63 Best New Ai Tools You Probably Never Heard About

Welcome to the world of AI, where robots are not just taking over the world, but also our daily tasks! From design to marketing, research to music, coding to chatbots, AI has spread its tentacles far and wide, bringing efficiency and innovation to every field.

In this article, I will introduce you to 63 of the best new AI tools that you probably never heard of, but that can make your life easier, more productive, and maybe even a little more fun.

So buckle up and get ready to meet your new AI overlords!

Best New Ai Tools

best new ai tools

New Ai Design Tools

Tools that will make your design efforts, faster, cheaper and effortless.

  1. Flair AI: Get inspiration for your designs with this AI-powered tool that generates creative ideas.
  2. Autodraw: Turn your hand-drawn sketches into professional illustrations with this easy-to-use AI software.
  3. StockIMG AI: Access a vast library of high-quality, AI-curated stock images for your next project.
  4. Booth AI: AI can help you create professional-quality product photography. Simply specify your desired shot and upload some sample product images to quickly generate high quality lifestyle photos.
  5. Clipdrop: A massive collection of applications, plugins, and resources for all artists, driven by AI and allowing you to create spectacular graphics in seconds.

New Ai YouTube Tools

These Ai tools will help you grow your YouTube channels in not time.

  1. Pictory: Create YouTube videos from articles and content with the click of a button. Adds graphics and voiceovers automatically.
  2. Thumbly: Create eye-catching YouTube thumbnails in seconds with this AI-generated thumbnail maker.
  3. ClipMaker: Clipmaker uses AI to generate short clips from your YouTube videos and schedule them on your TikTok and Instagram channels.
  4. TubeBuddy: Optimize your YouTube channel for growth and success with this AI-powered tool.
  5. 2short.ai: Automatically creates videos with subtitles for TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts from any YouTube video.

New Ai Research Tools

Research any topic faster than ever with the help of artificial intelligence. Also, these tools will help you proofread your academic papers in 1/3 of the time than without them.

  1. Consensus: Consensus app is a search engine that lets you find scientific evidence and research papers based on the query you input.
  2. Paperpal: Paperpal is the ultimate Ai writing companion for students and academics alike. This advanced AI-powered tool not only identifies language errors but also provides in-depth suggestions that help you improve your writing. With Paperpal, you can be confident that your writing is accurate, polished, and professional.
  3. Trinka: Trinka is a powerful online tool designed to assist with academic and technical writing by using advanced AI algorithms to check and correct grammar, spelling, and language errors.
  4. Scholarcy: Scholarcy is an efficient online tool designed to make research easier. With its article summarizing feature, it can scan through research articles, reports, and book chapters within seconds and provide bite-sized sections.

New Ai Writing Tools

Blogger, author or copywriting. These tools will enable you to produce content 10X times faster than without them.

  1. Jasper AI: Get AI-generated content ideas for your next writing project with this content writer.
  2. AISEO: AISEO is the ultimate writing companion for SEO content creation, enabling you to generate optimized content in mere minutes rather than hours.
  3. Quillbot: Paraphrase text and avoid plagiarism with this AI-powered writing tool.
  4. Writesonic: Get help writing copy with this AI assistant that generates copy based on your input.
  5. Anyword: Generate effective ad copy with this AI tool that learns from your past ad performance.
  6. Deepl: Translate text quickly and accurately with this AI-powered translation tool.

New Ai Coding Tools

If you are programmer then these Ai coding tools will help you write and validate code, literraly 10X times faster.

  1. Durable Ai: An Ai chatbot that writes the code for you and enables anyone to create custom software.
  2. 10Web: 10web is an AI-Powered WordPress Platform that allows you to buld with the click of a button a website, host your website and make it blazing fast.
  3. Akkio: With the help of this platform, you can take your business to the next level by making data-driven decisions. In just 10 minutes, you can go from raw data to AI-powered insights without needing any coding or data science skills.
  4. Replit: Code with ease in this AI-powered coding environment that assists with suggestions and tips.
  5. DeepCode: Get better code quality with AI code analysis and suggestions for improvements.

New Ai Marketing Tools

All-in-one marketing tools that are driven by Ai technology or that are specifically geared towards crafting creative and marketing-style copy.

  1. Simplified: All-in-one marketing suite, to create marketing content (copy, images, videos) quickly and easily with AI-powered content creation.
  2. ContentEdge: Drive traffic with AI-driven content marketing that optimizes for search engines and social media.
  3. Copy Smith: Improve your copywriting with this AI tool that suggests edits and improvements specifically formulated for marketing and eCommerce teams.
  4. Copy AI: Generate effective marketing copy in seconds with this AI-powered tool.
  5. Mutiny: Personalize your visitor’s website experience without touching any code with this AI-powered website personalization tool.

New Ai Sales Tools

Ai tools that streamline the sales process and help you make more money.

  1. Lavender: Lavender is an artificial intelligence email advisor who has everything you need to produce better emails quicker.
  2. Warmer: Personalize your cold-outreach emails with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Regie: Regie.ai uses AI to help sales teams produce tailored emails with captivating content faster.
  4. Twain: Twain is another AI powered email tool that lets you craft personalized cold out reach emails fast and easy.
  5. Octane: Optimize your sales performance with this AI tool that provides data-driven insights and creates quizzes and gamifies the sales process with ease.

New Ai Twitter Tools

Yes, Ai is taking over your Twitter account as well. Master your Twitter and grow your account with these sweet Ai tools.

  1. Tweetmonk: Schedule your tweets in advance and save time with this AI-driven tweet scheduler.
  2. Tribescaler: Grow your Twitter following with AI-powered growth tools that optimize your account for success.
  3. Postwise: Analyze your tweet performance and get suggestions for improvement with this AI-powered tool.
  4. Tweetlify: Generate tweet ideas quickly and easily with this AI-powered tool.

New Ai Music Tools

Who said Artificial Intelligence can’t synthesize music. Synthesize music with AI and list it on Spotify for a new revenue stream.

  1. Boomy: Create music easily with AI assistance that suggests melodies and harmonies.
  2. Amper: Generate custom music tracks in seconds with this AI music composer.
  3. JukeDeck: Use AI to create unique, royalty-free music for your projects.
  4. Melodrive: Get personalized music that adapts to your mood with this AI-powered music engine.
  5. Brain FM: Boost your productivity and focus with this AI-curated focus music.

New Ai Content Creation Tools

Content whether is video, images, graphics or copy these tools will help you create faster with less effort.

  1. Beautiful AI: Design stunning presentations with AI-powered design suggestions and templates.
  2. Synthesia: Create avatar, professional videos in minutes with AI-generated video creation.
  3. Tome AI: Leverage the power of AI to quickly create stories, convert your files into presentations, and add new pages to your documents. Additionally, you can generate eye-catching images using our custom DALL·E tile to visualize your concepts effectively.
  4. Surfer SEO: Optimize your website’s SEO effortlessly with AI-powered suggestions and analysis.
  5. Fliki: Summarize long videos quickly with this AI video summarization tool.
  6. Murf AI: Generate professional voiceovers with this AI voiceover generator.

New Ai Chatbots

News Chatbot’s and ChatGPT alternatives.

  1. Chatsonic: ChatGPT on steroids. Use ChatGPT 4 and utilize an array of chatbot enhancements not found on ChatGPT.
  2. YatterPlus: An Ai, personal assistant for Whatsapp.
  3. Forefront Ai: A faster ChatGPT alternative that gives access to ChatGPT 4 as well.
  4. Typerwise: Improve your writing skills with AI suggestions and assistance from this writing assistant chatbot.
  5. QuickChat: Provide fast and efficient customer support with this AI-powered chatbot.
  6. Cohere: Build natural language understanding into your chatbots and AI applications with this AI tool.
  7. Kaizan: Kaizan leverages the power of conversation intelligence to identify the overall health of clients and suggest strategies to boost revenue.
  8. ChatABC: ChatABC is an improved version of ChatGPT that offers several additional features such as team collaboration, a prompt library, and an always-available service.

New Ai Productivity Tools

Increase your productivity with Artificial Intelligence

  1. Taskade: Organize your tasks and projects with AI-powered task management that adapts to your needs.
  2. TLVD: This is a meeting software that uses GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology to record and transcribe online meetings. It can also highlight important parts of the conversation and share the meeting with others.
  3. Bardeen Ai: Bardeen is an application that helps you automate repetitive tasks by using a single shortcut and allows you to control your web applications from any location.
  4. Vondy Ai: An AI chatbot designed for offering personalized career guidance and advice based on individual’s skills, interests and experience.
  5. Notion Ai: Enhance your note-taking with AI-powered suggestions and integrations in this note-taking app.

Bottom Line

Few.. Long list.. Anyway, hope you enjoyed my list with the best new Ai tools.

The world of AI tools is vast and ever-expanding. With so many innovative and exciting tools out there, it can be overwhelming to keep up.

But fear not, dear reader, for this article has introduced you to some of the best new AI tools you never heard about!

From AI-powered design and content creation to chatbots and productivity tools, there’s something for everyone.

Oh, and if you have any feedback or suggestions for new AI tools to check out, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Let’s keep the AI revolution going!

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