8 Best Animoto Alternatives (Free & Paid)

Did you know that over 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? This staggering statistic highlights the yuge competition in the video content arena.

Anyways, you’re probably here because you’re looking for a tool that will help you making YouTube videos for money or videos for your business in general. Many face the challenge of finding an easy-to-use, yet powerful video creation tools that doesn’t break the bank.

If you tried Animoto but it hasn’t fully met your needs, I’ve gathered the top 10 alternatives to Animoto – in my opinion – hoping that will provide you with options that may better align with your video creation goals.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a clearer understanding of which tool could help take your video projects to the next level.

In case you landed in this post without looking for an alternative to Animoto, here’s a short explanation of what Animoto is.

What is Animoto?

Animoto homepage
– Animoto’s homepage

Animoto is a cool online tool that lets you make awesome videos without needing to be some kind of computer wizard.

So, imagine you’ve got a bunch of photos or little videos lying around from your last birthday bash or that epic road trip with friends. Animoto helps you turn all that into a super cool video that looks like a pro made it.

No more pulling your hair out trying to figure out complicated programs.

Here’s how it works: you just upload all your pictures and clips to Animoto. Then, you can drag them around, put them in different templates that look really good, and add some words or tweak the images to make them pop.

They’ve also got this huge collection of music and stock video and images you can use to make your video even better.

When you’re all done, sharing your video is super easy. You just send a link to your buddies or post it online, and boom, everyone can see your masterpiece.

Whether you’re trying to get more people interested in your small business or just want to share some fun memories, Animoto’s got your back.

They’ve got different plans too, so you can find one that fits what you need and how much you want to spend. The best part is that they have a free forever plan (with restrictions of course), that you can use without pulling cash from your pocket.

What to look for in a Animoto Alternative?

But, while Animoto is a cool way to make videos that look like a pro did them, sometimes you need something different that fits what you’re trying to do better.

  • Artificial Intelligence: When you’re checking out other options, think about picking one that uses AI to help make videos. Artificial Intelligence can help you get your work done faster and easier, letting you churn more content in less time.
  • Ai Voiceovers: Also, having AI voiceovers that sound like real people can really make your projects sound cool and professional, making sure everyone gets what you’re saying in a fun way – even if English in not your native language.
  • Templates: Try to find Animoto alternatives that have lots of templates ready to go. These templates can help kick-start your ideas, so you can make great videos without too much sweat.
  • Access to free stock footage: Having access to a big stash of free sounds, music, videos, and pictures is super helpful too. It means you can play around and find just the right stuff for your video.
  • Easy to use: And definitely, look for something that’s easy to use. You don’t want to get all frustrated with tricky menus. A simple and friendly platform lets you spend more time on the fun part: being creative.

Best Animoto Alternatives

Here’s a quick look at some of the best Animoto alternatives that offer unique features and capabilities. Clicking on one of the alternatives name, will take you to the software’s mini review.

AlternativeKey Feature
PictoryBest For it’s AI-driven video creation
InVideoBest for its extensive template library
DescriptBest for Editing Videos via text
SynthesiaBest For Its Human Like AI Avatars
ViddyozeBest for it’s Awesome Motion Graphics
Promo.comBest For Social Media Videos
WeVideoBest for teachers & Educators
BiteableBest for Ease of Use.

1. Pictory – Best Animoto Alternative

Pictory homepage
– Screenshot from Pictory’s homepage

Looking for something different than Animoto to make your videos? Let me tell you about Pictory. It’s like having a magic wand for video making.

With Pictory, you don’t need to be a tech wizard. It’s all about making video creation easy and fun, especially with its AI magic that does the hard work for you.

Imagine turning a long video, a script, or even a blog post into an engaging video without needing to be in front of the camera.

Yes, that’s right – you can stay behind the scenes and still create awesome videos.

Pictory is packed with over 3 million videos, images, and music tracks that you can use for free. So, you’ll always find something perfect for your video.

And the best part? It’s super user-friendly. Even if you’re not good with technology or if you’re too shy to be on camera, Pictory has got your back. You can make videos that grab attention and get your message across without any stress.

Pictory Vs Animoto

  • Pictory, an AI-powered video editing tool, excels in creating videos quickly with a simple dashboard, 40+ customizable templates, and a vast stock library.
  • It’s AI voiceovers can add natural sounding voices to the mix.
  • It automatically, adds captions, creates scenes and picks visuals for you.
  • You can create a video from any post you find on the internet.
  • Prices start at $19 per month.
  • On the other hand, Animoto, ideal for media houses, offers features like a music library, online video editor, and templates. It’s priced at $8 per month.

Both tools have their strengths and cater to different user needs but, I personally would choose Pictory over Animoto due to the speed of creation it offers.

Full Pictory Review | Pictory discount code

2. InVideo

InVideo Homepage
– Screenshot from InVideo’s homepage

So, after checking out Pictory, why not give InVideo a try? It’s another awesome option if you’re into making videos but find traditional methods a bit too complex.

InVideo is this cool online spot that makes creating videos super easy for everyone, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for a while.

They’ve got a bunch of templates ready to go, a straightforward interface, and this neat feature that turns text into video. Pretty handy, right?

Whether you’re trying to promote your business, share some knowledge, run a small shop, teach a class, or just want to make fun videos for the heck of it, InVideo has something for you.

It’s packed with features that make the whole video-making process a breeze. You won’t have to scratch your head figuring things out, which means more time to get creative and tell your story in your own style.

InVideo Vs Animoto

  • InVideo, priced at $25 per month, offers advanced editing capabilities, 4K+ templates, and a 9M+ premium media library. 
  • It’s easier to use than Animoto, and is preferred for business needs. 
  • However, its templates may not always meet user expectations. 
  • Animoto, priced at $15 per month, is user-friendly and offers a variety of templates. 
  • It’s ideal for video marketing teams, social media managers, and more.

Both tools cater to different user needs and offer unique strengths, but I prefer InVideo due to it’s AI features it offers. It might be more expensive, but, it is well worth it.

Full InVideo Review

3. Descript

Descript's Homepage
– Descript’s Homepage

Let’s talk about Descript, shall we? It’s pretty much a lifesaver for anyone making videos or podcasts and looking for an easy way to edit their stuff.

Imagine being able to edit your video or podcast just like you’re fixing up a text document. Sounds cool, right?

That’s what Descript does. You can quickly transcribe your videos, cut out all those annoying ‘umms’ and ‘ahhs’ without breaking a sweat, and even do some deep dives into your content with all the fancy tools it has.

If you’re all about making your content creation life a breeze, Descript’s got you covered. Its setup is super user-friendly, meaning you don’t have to scratch your head over complex steps.

And let’s talk about the price – there’s a free version (yep, you read that right), and if you decide to throw some cash their way for the extra perks, picking an annual plan can save you some bucks.

Descript Vs Animoto

  • Descript and Animoto are both highly rated for user experience. 
  • Descript, known for its audio/video editing and transcription features, is appreciated for its ease of use and support. 
  • Animoto, is praised for its user-friendly interface and music library. 
  • In terms of pricing, both offer different tiers of service. 
  • Although Descript has a higher overall rating, but some users have reported issues with updates and functionality. 
  • Animoto users have expressed concerns about the number of templates and the free version. 
  • Both tools are used by small to medium businesses.

Full Descript Review

4. Synthesia – Best For Human Like Ai Avatars

Synthesia Screenshot
– Screenshot from Synthesia’s homepage

Synthesia started in 2017 and has this awesome way of turning what you write into speech using AI avatars.

Imagine being able to talk to your audience in over 120 languages. That means you can reach people all over the world without having to worry about language barriers.

If you’re into making videos, whether you’re a YouTuber, a marketer, or a teacher, you’re going to find Synthesia pretty handy.

They’ve got over 50 templates and a bunch of free stuff in their media library to help you make your videos just right.

And if you’re thinking about creating videos where it looks like an AI is the one talking or if you’re working on something educational, Synthesia makes it super simple to go from your script to a finished video.

Plus, it’s $29 a month, which seems like a good deal for getting to make videos that are high quality, easy to put together, and can speak to anyone, anywhere.

Synthesia Vs Animoto


Full Synthesia Review

5. Viddyoze

Viddyoze's homepage
– Viddyoze’s homepage

If you’re hunting for something different than Animoto, you’ve got to check out Viddyoze. It’s really cool and makes creating studio-level video animations way easier than you’d think.

Since kicking off in 2015, Viddyoze has just kept getting better. They’ve got this awesome feature called Live Action that mixes animation with actual footage, and their library?

It’s huge, with over 3000 video templates to pick from!

It’s not just about the tools, though. Viddyoze cares about what users like you and me think, and they’ve shaped everything to be super user-friendly.

You can make videos that really feel like they’re yours, fitting perfectly with what your brand’s all about. With Viddyoze, you pick what you want your video to do, grab one of their tried-and-true formulas, and bam – your content’s ready with just a click.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to make neat professional videos but doesn’t want to get bogged down in all the complicated stuff.

Viddyoze Vs Animoto

  • Viddyoze excels in providing professional, high-quality animations with a vast library of pre-built templates. 
  • It offers a robust platform at $47/month and uses AI to target specific markets. 
  • On the other hand, Animoto is known for its user-friendly interface and AI-powered tool for creating videos. 
  • It offers a range of pricing plans starting from $8/month and provides over 100 professional video templates.

Both platforms aim to enhance video marketing with AI, but their focus varies, with Viddyoze leaning towards animations and Animoto towards customizable video creation.

6. Promo.com

Promo.com homepage
– Promo.com homepage

Why not give your video marketing a huge boost with Promo.com, a top choice instead of Animoto?

It’s all about making video creation easy and giving you tons of options. Imagine being able to make cool, high-quality videos without all the stress.

With Promo.com, you get a lot more than just a way to make videos; you’re getting your hands on over 23 million premium HD clips and thousands of ads just right for what you need.

You don’t need to be an expert to create videos that grab people’s attention. The platform’s simple tools, like the collage maker and image resizer, make everything a breeze.

And with direct posting to social media, a media calendar to help you plan, and analytics to check out how you’re doing, you’re all set to make a big splash.

Promo.com Vs Animoto

  • Promo.com and Animoto are both popular video editing software. They are comparable in terms of features and ease of use. Promo.com has a slightly higher user rating of 4.33/5 stars, compared to Animoto’s 4.29/5 stars. The choice between the two often depends on specific user needs and preferences. It’s recommended to explore both platforms to determine which one best suits your requirements

7. WeVideo

weVideo Homepage screenshot
-WeVideo’s homepage

Oh, if you’re just getting your feet wet in the whole video making scene, or you’re on the lookout for something that’ll make the students go ‘Wow, I made that!’, WeVideo is your go-to.

Seriously, it’s like they’ve thought of everything to make video editing a walk in the park for newbies and young creators.

You’ve got these cool modes – Storyboard and Timeline – that make you feel like a pro without needing a degree in film editing.

And guess what? It’s all online and app-based, so you can jump from your phone to your laptop without skipping a beat.

They’ve got this thing called JumpStart technology, along with some nifty motion effects and screencasting features, that make the whole creative process super smooth and fun to do with others.

Whether you’re tackling a project on your own or getting the whole class involved, WeVideo’s got pricing plans that won’t make your wallet cry.

They’ve got you covered whether you’re a teacher looking out for your class or just doing your own thing.

So yeah, if you’re aiming to tell a story through video without getting tangled in complicated software, WeVideo’s the way to go.

WeVideo Vs Animoto

  • WeVideo and Animoto are both user-friendly video editing tools.
  • WeVideo offers a streamlined experience with features like automatic subtitle generation and real-time collaboration.
  • It has plans ranging from $4.99 to $36.99 per month.
  • On the other hand, Animoto is praised for its simplicity and AI-powered toolset. Apart from its free forever plan, it’s paid plans start from $8 to $39 per month.
  • Both platforms provide ready-made templates and extensive stock libraries.

Overall, both tools are robust and user-friendly, with WeVideo offering more collaboration features and Animoto focusing on simplicity and ease of use

Full WeVideo Review

8. Biteable

Biteable Homepage
– Biteable Homepage

If you’re thinking about making your own videos, Biteable is a super easy and friendly choice that still makes your videos look awesome. It’s made for anyone to use quickly, even if you’re not a tech whiz.

You get loads of cool animated, real-life, and photo scenes to play with, so you can make stuff that really fits what your audience likes. It’s not just simple to use; Biteable also helps your videos stand out online, making you look good.

Whether you’re just starting, a marketer with not much to spend, or a freelancer wanting to offer more, Biteable’s affordable plans are great. Jump in and have fun creating without spending a ton.

Biteable Vs Animoto

  • Biteable and Animoto are both user-friendly video editing tools. 
  • Biteable offers a vast collection of templates and over 800,000 real-life stock footage clips. However, Animoto provides a more comprehensive service with a larger library of free videos, images, and animated elements. 
  • In terms of pricing, Animoto starts at $16/month while Biteable starts at $99/month. Both offer free trials.

While Animoto has a slight edge in terms of features and affordability, Biteable’s extensive stock library and template collection make it a worthy alternative. The choice between the two would depend on specific user needs and budget.

Full Biteable Review

Other Animoto Alternatives

Stepping outside the Animoto zone, there are a bunch of other video editing tools that can match up to what you’re looking for, but couldn’t make it to my top list.

  1. Visme: Visme is a comprehensive visual creation platform that allows you to create animated videos for various industries and styles. It offers a vast library of free videos, images, and animated elements. However, it might lack some of the advanced editing features that Animoto provides.
  1. Filmora: Filmora is a user-friendly video editor that offers a range of features for creating and editing videos. It’s great for beginners but might not offer as many template options as Animoto.
  1. Adobe Premiere: Adobe Premiere is a professional video editing software used by many filmmakers and video creators. It offers a wide range of advanced features, but it has a steeper learning curve compared to Animoto.
  1. iMovie: iMovie is a video editing software application by Apple. It’s easy to use and offers a variety of features for creating videos. However, it’s only available for Apple devices, which limits its accessibility.
  1. Vyond: Vyond is a cloud-based platform for creating animated videos in various styles. It’s great for making explainer videos and animations, but it might not offer as many editing features as Animoto.
  1. Vimeo Create: Vimeo Create is a video creation tool by Vimeo. It offers customizable video templates and easy-to-use editing tools. However, it might not have as many features as Animoto.
  1. VirtualDub: VirtualDub is a free and open-source video capture and processing utility. It’s great for basic video editing and processing, but it might lack the advanced features and user-friendly interface of Animoto.
  1. Hitfilm Express: Hitfilm Express is a free video editing and visual effects software. It’s great for creating special effects, but it might be more complex to use than Animoto.
  1. VideoPad: VideoPad is a video editing application developed by NCH Software. It’s easy to use and offers a range of features for video creation. However, it might not offer as many template options as Animoto.
  1. PowToon: PowToon is a web-based service for creating animated presentations and explainer videos. It’s great for creating engaging content, but it might not offer as many editing features as Animoto.

Frequently Asked Questions

These alternatives often offer similar or enhanced security features, ensuring your information’s kept safe. It’s crucial to review their policies for peace of mind.

Yes, you can easily migrate your projects to some alternatives. They often provide tools or guides for a smooth transition. Check their support or FAQ sections for detailed instructions on how to proceed.

Some alternatives offer real-time editing, shared project libraries, and team management tools that enhance your creative freedom and productivity.

When comparing subscription tiers and extra features, you’ll find some options might save you money or offer more bang for your buck. It’s all about finding the right fit for you.

You’ll find varying levels of customer support and learning resources among these options. They offer tutorials, FAQ sections, and sometimes live chat or email support to help you transition smoothly from your current platform.

Final Words

So, these are the best Animoto alternatives out there – in my humble opinion. Whether you’re seeking more features, better pricing, or a different user experience, there’s an option tailored just for you.

Just, don’t settle for less when creating your videos; explore these alternatives to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Remember, the right tool can elevate your video content to new heights, so take your pick and start crafting those eye-catching videos today!

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