5 SEM Trends That Are Making It Big In 2018

5 SEM Trends That Are Making It Big In 2018
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The last few years have been truly transformative for digital marketing as Google has tweaked its search algorithm in more than one ways.

Consequently, there have been numerous upheavals on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) fronts. While a lot has been said about changing the SEO strategies to align with the algorithmic changes of Google, paid marketing gets lesser attention. But this does not mean that things are not becoming different for paid ads as this aspect of digital market has also witnessed some significant changes. Let us explore the latest SEM trends that are making it big in 2018.

Mobile marketing takes the lead

As mobile browsing leaves web browsing far behind, there is a need for websites as well as paid ads to be mobile-friendly. Such sites perform well from the SEO perspective because these are able to reach the top search rankings according to Google’s new algorithm. SEM too is keeping pace with this development; with ads that are include easily-accessible phone numbers along with map integration.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning get dominant

Another SEM trend that is becoming prominent in 2018 is the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These technologies act as the key to personalization and ads that serve personalized content to the customers are automatically put into the top bracket. This means that contextual ads are more likely to reach the users because AI and ML choose them automatically on the basis of the user’s behavior patterns.

Targeting becomes location-based

A majority of users search businesses according to their locations, with keywords such as “near me” or “nearby”. This is the reason that location-based targeting has become the backbone of SEM. Marketers need to customize their landing pages and ads according to the location of the business so that the chances of conversions are maximized.

Visual search grows bigger than ever

It will not be wrong to say that 2018 is the year of visual search and this trend is completely disrupting the SEM space. This form of search is gaining an edge because users find it easy to click a picture and use it to locate an exactly similar product. As this trend grows bigger, marketers are working on optimizing the images on their landing pages so that they are able to match the search criteria and appear in the user searches.

Voice search emerges as the true winner

The biggest trend that has taken the digital marketing industry by storm is that of voice search. Like visual search, voice search is an innovative means of searching content using voice rather than typing in keywords. Since users tend to be more conversational as they use voice for searching, PPC ads are aligning with their queries by optimizing the content with long tailed keywords.

Following these trends is a must if you want to achieve success with phoenix sem strategies. If you fail to do so, you will not be able to get optimal results even after allotting a considerable budget for your paid ads.

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