Adhitz Case Study #2 : Promoting Clixsense

Adhitz Case Study #2 : Promoting Clixsense 1

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This is the second of a number of case studies on that I will be publishing through this blog.

My Goal through this case study series is to showcase my results in order for you to study them, copy them and eventually evolve them into better more converting campaigns.

Hopefully, I will manage to ”push” you to promote Clixsense or any other business opportunity you may be focusing on.

[su_label type=”important”]TIP:[/su_label]You can read my previous case study here in order to compare my results. Right-click the link and open the page in a new tab in order to be able to move easily from one tab to the other and compare the two campaigns.

So in this second Case Study you will learn:

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  • My Campaign Settings
  • How my advertisement looked like.
  • My Landing page.
  • My Campaigns Results
  • Comments


So let’s get started.

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My Campaign Settings

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This time I will run the settings in a list format. I believe it will be easier to read.

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  • Budget: $20
  • Dollars Spend Per Day: $2
  • Days of Campaign Running: 10
  • Ad Visibility: All Adhitz Network
  • Targeting: All Countries & Regions
  • Ad Type: text Ad


Clixsense Success Adhitz Case Study

How My Advertisement Looked Like

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clixsense text adCompared to my previous campaign I changed the wording a bit. Here is how my text ad looked like.

My Landing Page

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Last time I was promoting a custom-made landing page for Clixsense that I’ve built ed my self. This time I have chosen to promote Clixsense Task Page to see if the results would be better.

Her is the landing page I promoted this time.

Adhitz - Clixsense Case Study

My Campaign Results

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At Last, The Most Important part of the Case Study…

The Results

[table id=16 /]

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  • Clicks: The Number of Clicks My Advertisement Received.
  • Average CPC: It is the average number of each click cost me. I divide my campaign cost with the number of Clicks I received. (20/373 = $0.05)
  • Conversions: The Number of people who signed up to Clixsense from this campaign.
  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of people who signed up on Clixsense about the Clicks my campaign received. (373 X 3.8% = 14)
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL): How much did each new referral cost me to acquire. Just divide the amount you spend with the number of referrals you received. ($20/14 = $1.42)



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So, the campaign was overall good but not as good as my first campaign promoting Clixsense.

By comparing the two campaigns you can see that with $10 I got 8 new referrals while with the $20 campaign I got 14 referrals when I should normally get more referrals from the new campaign in order to be considered as more successful.

Campaign #1

[table id=15 /]

Campaign #2

[table id=16 /]

My cost per lead (which is the most important metric) increased from $1.25 per referral to $1.42 per referral.

Perhaps the results were affected by the landing page. In the first campaign, I used a custom landing page that was promoting Clixsense Tasks. In this campaign I promoted directly the Tasks page on Clixsense.

Marketing is all about trial and error. Never forget that. You need to test and tweek your campaigns for maximum results. Always remember that.


So we’ve come to the end of another Adhitz Case Study. I have already started a new campaign with a different landing page that I will be writing a post really soon, so stay tuned by subscribing to my newsletter below.

In the mean time, feel free to share this case study with your friends and colleagues and ask me anything you want in the comments section below. I will answer back as soon as I get back to me computer.

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