18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

Job seekers all over the world are looking for AI tools to enhance their job hunting process, increase their visibility to potential employers, and gain a competitive advantage in the job market over other job seekers.

But, I know the challenges job seekers often face when searching for a new job. After all, not long ago, I was in your positions as well. Sifting through countless job postings, tailoring resumes, and preparing for interviews – job seeking is no easy task.

Fortunately, AI is coming to your rescue.

According to a recent survey by Fishbowl, 78% of candidates who used an AI chatbot scored interviews, while nearly 6 in 10 job hunters were hired after using an AI tool during their application process.

AI tools offer unparalleled advantages, from refining resumes and optimizing online presence to navigating job postings and streamlining applications.

In this article, I will explore the 18 Best AI tools for job seekers and explain how each tool can help you in your job seeking process.

Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers

There are literally over 200 AI tools currently designed to give your job search an edge over other. Here’s a quick table that summarizes all the tools I am listing on this page. Scrolling further down the post you’ll find a more detailed description for each tool.

JobScanOffers resume optimization, job tracking, and match percentage for applicants.Free
AryticProvides real-time analytics, skill-based job matching, and a mobile app.Free
AutojobFeatures automated job application, personalized email outreach, and CV optimization.$20/mo
CareerflowOffers LinkedIn optimization, skill insights, AI-generated cover letters, and job tracking.Free
SonaraProvides job automation, real-time notifications, and a virtual assistant.$20/mo
ApplyishOffers job recommendations, personalized cover letters, and a Chrome extension.Free
LoopCVProvides CV improvement, auto-applying, A/B testing, and an insightful dashboard.Free
JobWizardFeatures automated job application, a Chrome extension, and interview question answers.$19/mo
HirebrainOffers AI skill analysis, personalized interview training, and visa assistance.Free
TealProvides an AI resume builder, email templates, and keyword recommendations.Free
Interview Prep AIUses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to simulate real job interviews.Free
Alter AITurns your selfies into stunning professional headshots using AI.$14.99
CareerHub AIA range of AI tools to help you achieve your career goals.Free
KickresumeCreates a perfect resume or cover letter from your mobile device.Free
Resume.ioFree Online Resume Builder.Free
BehiredJob Application AI.Free
LazyApplyAutomatically applies to all the jobs on platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Ziprecruiter using Job GPT.$99 OTP*
ReziAward-winning AI-powered resume builder.Free

*One Time Payment

1. JobScan

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

JobScan is an invaluable AI tool designed to significantly enhance your resume’s effectiveness and compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

With JobScan, you’re not just sending your resume into the void; you’re strategically aligning it with what hiring managers are looking for.

Resume Optimization and ATS Compatibility

  • Increase your interview rate: JobScan studies top ATS to boost your resume’s noticeability.
  • Match skills and keywords: Tailor your resume to mirror the job listing for a higher match rate.

LinkedIn Profile and Job Search Management

  • Get noticed by recruiters: Optimize your LinkedIn profile using personalized tips.
  • Stay organized: Keep track of your job search details with the Job Tracker tool.

2. Arytic

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

While exploring AI tools that empower job seekers, I found Arytic. After researching it a bit, I really loved its innovative approach to job matching and resume enhancement.

Here’s a quick table highlighting its benefits.

Benefits for Job SeekersBenefits for Employers
Access to extensive job poolAutomated resume screening
Tailored job match suggestionsReduced hiring time and costs
Enhanced resume optimizationBias elimination in selection
Streamlined application processPredictive candidate analysis

Arytic AI-driven system customizes your resume to make sure it resonates with potential employers, giving you the edge you need in a competitive market.

3. Autojob

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

Autojob is an AI-powered tool that revolutionizes the job application process by automating submissions, crafting personalized emails, and enhancing your CV to stand out to potential employers.

With Autojob, you’re not just searching for a job; you’re stepping into a world where your skills and preferences align seamlessly with the opportunities available.

Automated Job Application

  • One-click application: Streamlines your job search
  • Job matching: Connects you with ideal roles

Personalized Outreach & CV Optimization

  • Email finder tools: Locates contacts for direct communication
  • Personalized emails: Engages potential employers effectively
  • CV optimization: Enhances your profile for better visibility

4. Careerflow

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

Harness the power of Careerflow, an AI assistant that transforms your job search by offering comprehensive support.

From tracking your applications to optimizing your LinkedIn profile for maximum exposure, Careerflow has got you covered.

With Careerflow’s automated job tracking, you’ll effortlessly manage your search, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks. The LinkedIn Review tool sharpens your online presence, crucial for attracting recruiters.

An expert resume review boosts your chances, tailoring your credentials to stand out. The job application autofill saves precious time, and the networking tracker maintains vital connections at your fingertips.

Craft personalized AI cover letters with ease, and use skill insights to align your abilities with market needs. Discover who’s hiring instantly, joining over 200,000 job seekers who’ve propelled their careers forward with Careerflow.

Embrace the freedom to navigate your career path with this AI-driven ally.

5. Sonara

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

Building on the foundation of AI-assisted job searching with Careerflow, Sonara emerges as another vital tool in your employment arsenal, automating your job hunt with precision and personalized flair.

You’ll discover that Sonara isn’t just another platform; it’s a dedicated partner in your pursuit of career freedom.

Here’s how it elevates your search:

Automated Job Search

  • Automatically applies to jobs matching your resume
  • Targets a wide range of roles suitable for your career stage

Stress-Free Applications

  • Crafts customized cover letters
  • Frees you to focus on interview preparation

With Sonara, you’re not just applying to more jobs; you’re ensuring each application is fine-tuned to increase your chances of landing interviews. It’s the support you need for a job search that feels less like a chore and more like a journey to the future you’re aiming for.

6. Applyish

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

Navigate your job search with ease using Applyish, an AI-driven platform that revolutionizes the way you apply for jobs with its user-friendly interface and tailored application process. You’re no longer bound by the constraints of traditional job hunting; Applyish is the tool that liberates you from tedious tasks, offering a more efficient way to showcase your skills to potential employers.

FeatureBenefitUser Experience
Tailored AppsPersonalizedFocused
Chrome Ext.AccessibleConvenient
User InterfaceIntuitiveEffortless

Embrace the freedom of a job search that feels less like a chore and more like a journey to your dream career. Applyish is not just a tool; it’s your ally in the competitive job market.

7. LoopCV

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

Step into the future of job hunting with LoopCV, an AI-powered tool that streamlines your job search by automating applications and optimizing your chances of landing your next role. Imagine having a personal assistant dedicated to scouring the job market for you, and that’s what LoopCV offers:

Job Search Automation:

  • Auto Apply: Targets fresh jobs daily and applies on your behalf.
  • Personalized Emails: Reaches out to recruiters with tailored messages.

Optimization and Organization:

  • Actionable Analytics: Tracks the impact of your applications.
  • CV Improvement Tips: Provides insights to enhance your resume.

Experience a liberated approach to your job search, where LoopCV shoulders the tedious tasks, leaving you free to focus on your aspirations and career growth.

8. JobWizard

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

Harness the power of JobWizard to transform your job application process into an efficient, time-saving journey. With its ability to auto-fill applications for over 2,000 positions daily, you’re not just saving time—you’re staying ahead of the competition.

Imagine the ease as JobWizard imports your work history from LinkedIn, cutting down the tedious task of manual data entry.

You’ll also get a leg up with interview preparation. JobWizard isn’t just about applications; it’s your personal interview coach, generating professional responses to those common, yet tricky, interview questions.

What’s more, you’ll keep track of your application progress, providing a clear view of your job hunt landscape.

And let’s not forget networking—JobWizard enhances your opportunities to connect, paving the way to your next career move with transparency and efficiency.

9. Hirebrain

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

Dive into Hirebrain, where cutting-edge AI skill analysis meets personalized interview coaching and essential visa support to elevate your job-seeking journey. With Hirebrain, you’re not just searching for a job; you’re unlocking a gateway to tailored opportunities and shaping your career path with precision.

Skill-Matching Algorithms and Personalized Support:

  • Match with pre-vetted job opportunities that resonate with your skills.
  • Create a compelling CV with the builder and analysis tools.

Global Reach and Comprehensive Assistance:

  • Get visa and relocation support for international ambitions.
  • Connect with a unique talent pool to expand your horizons.

Embrace the freedom of a job search that’s designed around you, leveraging a harmonious blend of AI efficiency and human insight. Discover your market value and find your fit with Hirebrain’s supportive, experienced guidance.

10. Teal

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

Building on the tailored approach of Hirebrain, Teal emerges as a comprehensive ally in your job search, offering a suite of AI-driven tools designed to streamline every aspect of your application process.

Imagine enhancing your resume with an AI that spots gaps and optimizes for keywords, ensuring you stand out. Teal’s Resume Builder does just that, transforming your resume into a powerful tool of first impressions.

With Teal, you can track applications with ease, freeing up precious time for interview prep—a component where Teal also shines, giving you a competitive edge. It’s like having a personal career coach that matches your resume to the job description, guaranteeing your skills don’t go unnoticed.

And those cover letters? They’ll be personalized and impactful, crafted in seconds. Dive into Teal’s user-friendly interface and reclaim control of your job hunt.

11. Interview Prep AI

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

Step up your interview game with Interview Prep AI, an innovative tool crafted to offer personalized practice questions and actionable feedback tailored to your targeted job role. Here’s how you can leverage it:

  • Customized Question Generation
  • Tailored to the job description
  • Over 20,000 questions for comprehensive coverage
  • Advanced Feedback
  • Constructive insights to hone your responses
  • Video practice to perfect your delivery

The freedom to ace interviews is in your hands with features like:

  • Integration with Job Listings
  • Directly from popular job platforms
  • A Google Chrome extension for seamless use
  • Flexibility and Reusability
  • Varied questions for each practice session
  • Option to revisit and refine past answers

With positive user reviews, Interview Prep AI is your trusted partner to confidently navigate the interview process.

12. Alter AI

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

Enhance your online presence with Alter AI’s cutting-edge technology, which transforms simple selfies into polished professional headshots ideal for your LinkedIn profile or resume. This user-friendly platform empowers you to craft the perfect image without the hefty price tag of a traditional photoshoot.

With a few clicks, you can upload your selfie and swiftly receive a selection of styles that resonate with your professional persona.

You’re not just saving money; you’re also seizing control of your personal branding with Alter AI’s swift turnaround—headshots can be ready in under 90 minutes. And if the results don’t meet your expectations, there’s a money-back guarantee.

It’s your career journey, and Alter AI ensures your first impression is both impeccable and authentically yours.

13. CareerHub AI

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

While Alter AI revolutionizes your professional image, CareerHub AI takes the reins in navigating the complexities of career planning with its personalized guidance and market insights.

AI-powered career advice and insights

  • Personalized career guidance
  • Skill assessment to estimate market value

Job market analysis

  • Valuable insights for ideal career paths
  • Custom-made advice to enhance career prospects

You’re seeking the freedom to carve out a career that’s uniquely yours, and CareerHub AI is the ally you need. It’s not just about landing any job; it’s about discovering paths that resonate with your aspirations and qualifications.

14. Kickresume

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

Kickresume’s AI Resume Builder, leveraging the advanced capabilities of OpenAI’s GPT-4, offers you a swift and professional start to your resume creation process. With over 35 customizable templates, you’re set to create a resume that passes through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with ease. The AI doesn’t stop there; it crafts your cover letter to complement your resume, ensuring a cohesive application package.

Dive into a pool of over 1,500 resume examples to find the one that resonates with your career aspirations. Utilize the resume checker for instant feedback, turning good into great. Plus, with a click, your resume transforms into a personal website, showcasing your professional story. And don’t worry about being tied down—you’ve got mobile access to manage your career tools on the go.

15. Resume.io

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

Building on the momentum of crafting a standout resume, Resume.io steps in to elevate your job application with its expertly-designed resumes and AI-powered writing tools. You’re not just getting a template; you’re harnessing the power of AI to reflect your unique skills and experiences.

Here’s how Resume.io can be your partner in landing that dream job:

  • Algorithmic Writing Assistance: Tailors your resume with the right keywords to catch an employer’s eye.
  • AI Assistance: Chatbots guide you through the resume-building process.
  • Continuous Improvement and Versatility
  • Daily Updates: The team consistently enhances tools based on job market research.
  • Custom Features: From docx export to custom colors, create a resume that stands out.

Step into the job market with confidence, knowing Resume.io has got your back.

16. Behired

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

Streamline your job search with Behired, an AI-powered tool designed to enhance your chances of securing your ideal position by meticulously tailoring your application and prepping you for interviews.

With Behired, you’re not just throwing your resume into the void—you’re crafting a standout application that resonates with employers. It’s like having a career coach at your fingertips, offering insights and strategies that save you precious time.

Behired’s comprehensive matching score ensures you’re applying to jobs that truly fit your skills and experience. And when it comes to interview prep, you’ll have a leg up with suggested questions that are spot-on.

It’s your secret weapon for landing not just any job, but the right job, giving you the freedom to shape your career path on your terms.

17. LazyApply

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

Harnessing the power of automation, LazyApply liberates you from the tediousness of manual job applications, enabling you to cast a wider net with ease and efficiency. Here’s how it empowers your job search:


  • Apply to multiple platforms with a single click.
  • Up to 150 applications per day to maximize your opportunities.


  • Customize your job search to align with your career goals.
  • AI-driven tools, like resume and cover letter generators, tailored to your profile.

LazyApply ensures that your job hunt isn’t only expansive but also targeted. With sophisticated algorithms, your journey to freedom doesn’t mean a compromise on quality. Dive into a seamless search and let LazyApply do the heavy lifting.

18. Rezi

18 Best Ai Tools For Job Seekers (Free & Paid)

While LazyApply streamlines the application process, Rezi takes resume creation to the next level with its AI-powered tools, ensuring your application stands out to employers. You’re free to move beyond mundane formatting and focus on what really matters—landing your dream job. Rezi’s intuitive technology crafts your resume with precision, targeting it directly to your desired position with laser-focused keywords.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what Rezi offers:

AI-Powered ToolsSaves time and creates attention-grabbing resumes
Real-Time AnalysisAvoids common mistakes for a polished look
Rezi ScoreProvides actionable feedback to improve your chances

Bottom Line

So there you have it. A curated list with the best ai tools that will help you to land your next job, easier and faster.

Now, I know that you can’t use ALL of them for searching a new job, but, you can check them one by one and subscribe to the ones that fill your needs.

Also, a tip: Don’t be the person that things that AI will do everything for him/her. While AI help you become faster and more efficient, it still needs your input. Remember that.

Anyway, I hop you enjoyed the list. Let me know in the comments section below if you know any other AI tools that are helpful during the job seeking process.

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