20% OFF Pictory Coupon Code: pavlos23 – 100% Working Evergreen Discount

If you are looking for a Pictory Coupon Code you’re in luck. I have partnered with Pictory AI and I managed to acquire a Pictory discount code for 20% OFF on your monthly subscription. Best part, this Pictory discount coupon is evergreen meaning it will be working in 2023, 2024 and more.

Keep reading to find out more about my unique Pictory Coupon Code and how to successfully redeem it.

Pictory Coupon Code (20% OFF)

  • Software Name: Pictory AI
  • Type: Text to Video Software
  • Coupon Code: pavlos23
  • Discount: 20% OFF for life.
  • Coupon Status: Active

What is Pictory?

Pictory AI is a text to video software that is taking the online world by storm. You’ll often listed to Tik Tok influencers talking about it in their best AI software you never heard of.

What Pictory basically does, it allows you to upload any text and it will transform it into a video with stunning visuals, captions and voice. Yes, even sound. Pictory has a text to speech embedded function that allows you to create an AI voiceover for your video.

Screenshot from my Pictory Dashboard.
Screenshot from my Pictory Dashboard.

Pictory does not stop there though..

Pictory allows you to insert the link of ANY article and transform it into a video. It will trim the text to the most important parts, add the visuals, create the captions and with the click of a button, you can create a voiceover.

Yes, its that simple.

Of course you can do any edits you want or even upload your own content – if you want to use it as a video editing software.

You can even edit the visuals Pictory suggests by simply searching from their vast library of free videos and images.

Personally, this software saved my hundreds of hours and allowed me to start my own YouTube channel and develop another income stream.

And if you are thinking about the pricing, don’t be afraid – it will not cost you thousands per month.. Not even in the hundreds. And, with my unique 20% OFF coupon code, you’ll be paying even less.

Here’s how much Pictory will cost you with and without using my Pictory coupon code.

  • Software Name: Pictory AI
  • Type: Text to Video Software
  • Coupon Code: pavlos23
  • Discount: 20% OFF for life.
  • Coupon Status: Active

Pictory Pricing

Here’s a handy table that will help you understand the pricing of Pictory.

Monthly Subscription$23/mo$47/mo
Monthly Subscription + Coupon (20% OFF)$18.40/mo$37.60/mo
Yearly Subscription$19/mo$39/mo
Yearly Subscription + Coupon (20% OFF)$15.20/mo$31.20/mo

From the above table it is evident that your best bet is to go with the yearly subscription of the STANDARD plan and use my 20% OFF Pictory discount code. Click here to visit Pictory’s pricing page and compare the featured between STANDARD and PREMIUM plans.

If you believe that PREMIUM plan’s features suits you best, then go ahead, purchase the Premium plan.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to pay a full year upfront, the monthly subscription plus my 20% OFF Pictory discount is not that bad either. For only $18.40 per month, you’ll get a powerful video AI software that will amaze you.

If you are ready to start, click here to visit Pictory.

How To Redeem Your Pictory Coupon Code

Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to redeem your Pictory coupon code.

  1. Click here to visit Pictory.ai
  2. Click on the Pricing tab on the main navigation menu.
  3. Choose the plan that suits you best by clicking on the FREE Trial button (Your first 3 videos are free to try the software).
  4. You will be redirected to the signup page to create your account.
  5. After your account is created, you can test the user interface and “play” with the software a little bit. You can then click on the UPGRADE button on the top of the page.
  6. On the next page, you can choose your desired plan once again.
  7. Click the Buy Now button
  8. In the next page, you’ll see a coupon code field on your right hand side. Add coupon code pavlos23 and hit the apply button.

🤩 Voila! Your 20% Discount is applied. You may finish your checkout.

Proof of my Pictory Discount Code works. You'll save 20% OFF any plan you choose.
Proof of my Pictory Discount Code works. You’ll save 20% OFF any plan you choose.

Pictory Benefits

I am sure you are aware of Pictory’s benefits. For the sake of this article though, let’s refresh the most important ones.

  • Text to video: Transforms links and text to high quality videos with captions and everything.
  • Text to speech technology: No more paying for voiceovers. With the click of a button, you get a female or a male voicover to your video.
  • Free Video Library: Free video Library with free stock videos to choose from and create your videos or editing your existing ones.
  • Not Expensive: You’ve seen the prices (above). Pictory is NOT expensive. ANYONE can get a subscription and start his/her own YouTube channel or Tik Tok channel.
  • Saves you time: With Pictory you can save an insane amount of video editing time.
  • User friendly Interface: It’s so easy to use, even my grandma could use it.
  • Make Money: With Pictory you can start selling video creation services – as a freelancer or start your own YouTube channel and earn money from YouTube’s creator program.

Bottom Line

You know the power of Pictory AI video software and how it can help you create a new income stream with YouTube. If you are ready to purchase use my exclusive Pictory Discount Coupon Code pavlos23 and save 20% OFF the plan of your choice.

  • Software Name: Pictory AI
  • Type: Text to Video Software
  • Coupon Code: pavlos23
  • Discount: 20% OFF for life.
  • Coupon Status: Active

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