, because you know that they have a proven method to run their business and they are not going to ”shut their doors” after few months.
  • BuxP has many ways to earn money with even more advertisements, tasks and offers to complete. By completing all the available ads,tasks,offers you can make between $0.50 – $1.50 per day which is the highest revenue you can make without referrals in any ptc website.

Some of the methods are:

  1. Watching ads: 200+ per day, depending on your membership and your country.
  2. Liking and commenting on YouTube/ Vimeo videos: 150+ per day, depending on your membership level and country you live.
  3. Watching Videos: 20+ per day, depending on your membership level and country you live.
  4. Completing Online Tasks: 30+ tasks per day, depending on your membership and country.
  5. Completing Offers: 30+ offers per day, depending on your membership and country

By completing all the available ads,tasks,offers you can make between $0.50 – $1.50 per day

  • BuxP offers a traffic exchange service as well. Traffic exchange websites allow you to browse websites for credits. When you gather many credits you can promote other websites you are affiliated with. This allow you to stay in a single platform to earn money and promote other websites for free.
  • BuxP uses PayPal and Payza as their payment processor which are the two most well-known payment processor and the most trusted ones. PayPal for example stated earlier this year that it will not contact business with websites that are not trusted. The fact that BuxP has PayPal as a payment processor shows that the guys behind PayPal think that BuxP is trusted.
  • I also like the fact that BuxP offers promotional services to online marketers that other ptc websites don’t offer such as Facebook likes, twitter followers etc. Paid to click websites that rely in only one reveue stream (revenue from advertisement clicks) often don’t last for too long.
  • Another cool feature is their Browser toolbar. Similar to Clixsense’s and neobux’s browser plugins, their toolbar notifies you for available ads, offers and tasks to complete. By installing it you can increase your revenue because you will never miss a single ad,task, offer.
  • BuxP offers a referral program that is one of the best among the ptc community. Some of the reasons are:
  1. They allow you to have as many direct referrals as you want without any limitations.
  2. You can earn from the activity of your referrals without you being active.
  3. Also, you can buy direct referrals from them which stay yours for life time (NOT Rented Referrals)
  4. Premium members can replace their bought referrals if they are not active for free. How cool is that?
  • Finally I love that they have only one upgrade level. I hate websites that have many upgrade levels and in order for you to achieve the maximum results with them you have to spend thousands yearly on membership upgrades. With BuxP you upgrade once per year and you are done.Upgrade cost only $49.99 and you get 5 direct referrals as a gift which you can replace if they are not active. Read more about buxp’s upgrade plan here.

What I don’t like About BuxP

  • There’s something I don’t like about their cash out policy.  First of all, cash out are made when you reach $6.99. That’s not bad. Actually it’s good. What I don’t like though, is that the first time you are going to request a cash out you have to wait for 30 days. That’s very frustrating for new members who wish to cash out at least once to see if things are Ok. Of course after the first cashout payments are instant which is a good thing.
  • Another thing I don’t like about their payment policy is that you need to watch at least 150 advertisements between cash outs in order to be able to request a new cash out. Although this is not completely bad, this is something I don’t like.


I consider BuxP to be an exceptional paid to click website and it is among the best ptc websites and the most trusted websites in the world. I always recommend it to new users if they are serious on building a good income stream from ptc websites.

Although it has two points that I really hate, its pros are much more.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my BuxP review and i hope it helped you decide whether joining it or not. I would appreciate if you share this review with the ptc community and help get the word out on such a fine ptc.

Click Here to Join BuxP

BuxP Review : Should You Join BuxP?
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