8 Best VPN For Multiple Devices (Unlimited & Fast)

Did you know that according to Statista, the average person now uses at least three internet-connected devices daily?

That’s a lot of gadgets to keep secure, especially for a three or four person family.

You’re likely here because you need a reliable VPN provider that allows for multiple devices to connect to a single VPN plan – correct?

The struggle is real when it comes to finding a VPN service that’s easy to use, doesn’t slow down your internet, and most of all – can connect multiple devices at once. That’s exactly what this article is here for.

I took the time and researched through 47 VPN providers to find the best ones that allow multidevice connections. By the end, you’ll know which VPN service can handle all your devices without breaking a sweat, ensuring you stay safe, speedy and within budget online.

My Top 3 Recommendations

If you are in hurry, these are my top 3 recommended VPN that allow unlimited connected devices per subscription plan.

8 Best VPN For Multiple Devices (Unlimited & Fast)
  • Connections: Unlimited
  • Servers: 29,650 in 91 countries
  • Speed: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Torrenting: ✅
  • Streaming: ✅
8 Best VPN For Multiple Devices (Unlimited & Fast)
  • Connections: Unlimited
  • Servers: 3,200 in 100 countries
  • Speed: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Torrenting: ✅
  • Streaming: ✅
8 Best VPN For Multiple Devices (Unlimited & Fast)
  • Connections: Unlimited
  • Servers: 1000+ in 38 countries
  • Speed: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Torrenting: ✅
  • Streaming: ✅

Criteria for Choosing The Best VPN For Multiple Devices

When I’m picking the best VPN service for using on lots of devices, I look for..

  1. How many devices can connect at the same time. This is important because it tells me how many gadgets I can protect with just one subscription. It shows how useful and money-saving the service is.
  1. Being able to get past blocks on websites, especially for streaming, is also key. It’s not only about watching shows from anywhere but also about having the freedom to explore the internet.
  1. Security and privacy are super important to keep my information safe and make sure I stay anonymous online.
  1. I also took into consideration about whether it’s worth the money or not and if it will work well with all my devices. I want to make sure the VPN is affordable and can be used easily, no matter what gadget I’m on.

These are the criteria I’ve used in picking the following VPN providers for multiple device connections. If that’s what you are looking for as well, keep reading..

Best VPN Service For Multiple Devices (Table)

After evaluating various VPN services, I’ve identified the best options for multiple devices. Each service has been critically analyzed for its features, performance, and device compatibility. Below is a concise comparison to guide you in making an informed decision.

VPN ServiceDevicesServer NetworkRating
Private Internet AccessUnlimited29,650 in 91 countries⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
SurfsharkUnlimited3,200 in 100 countries⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
AtlasVPNUnlimited1000+ in 38 countries⭐⭐⭐⭐
PrivateVPN10 Devices200 in 63 countries⭐⭐⭐
hide.me10 Devices2,400 in 89 countries⭐⭐⭐⭐
ExpressVPN8 Devices3,000 in 105 countries⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
CyberGhost7 Devices11,695 in 100 countries⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nord VPN6 Devices6,061 in 61 countries⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Private Internet Access – Best Overall

8 Best VPN For Multiple Devices (Unlimited & Fast)
  • Simultaneous Connections: Unlimited
  • Servers: 29,650 servers in 91 countries

Private Internet Access (PIA) is really good for people who use a lot of devices at once. You can connect as many devices as you want and it works in 91 countries.

Even if you hook up 15 devices, it only gets a bit slower, about 20% slower, which isn’t much.

For people who like to download stuff through torrenting, PIA is great because it supports that kind of downloading on all its servers, so you can download quickly even if you’re using a lot of devices.

When it comes to keeping your stuff safe online, PIA has strong security. It uses tough encryption and lets you pick between two security protocols, WireGuard and OpenVPN.

Even though it’s in the US, PIA promises to keep no logs of what you do, which is good for staying private.

It’s also not too expensive, and it comes with some extra features like a malware blocker called MACE and Smart DNS, which are nice bonuses.

If you want to stay safe and free online without spending a lot, PIA is a solid choice.

2. Surfshark

8 Best VPN For Multiple Devices (Unlimited & Fast)
  • Simultaneous Connections: Unlimited
  • Servers: 3,200 servers in 100 countries

Surfshark is a top choice if you need a VPN that can handle many devices at once. It lets you connect as many gadgets as you want, and it has over 3,200 servers in 100 countries.

Surfshark has a handy feature called CleanWeb that stops ads and harmful software, making things safer on all your devices, whether you’re using Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac.

If you need to do something like online banking and don’t want the VPN on for a bit, the Pause VPN feature is really useful because you can just pause it without losing security or having to go through a lot of hassle.

Even though Surfshark is based in the Netherlands, they’re serious about not keeping logs of what users do, which is great for privacy. They’ve plans that won’t break the bank if you’re looking to stick around for a while, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, so trying it out is pretty much risk-free.

The servers only use RAM, which is a security plus, they use strong encryption to keep your data safe, and the service is still fast even when a lot of devices are connected.

All in all, Surfshark makes going online a lot more worry-free.

3. AtlasVPN

8 Best VPN For Multiple Devices (Unlimited & Fast)
  • Simultaneous Connections: Unlimited
  • Servers: 1000+ servers in 38 countries

AtlasVPN is also a solid choice if you’re looking to use a VPN on several devices. It stands out because it offers WireGuard, which makes streaming a lot faster.

Even though it only has 1000+ servers in 38 countries – according to their website – which isn’t a huge number, AtlasVPN makes up for it with strong encryption, the option to use two VPN servers at once, and split tunneling.

It works on many devices like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and lets you connect as many devices as you want.

This means you can expect fast speeds and full support for P2P sharing without having to worry about limits on connections or data use.

However, the fact that you can’t install AtlasVPN on routers and it keeps track of some device information might turn some people off.

But, its servers do a good job at letting you watch popular streaming services, and it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it a good option for those who want to get around geo-blocks.

4. PrivateVPN

8 Best VPN For Multiple Devices (Unlimited & Fast)
  • Simultaneous Connections: 10 Devices
  • Servers: 200 servers in 63 countries

PrivateVPN offers a feature called StealthVPN that lets you connect up to 10 devices at the same time. This is really great for people who want to keep their online activities private on different gadgets.

The StealthVPN feature is also good for getting around tough internet blocks and controls, making it useful in places like China where the internet is heavily restricted.

Even though PrivateVPN only has 200 servers in 63 countries, it’s still pretty good at letting you access big streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, so you can watch what you want from anywhere.

However, you might find that the internet speed isn’t always the best, especially if you’re connecting to a server that’s far away or if you’re using a lot of devices at the same time. Speeds can drop quite a bit, which can be a bit annoying.

But, the good news is that PrivateVPN is quite cheap at $2 per month, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with it.

Plus, it does a solid job of keeping your IP and DNS info safe from leaks, which is important for keeping your online stuff private.

5. hide.me VPN

8 Best VPN For Multiple Devices (Unlimited & Fast)
  • Simultaneous Connections: 10 Devices
  • Servers: 2,400 servers in 89 countries

Hide.me as another good option for folks who need to keep many devices safe online. It’s great because it lets you protect up to 10 devices at the same time.

It supports a bunch of security ways to connect, like OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, WireGuard, SoftEther, and IKEv2. Out of these, WireGuard is known for being both very safe and fast.

If you want to cover even more devices, you can set up hide.me on your router, which lets you protect as many devices as you want. The only downside is that you can’t pick specific server locations this way.

With prices starting at $2.69 a month and a promise to give your money back within 30 days if you’re not happy, it’s a pretty good deal. It’s also fast and has a lot of servers, which makes it great for watching videos in HD on different devices without any problems.

6. ExpressVPN

8 Best VPN For Multiple Devices (Unlimited & Fast)
  • Simultaneous Connections: 8 Devices
  • Servers: 3,000 servers in 105 countries

ExpressVPN is a strong option if you’re looking for a VPN that lets you use the internet without slowing you down too much.

It is really fast and can handle up to 8 devices at once, which is great for people who use a lot of internet on different gadgets.

It has a huge network of 3,000 servers in 105 countries, so you can get a good connection almost anywhere.

This VPN is really good at keeping speeds up, hitting an average of 100.78 Mbps in tests done by VPN Mentor in the US, UK, and France.

That means it only slows down your internet by about 8%. Even if you hook up a bunch of devices like iPhones, iPads, Androids, laptops, and PCs all at once, the slowdown is pretty small, just around 12%.

A big part of why it’s so fast is because of its Lightway protocol, which really helps keep things speedy.

7. CyberGhost

8 Best VPN For Multiple Devices (Unlimited & Fast)
  • Simultaneous Connections: 7 Devices
  • Servers: 11,695 servers in 100 countries

While ExpressVPN is known for its fast speeds and working with many devices, CyberGhost is awesome for people who want to use a lot of devices at the same time. It lets you connect 7 devices at once and has a huge network of 11,695 servers in 100 countries.

This means you can do lots of things online like watch Netflix, play games, or download files without losing speed, even when you’re using all your devices.

CyberGhost has special servers that are set up for different online activities, so everything runs smoothly no matter how many devices you’re using.

But if you want to connect more than 7 devices, you’ll need to set it up on your router, which means all your devices will have to use the same server location.

Despite this, CyberGhost is easy to use and has strong security features, making it a great choice for anyone who wants a flexible and secure VPN service.


8. NordVPN

8 Best VPN For Multiple Devices (Unlimited & Fast)
  • Simultaneous Connections: 6 Devices
  • Servers: 6,061 servers in 61 countries

NordVPN really stands out when you’re looking to use a VPN on several devices at once. You can connect up to 6 devices at the same time, and it has this cool feature called Meshnet that lets you securely connect directly to up to 10 devices, no matter where you are.

This is super handy for people who are always on the go or need to help someone else with their device from afar.

It’s got a huge network of servers in 61 countries, making it easy to find one that’s close to you. This is great because it means you can keep your internet fast and your connection stable.

NordVPN works well with popular streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, so you can watch your favorite shows without a hitch.

Even though sometimes it might take a bit longer to connect several devices, once you’re connected, it’s smooth sailing. The connection stays strong and the speed stays consistent, even if you’re doing a lot on the internet.

What to Look For When Choosing A VPN For Multiple Devices?

  • How many devices you can connect to? When you’re picking a VPN for many devices, it’s important to check how many devices can connect at the same time. Make sure it fits what you need. Some VPNs let you connect five devices, others ten, and some even let you connect as many as you want with just one subscription.
  • What operating systems does it support? You’ll want a VPN that works well with all the big operating systems, routers, and web browsers. If it works with routers, that means any device connected to your router can also use the VPN.

All the above mention VPNs work with all major operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS an MAC.

  • How easy it is to use? The app should be easy to use, no matter what device you’re on. It should be simple to set up and straightforward to use.
  • Price? When it comes to price, look for something that’s a good deal for the number of devices you want to connect.
  • Speed? Fast speeds are also key because you don’t want things to slow down when everyone’s online at the same time. This is especially true if you’re using the VPN for both work and fun.
  • Security? Security is super important, too. Make sure your VPN has strong encryption and promises not to keep logs of what you’re doing.
  • Streaming? Being able to get around blocks on streaming sites is a big bonus. This means you can watch what you want, from wherever you are, without trouble.

How to use a VPN with multiple devices?

Setting up a VPN on lots of devices might sound tough, but it’s pretty easy and keeps you safe online on all your gadgets.

  1. Start by picking a VPN that suits what you need; Private Internet Access is a good option.
  2. After you sign up, download and install their app on each of your devices. Make sure to get the correct version for each gadget.
  3. When you’re all set up, pick a server that fits what you’re trying to do – like choosing a US server if you want to watch shows on American Hulu. If you’re trying to watch stuff from another country, don’t forget to clear your cookies and hit refresh.

Doing all this means you’ll be able to get past country blocks and keep your online activity safe, no matter which device you’re using.

Bottom Line

So, when you’re picking a VPN for all your devices, you really need to think about what you’re looking for. Not every VPN is the same.

Some let you connect as many devices as you want, while others might be better because they’re faster or more secure. It all depends on what you care about most.

Do you want to keep your browsing private, watch shows from anywhere, or maybe you need to hook up a lot of devices at once? Whatever it is, make sure the VPN you choose fits what you need.

It’s all about finding the right one that makes you feel safe and free online without any hassle.

In concluding, selecting the best VPN for multiple devices boils down to balancing features and functionality.

My advice? Prioritize services that offer a blend of security, speed, and ease of use across many devices.

This approach ensures a seamless, secure online experience for all your connected devices.

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