How to Get Free Referrals for Clixsense or any other PTC

How to get free referrals for Clixsense or any other ptc

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If you are new to the ptc industry – or better – if you are new in marketing ptc websites online, then this post is something that you really want to read. This post will answer the question that almost 95% of new ptc members have when they join this industry.”How to get free referrals for Clixsense (or any other ptc website), 

If you’re feeling thirsty for knowledge you can read this post as well. I wrote it last year and it deals with how to get direct referrals as well.

I have to warn you thought..

I’m not a fun of Free Methods of getting referrals. I’m more a fan of using paid methods of getting new direct referrals.

The reason is simple: Free methods require you to spend a lot of time, with very little results. With paid methods you spend less time with better results.

So, after disclaiming this let’s jump to the free methods that will help you gain direct referrals.


Thousands of people are using YouTube – the second most popular search engine – to search for information. What you have to do is to create a number of review videos for your favourite ptc sites.

Creating a YouTube channel and hosting your videos is free. No monthly fees no nothing. You just need to spend time recording quality review videos. You’ll have to get a cheap webcamHow to Get Free Referrals for Clixsense or any other PTC 1 and a free recording screen software to actually start doing your ptc review videos.

Your videos will eventually get picked up by YouTube and more and more people will start viewing them as the time passes., giving YOU the chance to ”strike” a direct referral

To create a quality review video that converts, you need to do:

  • State how long you have used the ptc website.
  • Alway talk to the first person.
  • Tell what you like and ALWAYS tell what you don’t like about the ptc website.
  • Be honest.

If you have joined a really bad ptc, do a BAD review video for it as well. This way people will recognise your honesty and you’ll start getting loyal fans.

You can customize your videos with great intros , a logo and other stuff by going to fiverr and purchasing related gigs.

Also, if you want to promote Clixsense only, then after your review start doing tutorial videos about it.

  • Here are some ideas:
  • How to install the clixaddon.
  • How to complete tasks.
  • How to complete offers.
  • How to check your referrals activity.

and many many more..


I do not use traffic exchangers because  as I said before I do not use Free methods to acquire my referrals.

In general though with Traffic Exchangers you CAN get direct referrals.

The secret is on how to choose the right Traffic Exchange websites and how to use them.

How To Choose Them

If you are going to use this method you need to join traffic exchangers that have a steady stream of new members. If you are going to promote Clixsense – which is a very popular ptc website – then most chances are that  thousands of users before you are promoting it as well.

If no new members sign up, then who are you going to promote your affiliate link to? To those that have seen related Clixsense ads a thousand times until now?

On the other hand, if you are going to promote an entirely new ptc website, then this is a different story. As a general rule though, you should prefer joining traffic exchangers that have a steady stream of new members. One such traffic exchange website is

How to Use them

The best way to promote your affiliate link is by using a splash page. A splash page is a page with only the necessary information that tries to get the visitor to click on it.

Splash pages convert better than promoting your affiliate link directly because the visitor will not get confused with the information overload. Remember that 99% of members on traffic exchange websites surf to get credits. Present them with something that requires some thinking and you’ve lost them.

They need quick, attention grabbing pages with a clear Call to Action.

Clixsense provides it’s own ready-made splash pages that convert great on traffic exchange websites.

Here’s an example:

clixsense splash page example
The first of the two in total of splash pages Clixsense provides to its affiliates.

Easy to read and Understandable. Loads extremely fast with a clear call to action.

How To Use Traffic Exchange Websites – Strategy

One of the best strategies with traffic exchanges is join 2 – 3 traffic exchanges and for the first 2 -3 months, promote all traffic exchangers among each other.

Traffic Exchange users want one thing:


If you present them with another traffic exchange, they’ll most probably jump aboard to get even more traffic. As usual traffic exchangers have affiliate programs that pay you in traffic credits as long as your referrals surf.

This way you can build a Free of time stream of surfing credits to your account, avoiding the task of YOU Viewing ads to get those valuable traffic credits.

Start Publishing Articles

Another popular – and free – method to get referrals is by writing and distributing articles all over the internet.

Your goal should be to write and upload in as many places as you can articles about paid to click sites.

Some example articles should be:

  • What is the best ptc website to join
  • Top 10 ptc websites for 2015
  • Cheap advertising method the gurus are hiding from you.

Imagine having 200 articles published in different places all over the internet, all with your affiliate links on them. People will start rereading them and they will start signing to the recommended ptc websites.

Some places you should search for publishing your articles are:

  • Articles Directories
  • Social Media Sites
  • Free Bogging Sites (Blogger, Blogspot,WordPress)
  • Forums
  • Guest posting in other websites (You can guest post here if you want)

ATTENTION: Do not Copy other people’s articles. Most websites have powerful mechanisms that can track if their content is copied or if you try to submit copied content.

By using these methods you are going to start getting referrals at a slower rate. As you increase your marketing efforts though more and more people will sign under you.

As I told before though, don’t expect seeing great results immediately. Great results come with a cost and this cost is to use paid marketing channels. If you are thinking on investing some money then you can read this article here and here. Both articles talk about methods to promote your affiliate links with only $5.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If yes, you can say thanks by sharing it with your friends.

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