The Neobux Renting Referrals Scam And What You Need To Know About

In this article, you’ll see undeniable proof on how paid to click users get scammed with renting referrals with a focus on the the “pioneer” of this system – Neobux.

You’ll learn how legit PTC websites earn their income, what the renting referrals should be and how I got scammed by Neobux Renting Referrals system.

I’ll even show you screenshots from companies that sell PTC scripts that have the renting referrals bot option as well as screenshots from people who got scammed as well..

So, let’s begin..

Before I start this article I want to point out that I am NOT against paid to click websites. It was the first method I used to make money online.

Now I use mostly affiliate marketing and blogging.

This is why I’ve built this website in the first place. To deliver useful and compelling content to the PTC community and secondly to promote one of the industry’s most trusted PTC website at the time – which doesn’t exist now. 🙄

People who decide to join a PTC website to get paid to watch ads, are often misled to believe that they can make Huuuuuge profits by renting referrals..

This is a big lie that is hurting the industry’s name.

Well, I am here to expose the Renting Referral Scam with proof that will leave you with your mouth open.

Just read the post to the end and I am sure you are going to change the way you are thinking about rented referrals once and for all.

How Legit PTC Websites Earn Their Income

Paid to click websites earn their income from a very simple process.

They sell website clicks to marketers who want to promote their websites.

As simple as that..

The marketers will pay for example $10 for 5000 clicks (which is dirty cheap compared to other online marketing methods) and the paid-to-click website will deliver those clicks to his website.

The clicks are actually made by the PTC user who earns $0.001 or more to visit the marketer’s website for a fixed duration of time.

For Example:

  • The marketer gets 5000 clicks to his website for only $10 (dirty cheap traffic). His real cost per click is less than a penny. ($10 / 5000 clicks = $0.002 per click)
  • The paid to click users earns $0.001 for viewing an advertisement for 3 -5 seconds.
  • The PTC website paid its users for their clicks (5000 clicks X $0.001 = $5 ) and it charged the marketer $10 leaving a $5 profit.
  • The Paid To Click Website earned $5.
paid to click rented referrals scam

Everyone is Happy.

A WIN, WIN, WIN Situation.

How The Renting Referral Concept Started

In order for the above plan to work and the PTC website to generate income, PTC website administrators have to do 2 things:

  1. Attract new and active users every day who are willing to click and view advertisements.
  2. Attract new marketers who are willing to spend money on advertising.

New users increase the “eye-balls” to the advertisers, and new marketers bring in the money.

Now, because there is too much competition in the PTC industry (every day, 20 – 50 new PTC websites are ”born”) most PTC websites are doomed to shut down their doors, due to the lack of funds from advertisers.

So, the “industry” had to think of other methods to generate income into their businesses.

And this is where the Renting Referrals concept was born..

They came up with the idea to rent referrals to their users in exchange for money, with the promise that they will be making more money at the end of the month – all on autopilot.

How Renting Referrals is Supposed To Work (and how it really works)

So the concept of renting referrals goes out like this..

  • There are thousands of people who are looking to make money online.
  • They found PTC websites that promise easy money. They join.
  • These people where not referred by anyone.
  • The PTC administrator, rents these “un-referred” users to users who are willing to pay.
  • There is no guarantee whether these “un-referred” users will be active or not and how much money you can make.
  • If you rent 100 rented referrals, maybe they will click and you’ll make back your money, more, or you’ll lose. It’s like a gable.

Now, how renting referrals really works…

You pay $20 for 100 rented referrals with the promise that those referrals will double or triple your money.

At least that is what most PTC websites that are renting referrals claim, say to the unsuspected user who wants to earn more money fake calculators that calculate their future income.

Here’s a screenshot from Neobux’s calculator that answers the question “How much [money] can I earn”..

paid to click neobux-calculator rented referrals scam

F****… that’s a a decent amount of money..

Well, I was one of these users and I ”bought” the whole story…

FYI, the calculator is removed as of updating this post..

How I Got Scammed By Neobux Renting Referrals.

At the beginning of my PTC journey, I joined Neobux – one of the most popular PTC websites in the PTC industry.

Everyone was talking about how they were earning thousands of dollars with their renting referrals system.

And the explanation for where the Rented Referrals came, was pretty simple actually.

Rented Referrals are people who joined the PTC website without someone referring to them. The PTC website chooses the active ones and rents them to its members.

The Neobux Renting Referrals Scam And What You Need To Know About

Sounds pretty logical and straightforward to me..

Anyway, I jumped right in as I was full of dreams of me making a ton of EASY money from the internet. I believed that these renting referrals were my vehicle to financial freedom.

So, I bought a pack of 100 referrals for one month worth $20.

Note that with their projections and their promises I was supposed to earn $60 at the end of the month.

My simplified version of my plan was to:

  • rent more referrals each month
  • earn more money from what I “invested”
  • rent more and more and more referrals until I earn thousands of dollars.

Yeah right..

At the end of the month, I earned $18.75 instead of $60.

” How was that possible?” I thought. ”I was supposed to earn $60.”

I went to the forums and some guys were talking about using the auto-renew and autopay features.

So I had to use the auto-renew and the autopay features to earn more.

”Ok, found the solution” I thought.

I bought another 100 pack of referrals for one month for another $20 and waited, this time with the auto-renew and autopay features turned on.

At the end of the month instead of me earning more than $20, I earned $17 and some cents.

What the hell?

I was frustrated. How the hell am I going to earn more money if every month I am losing $1 – $3.

I decided to buy one of the many neobux strategy guides that were selling online ta that time (that turned out to be nothing but scams) in order to understand how this business works and finally earn some money from my rented referrals.

For the third time, I rented another 100 refs pack and I implemented what the scammers were teaching in their guide..

Again, month after month, I was not able to make more than $20 whatever I was doing.

In total I bought 4 different neobux strategy guides and all of them were talking about the same bullshit the first one was talking about.

That time was when I decided to search about rented referrals on the web as I was sure that this was a scam.

PTC administrators are using this method to make more money from their PTC websites on the backs of unsuspected users whose dream is to make a ton of money online with minimal effort.

Proofs Of The Renting Referrals Scam

As I was searching the web, I stumbled upon many websites that were talking about the renting referrals scam system that almost every PTC website has installed.

  • Check what this user 👇 has to say about it on Quora.
The Neobux Renting Referrals Scam And What You Need To Know About
  • Or this user – again on Quora..
The Neobux Renting Referrals Scam And What You Need To Know About
  • Or what about this thread from a user who asked: “I want to know if renting referrals in probux [popular PTC program that does not exist now] is good or bad idea?”

Check the comments..

This user says that all rented referrals are bots..

The Neobux Renting Referrals Scam And What You Need To Know About

This user says that he is making money from Neobux’s rented referrals only to get an answer that says..

The Neobux Renting Referrals Scam And What You Need To Know About
  • Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia on that matter as well..

Even though advertisements are the most widely known method for PTC sites to stay alive, much of the profit can come from the direct sales of referrals or upgrade packages that are created by the owner of each PTC site.

This has led to the proliferation of online scams or Ponzi schemes being created with PTC sites as a cover, as members are encouraged to buy referrals that are not actually human or upgrade packages that offer no real value.


Continuing my research I stumbled upon a website called

PTCPay is a website that sells PTC scripts to people who want to start their own PTC website.

As I was browsing through PTCpay’s pages I stumbled upon their Advanced Bot System.

Here is a screenshot from the page:

paid to click rented referrals scam screenshot

If you can’t read it well, let me write it down for you.

What bots do is take it a step further. They allow the creation of automated (non-real) members who behave as real members do. Their behavior is controlled by adjusting their click percentages and other options which changes how they earn.


Another website that I found during my research was

Incentives Scripts is another website that sells scripts for PTC websites. I checked their features section and it seems that they too offer an advanced bot system

Here is a screenshot from their website:

paid to click rented referrals scam

Well, what do you think?

Why Renting Referrals Will NEVER Earn You Any Money

Renting Referrals is not about earning money for the average user.

Renting Referrals is all about earning more money for the administrator.

You buy a package of 100 for $20 and whatever you do, you will earn $1 or $2 or $3 less than your first investment.

Your loss is the admins profit.

And if the administrator manages to convince 1000 members to rent referrals, at the end of the month he/she will make an extra $1000, $2000, or $3000.

Now, imagine having 10000 people who rent referrals.

Of course, they want to have some people who earn from the renting referrals business.

Do you know who these people are?

People who buy all the Upgrading packages and they are paying thousands per year to have their top-level status.

Here’s a table summarizing each membership plan and its cost:

Neobux Membership PlanYearly Cost

Do you have thousands of dollars to spend every year on upgrades? If yes, your rented referrals will make you money in order for you to spend them on upgrades..

The Neobux Renting Referrals Scam And What You Need To Know About

And the perpetual cycle continues..


So If you still believe that you can earn real money from renting referrals, then I have nothing else to say to you.

And as they say in my country: ”You are worth your fate” whatever that fate will be.

Anyway, tell me.. what do you think about the paid-to-click websites that have these features? I personally hate them. What about you?

Also, if by any chance you are making money from rented referrals, then PLEEEEEASE contact me!

I would really love you to write a guest post on how you earn with rented referrals, so all of us can understand how this works. 

I’m sure the rest of the PTC community would love to see this too. 🙂

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  1. 100% true history. Never invest on the rent of referrals, this feature just make no sense, the 95% of the members follow a referral link for join because the members make the advertise of the site in first place, so i think the number of non referred members is just too low. This industry need people, as much as is possible, people how are potential advertise buyers , thats why make sense incentivate the direct referrals system, the rented referrals system does not work like that, so there is no possible legit business for them, so they just give you a fake hope in order to entertain while showing ads which others buy and which are the real business while give your clicks to elite members, so is a scam system at least for the mayority of the members, who are not elites.

    1. I’m glad that more and more users are starting to understand how PTC websites that have a rented referrals option are scamming people.

  2. what is fooling up people i think are the shills/confederates on the forums who profess to make up to US$2500.00 pure profit per month. people see this carrot being dangled before them and take the bait.

    1. Yeap ! That’s one of the reasons.

      People must understand that PTC websites are just like any other online opportunity/business.

      You need to market your business with any way that you can in order to get – instead of sales – referrals.

      I believe that it is possible to earn $1000 & $2000 per month. It is not that easy as many scamers present to you that is.

  3. ok sir u say clixsense is very legal,do u think that u can make millions of dollar from clixsense?.dam it never.or do u think google adsense is going to make u a millionaire?(probably only in ur dream).u say that neobux rentals are you have any idea what the hell you are talking about?you are talking about with a global traffic rank of 600(why would they need bot if they have such good traffic).i am making good profit from neobux.neobux only give you real people.the fact is that many people get discouraged by the low value ad click and run away after short period of u have to develop a good recycling strategy to earn money from

    1. Dear Santhos,

      Thank you for taking time to read my blog and post a comment.

      I never said that you can make millions of dollars with Clixsense or any PTC website. YOU CAN Make a decent income of more that $1000 per month though.. Y0u just need to have a plan in mind..

      As for the Google Adsense thing (I don’t know why you are mentioning it) there are people who are making sixfigures per year from it, so I gues that YES you might end up a millionaire in 10 years using this method.

      The proofs I present in this post are undeniable my friend.

      Also, if you have been dealing with Internet marketing for some time, then you should have known that Alexa and worldwide ranking can be manipulated very easy.

      Also I NEVER said that neobux is not popular or anything else. I Just said that their Rented Referrals are BOTS !

      Closing my reply, I would like you to send me – if you want to prove me that I am wrong –

      – a report with the money you invested on account upgrades and rented referrals.
      – the net profit you are currently making every month.

      Send me screen-shots through the contact form and If you prove me wrong, Then I ensure you that I will reconsider my writings.

  4. thx for information
    but .. i need your help plz … iam not good at marketing .. i have just started to study it 1 week ago ..
    can u help with any blog .. website or forums … to get direct referrals …
    or any way that u know to how attract people to be direct referrals

  5. Do you have any strategy or what when you try neobux? Bacause as what I have understand in your statement above it sounds like you’re not learning the system. Because people there says try this and try that you also try it without clearly understanding the fact. Do you know how to make projection tables? or potential earnings in a long run? why not try all those things before saying anything. then well see.. because its not that you rent and your good to go. come on! there is a strategy there brother. try to understand. and if its a scam you still earning right?

    1. 1. You speak like you KNOW that Neobux Rented Referrals are BOTS and you say that in order to make money with Rented Referrals you need to ”play the game”, to have a system.

      2. I bought EVERY Rented Refferals Guide and I tested them for months. Everything was CRAP. Just some gurus who managed to take my money.

      3. So, if there is a system, why is not available as a tutorial or an ebook to Neobux members FROM NEOBUX? Neobux does not want it’s members to rent refferals and earn money? So why don’t neobux shows them the way?

      4. The only ones who earn a TON of money from Rented Referrals are the ones who have Platimun and Ultimate accounts. They pay like $800 per year to have that membership and Neobux takes care of them by sucking money from little guys and giving them to the big boys.

      Now, if this seems ethicall to you, then you have a sick mind Bro..

  6. Hello, I bought a pack of 3 refferals and this 3 worked daily, I was in profit with this pack, I was greedy and I bought 30 more refferals, all 33 refferals stoped working, first 3 stopped to work.
    The thing is, yo will have a very small profit if you work with very very small packs of refferals.

  7. few days ago i sign up to 4 Big PTC i know as free/standard member, and was planning to buy 100 RR ($20)
    then somehow mind mind telling me to google “PTC my referral click sooner than me” because i read 1 article said that if my referrals click ads sooner than me… then i wont get any commision.
    i dont get the article i want to read but this site

    now i reconsider my plan on buying RR, and focussing on Direct Referals

    1. There is no doubt that RR are bots. Instead of investing your time and money on Renting Referrals, learn to market your PTC Business to get direct referrals. I recommend joining PTC Websites like Clixsene, BuxP that don’t require you to be active in order to earn from your direct referrals.

  8. I am pretty sure rented referrals are bots. My doubt is if we rent new users as Neobux says, why they don’t click more than 4 ads per day? I never got any referral who clicks more than 4 ads per day. And also in my experience at the beginning of renting average is around 3 and with the time it is getting worst. Even we recycle bad one and get good one at the end of the month same thing happened. And also I have seen that the after renting new set of referrals old referrals are getting worst. So don’t waste time by clicking ads. There are lot of professional freelancer websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork and etc. We can earn more money than PTC. I am working on Fiverr and earned much more than PTC.

    1. Thanks for your comment Kumara. I agree on the fact that Rented Referrals are bots but disagree on saying to let go ptc sites. Paid to click websites when mastered can be a truly passive income. And passive income is what people really want. Sure freelancing on Fiverr and other freelancing websites can supplement your income but are NOT passive.

  9. I have been with Neobux for over 5 years,have 4300 rented referrals and only 3 direct referrals, i am an ultimate member and have been making on average $6.00 PROFIT every day now like clockwork for 4 years.
    Rented referrals work at Neobux you just need some upfront money to get started.

    1. Just to be clear with the rest of my readers. Neobux is NOT a scam ptc site. It is listed as one of the best ptc websites and it has been paying its members for over 8 years now.

      The only thing that bugs me is that Rented Referrals are BOTS ! END OF STORY ! How many proofs do you need to see in order to be convinced that REVTED REFERRALS ARE BOTS. The only reason YOU are making money with Neobux’s rented referrals system is because you are ULTIMATE MEMBER.

      Tell us how much have you paid to get to the Ultimate Level? $500 ? $600? $700?

      Neobux is paying you -the upgraded member- with money taken from people who rented referrals without an upgraded account.

      On the other hand, Clixsense -another ELITE PTC– has NEVER used the Rented Referrals system on their website as an earning method.

      Why, you may ask? Simply because they are ETHICAL ! ETHICAL BUSINESS DO NOT NEED PONZI METHODS TO DO BUSINESS !!

  10. True, the day my RR clicked when I didn’t click, I’d had it, I gave up and quit Neobux. Was not a good experience. I’ve always wondered why they click less than the usual # per day. That made no sense but to prove that they’re not human.

  11. My conclusion is that the only solution if you want to make money here, is direct referrals.
    So, … advertise.And the best for this, is Revenue Share or Surfing/Traffic Exchange.
    Take back your investment, and somewhat more, while advertise.

  12. Hi there!

    You presented interesting information but I am still not 100% convinced all PTC websites work with bots. The proofs that you showed are from websites that you found. It doesn’t mean that all PTC websites use the same scripts. With that said, it is not possible to prove that every single PTC website, including Neobux, is doing that kind of thing. Nonetheless, it is risk that people should not take, I agree. PTC websites are, in my opinion, a complete waste of time for those who are not referring. It is so much better to focus on internet marketing to make serious income online. What do you think about that?


  13. You have made some great point that with RR (rented refferal) you will not make what they say you will but you are claiming that they are useing bots is a bit out there as i have made money useing them and never had and upgrade packs it is true it is hard for a new person on ptc site to make money from RR as they do not know what they are doing. But let me ask you this did you buy your 100 RR and turn on autopay then do a month of geting then minmum click needed for them to pay you or did you mantain them and replace the ones that was not active. Plus you say you made $17 on autopay that would mean you made more you was paying to keep the ones that was clicking. It is true you will make a lot more money from direct refferls as you keep them as long as they are active and you can get then for free but if you do it right then you can make money from RR

  14. Neobux is a total scam!!! Ive been scammed out of $200 and my account was suspended when i reported it. I reported them because they would not allow me to cash out the funds ive accumulated in my account. They are nothing but a SCAM. I regret the day i’ve even stumbled across that site. The owner is just as evil.

  15. Thanks for this wonderful article, i started suspecting when i rented 200 referals and each day i could not earn up to 1.5 usd. Thanks a lot but please can you suggest any legit business out there that does not requre huge startup capital. What about My Paying Ads, i am planning on buying adpacks and i need your help on this website…

  16. This post raises for me very painful memories after losing over $200 to Neobux and Probux. Those rented referrals are BOTS. End of story. The bots are configured in such a way that they produce a little profit to encourage one to bite the Upgrade bullet. After that $90 payment, you will never see a single red cent from those bots.

    This is from personal experience. Those who are talking of a strategy are simply ill informed. There is no strategy on earth that will ever beat the Neobux scam – Period.

    If you have any money to waste, take it elsewhere. Forget these PTC scams

  17. Nice article, but I must differ with you on this point. I own a ptc site and my script allows me to sell referrals, however only human referrals who are active. Now, some scripts (software) will let you add bots, this is true. My point is not all referral rentals are bots.

    Many sites, like mine, have referrals that are 100% human and that’s why we do not guarantee their behavior and state this in our terms. So, yes, just read your website’s terms as some are promising more than you pay. For instance, I have seen sites offer $40.00 a month membership with $55.00 back in ads to click on. Obviously, that’s a scam, stay away from them.

    The memberships usually have a value to them, some a lot, some little. Just pay attention and read the FAQ and the terms of the website. I will tell you as an owner and someone who has been surfing 10+ years – almost no one reads the terms and many people – especially from small or poor countries – expect it to be some sort of job and want to get paid. Also, the vast majority do not understand what’s going on with the site or even how to take advantage of all the things.

    I have paid programmers to add to my site. I have made videos for my members so they understand what and how to use the site’s software.

    Anyways, nice article.

    Last point, the bots are there because people are greedy and want active referrals however, real human referrals are not predictable and may not get on every day due to work, school, ect–that’s why the bots were made.

    Just stay away from sites that guarantee you a return on your money.

    Best regards everyone.

  18. wow, that’s funny. let me short the story. YOU just bought 100 pack referrals and YOU just wanted for the money flow into the account. easy. I’m not gonna tell you again about what is RR, because you are Mr.Writer who has 2 years experience on PTC of course. The RR was SHE/HE who just register to neobux site without upline, their are real person who being rented, their will click the ads, sometimes one of them are lazy, quit, or even didn’t click at all. you said you turn on the autopay, for example, if someone asked you, are you willing to pay a worker,but their not even work for you, same concepts on neobux, you just pay the RR that didn’t click for you, so you must analyse them which one of them are not going to make a profit. theres no way to make a huge profit without risk in online bro, theres always a risk. you bought 100 pack RR,and turn on the autopay, and you go out with your friends outside while you wait your profit coming. that’s was easy, its like I go put some trade on broker site with long runs,and wait.. so honestly,every single word you say on your review is S***s..

  19. hi i am not sure whether to use clixsense or not as am uncertain of whether its payment processors such as payza, skrill, neteller and paytoo are reliable and also if they are available in other countries besides us, europe and britain, and paypal is not on clixsense website

    what about asian countries

    any thoughts on which payment processors are okay

    1. Marcus,

      Skrill and Payza are two of the most trusted payment processors – after PayPal. Paytoo is a fairly new service. PayPal will eventually remove its services from all the PTC industry. They removed their services from CLixsense – which is the most trusted ptc website around – and you think they will not do it from the rest ptc websites?

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