3 FREE Methods To Market Your Affiliate Links That Actually Work

If you are new to affiliate marketing – or better – if you are new in promoting any kind of product or service online – you’ll probably have the same question that almost 95% of new internet marketers have..

How do I refer more people to any affiliate program or network I promote?

Well, after 10 years in affiliate marketing and after generating over $50.000 in affiliate commission the past two years alone I am going to reveal the top 3 ways to get more signups and sales to any affiliate program you are promoting.

But before I jump straight to my top 3 methods I need to tell you something..

With FREE methods you will have to spend A LOT of time but with NO money. With PAID methods you spend significantly LESS time but your SPEND money. Keep that in mind when you are planning your promotional strategies.

So, after dropping this small disclaimer here, this let’s jump to the free methods that will help you gain direct referrals.

How To Get More Affiliate Referrals For FREE

Ok, so the way to get more affiliate referrals for free are YouTube videos, posting article’s on Medium and Facebook Groups.

Here’s a table showing each method’s difficulty and referrals potential.

YouTube videos🥴🥴🥴🥴🤩🤩🤩🤩
Medium blogs🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🤩🤩🤩
Facebook Groups🥴🥴🥴🤩🤩

Let’s jump to the first method. YouTube videos.

1. YouTube Videos

Millions of people are using YouTube – the second most popular search engine – to search for information. What you have to do is to create review and how to videos for the affiliate programs are sign to.

You’ve probably seen how affiliate marketers tell you that they’ve left a link of the tool or service they are promoting in the video’s description and prompting you to sign up.

3 FREE Methods To Market Your Affiliate Links That Actually Work
– Example of affiliate links in a YouTube video’s description box.

This is what you’ll be doing as well.

And don’t worry, if you don’t want to show your face, you can create faceless YouTube videos.

Creating a YouTube channel and hosting your videos is free. No monthly fees no nothing.

You just need to spend time recording quality review videos. You’ll have to get a cheap webcam3 FREE Methods To Market Your Affiliate Links That Actually Work (if you want to show your face) and a free recording screen software to actually start doing your review videos.

Just record videos showing how to use the software or service and provide solutions to questions people in your industry are having.

For example, if one is looking for “how to do keyword research” your video will be promoting a keyword research tool. You’ll show them your method of finding easy to rank keywords.

Your videos will eventually get picked up by YouTube and more and more people will start viewing them as the time passes., giving YOU the chance to ”strike” a direct referral


  • You can customize your videos with great intros, a logo and other stuff by going to fiverr and purchasing related gigs.
  • You can use tools like TubeBuddy to boost your video’s SEO.

2. Publish Content on Medium

This method utilizes a blogging platform that’s called Medium.

Medium is free to join and anyone can start posting articles on the platforms for free. Medium has an optional paid membership program for those who want to get paid for the content they produce.

But that’s another story..

Now, why posting on Medium is such a big deal?

Well, first of all, Medium’s algorithm tends to promote content that gets engagements such as claps (a type of “like”), reading time and comments. If you content gets some of these, it can go viral..

And when it does, you can expect referrals and affiliate sales rain.

I recently wrote an article on Medium called 6 Legit Apps To Make Truly Passive Income By Having Your Computer Turned On. On that post I was promoting some programs that let you earn money by “renting” your idle resources and internet.

3 FREE Methods To Market Your Affiliate Links That Actually Work

The post went viral and I referred (as of the time I am writing this post)..

..from a single Medium post..

Want some proof?

3 FREE Methods To Market Your Affiliate Links That Actually Work
– My Earn App Referrals (as of writing this post).
3 FREE Methods To Market Your Affiliate Links That Actually Work
– My Grass Referrals
3 FREE Methods To Market Your Affiliate Links That Actually Work
– Screenshot from my Pawns App dashboard
3 FREE Methods To Market Your Affiliate Links That Actually Work
– Screenshot from my HoneyGain dashboard

Ok, that’s enough proofs..

Keep in mind that Medium’s posts are also indexable by search engines, and after Google’s HCU update, Medium, LinkedIn and other high authoritative websites saw their traffic from Google skyrocket.

So, if you publish a very well written, SEO optimized article on Medium, you can expect to rank and bank. And if you build a couple of backlinks on it, then you’re increasing your chances of.. going to the bank.

3. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups is another untapped – in my opinion – method to promote affiliate products and services for free.

There are three ways you can use Facebook groups..

  1. You can go to every Facebook group in your niche and starting spamming the hell of them, get zero sales and get banned.
  2. You can share knowledge and insights around your niche with the tools you are promoting being the solution or the easy way around.
  3. You can share news stories from respected publications with an artificially placed call to action to your affiliate offer.

I’m not going to tell you how to do points 1 and 2, but I am going to briefly share how you can do method 3.

  1. The first thing you need to do is go to Facebook and search for groups in your niche. For this example, I am going to search for Longevity and Anti-aging groups.
  1. Your goal is to find groups that share a lot of news related to their industry, research papers or great posts. Join all of them.
3 FREE Methods To Market Your Affiliate Links That Actually Work
  1. Once you find them and join, create a folder and bookmark all the groups there. This will help you later on.
  1. Then you’ll want to use a tool called Linkush. Linkush allows you to take any link from any website, cloak it and embed a call to action on top of it.

Here’s an example.

I took this article’s URL…

3 FREE Methods To Market Your Affiliate Links That Actually Work

…and turned into this..

3 FREE Methods To Market Your Affiliate Links That Actually Work

See that eye-catching call to action? See how this works?

You share great content, from trusted websites, to groups of people interested in the content you share, with a call to action to a product that interests them.

And that’s how you do it.

Bottom Line

By using these methods you are going to start getting referrals and affiliate sales at a slower rate at the beginning. As you increase your marketing efforts, more and more people will sign under you and affiliate sales will start pouring in.

Just remember that by using free methods you should expect great results at a slower pace. Great results come with a cost and this cost is to use paid marketing channels.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If yes, you can say thanks by sharing it with your friends or by leaving a comment down below.


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