NO Clixsense Telegram Account or BOT. Don’t fall for the Scam !


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On April 4, 2019, Clixsense – the favorite money-making website of millions of people around the globe – has released a notification about some users asking questions about Telegram – the popular encrypted messaging app.

More specifically Clixsense users were asking about a Clixsense Telegram Bot. Jim, Clixsense’s owner, stated that Clixsense does NOT run any channels, or bots, on Telegram and that the people behind this are trying to fool people by using Clixsense‘s good name and reputation.

Here is the announcement as it appeared on Clixsense’s website:

Members, we are getting questions from many of you about a ClixSense Telegram Bot and having an upgrade feature and viewing ads. ClixSense does not operate a Telegram bot and if we did we would announce it here. Please do not fall for these scams that attempt to use our good name to fool you. If you are a Telegram user and know about this bot, please report it as we will too.

it seems as scammers have found a new way to fool unsuspected users who are trying to earn money online. They have created a Telegram account with a bot and they are promising users more earnings if they upgrade their accounts – through their bot.

Upgrading through a bot on telegram usually requires you to send money through cryptocurrencies.

So, be careful and don’t fall for scams about Clixsense.

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