How I Make Money Online: 3 Tested Methods That Work

How I Make Money Online: 3 Tested Methods That Work 1

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👋 I consider this article to be outdated. I am not using the methods below to earn income nowadays – except the affiliate marketing method.

Do you Want to Know How I Make Money Online?

In today’s post, I will show you How I Make Money Online. I use 3 different methods although I am always telling my followers to focus on a single money-making opportunity if they want to succeed faster.

The reason you need to focus on a single money-making opportunity is that it is very difficult to make money using different methods at the same time.

  • You need to promote each method and that is going to increase your advertising costs.
  • You need to master it each method to make a good amount of money out of it.
  • You need to refer more people because you will have 3 different programs to market.
  • Dealing with too many methods will slow you down instead of dealing with only one.
  • You are most probably going to feel confused and overwhelmed and eventually quit.

Unfortunately, I realized that after I joined and failed a bunch of money-making opportunities.

At the end, I ended up using only 3 of them – the ones that are making me money.

You might be wondering, why I do not focus on a single one of them and instead, I am dealing with three? Well, the reason is that I have a motto.

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I am already making some money out of these 3 methods and I am moving towards of making them generate a full-time income.

Why I Am Writing This Post

This How I Make Money Online post is part of the new philosophy that I have developed.

Basically, I am going to be as transparent as it gets with my online activities. That is why I have added new, categories such as my income reports, Clixsense Growth reports, and categories about the other money-making opportunities that I am dealing with.

So, to start with this new philosophy, here are the methods of How I Make Money Online.

1. Clixsense

ClixSense Logo

Clixsense is the oldest and most trusted paid to click website in the ptc industry with over 4 100 000 affiliates. It’s been up and running since 2007 without missing a payment ever since.

I am an affiliate with Clixsense since 2012 and  I have managed to develop a team of referrals. Clixsense is one of the programs that I am focusing on the most because of the enormous earning potential on autopilot this website has.

You can read my honest Clixsense Review here, to learn more on how Clixsense can help you earn an extra income online.

Unfortunately, It took me a while to realize this. Two months after I joined Clixsense in the first place, I stopped promoting it due to the small earnings I was making. After I met a couple of successful people with Clixsense (people who are making over $1000 per month on autopilot) I decided to give my all to this money-making opportunity and make it work for me.

I am making $13 – $21 per month with this program. You can check my latest Clixsense payment proofs here.

2. TripleClicks

Tripleclicks is an online marketplace just like eBay and Amazon. It is directly connected with Strong Future International (SFI), an MLM program that is online for over a decade. Strong Future International (SFI) has over 2 000 000 members worldwide and all of them are given incentives to do their shopping from Tripleclicks.

The way I am making money with Tripleclicks is by selling products using the drop shipping method.

Dropshipping is a business system where you list products on your website, shop or marketplace (like Tripleclicks) from another website and you charge a bit more than the original price.

Once a sale is made you order the original product and you give your customer’s address to the drop shipper.

He sends the product to your customer directly without you even touching or seeing the product. The drop shipper will not put his name or address on the package.

Tripleclicks provides me with a method of earning a nice income online and I can support my other online businesses as well. If you are curious to start using the drop shipping method I suggest drop shipping items on Tripleclicks first.

eBay and Amazon although they are the leaders in e-commerce with zillions of traffic every day, they also have too much competition and you will not go to make it ever. Tripleclicks on the other hand has very little competition and the SFI members are using Tripleclicks as their shopping platform because of the incentives they are given every time they shop.

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3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can be a very profitable method if you are willing to spend Money and Time mastering it.

The affiliate marketing concept has as follows:

You promote someone else products and for every successful sale, you generate through your online marketing methods (blogging, banner advertising etc) you get a commission. Commissions vary between each vendor and each program.

I am not earning much from this method, as I have failed to focus on it. I am planning on focusing more soon, as I realize that there is a huge money-making potential

Affiliate Marketing is not an easy job, but as I said earlier, if you master it your could be making thousands every month.

For finding affiliate programs to promote I usually visit three websites.

In JvZoo and ClickBank, you will mostly find info-products (like tutorials, ebooks) on various niches and different marketing software. Note that the products are placed there by different vendors and product creators, not from Clickbank or JvZoo.

Clickbank and JvZoo are simply places that list all these products and guarantee that you will receive your commissions.  For every sale you will generate you will get 35% – 70% commissions.

In you will find mostly tangible products such as, clothing, shoes, bags, electronics and lesser services and info-products. The commission you will get for every successful sale ranges from 5% – 20%.

I am focusing my affiliate marketing tactics around 3 platforms.

I use Bing Ads instead of Google ads for one simple reason. I was banned from Google’s Adwords program during my first couple of months online. The reason, you might ask?  I was clicking my own ads. (soooooo stupid..)

I use Clixsense because of the dirty cheap traffic I can send to my affiliate links and because advertising on clixsense is legit. For example, if the clixsense user tries to leave your website before the timer runs out, the timer will automatically stop running, forcing the user to stay on your website for the time you purchased. You purchased 30-second ads, then the visitor will stay for full 30 seconds.

Finally, I use because it is very easy and quick to set up your campaigns. Mostly the traffic generated from their advertising platform is good for money-making and Internet marketing training and opportunities.

If you are willing to start with Affiliate marketing, I suggest joining Clickbank, Jvzoo & Shareasale (it’s free) and checking different available products to promote.


I will transform this blog to not only a Clixsense Hub, but to a money-making paradise where I will be showing people How I Make Money Online in order to copy me and start leaving the ”dot com lifestyle”.

I will make this by being as transparent as it gets with my online activities.

Hopefully, I will focus more on the 3 methods mentioned above and I will make even more money out of them.

If you have any questions about the 3 methods I mentioned above or if you have anything to say, feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you the soonest as possible.

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