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As a professional in a dynamic field like engineering, your education never stops. To stay competitive, you need to keep yourself up to date with the latest certifications and training courses.

Gain your PDH credits (Professional Development Hours) through a licensed and reputed education provider.

Make sure you are ticking all the right boxes before you choose your course. It is important that you choose a high-quality course provider so that your newly-acquired credentials are not rejected by the top engineering boards of the market.

Quality and Accessible Education

Engineering Continuing Education modules have many benefits. They are very easy to access – you can study per your schedule from any place you want and all you need is a computer and a good internet connection.

The best education providers also give you a wide range of courses to choose from. Some very popular courses include the FE Review Courses and PE Courses.

Getting your PDH online has a cost advantage along with the easy accessibility. You can choose the modules that are relevant to you and there are no hidden fees or extra miscellaneous costs like commute fare.

The most important part of getting your PDH courses done is that you will be learning from knowledgeable industry experts. The information that is delegated to you has been crafted and designed from real-world examples and detailed text, delivered in a format that is easy to digest.

The course instructor is trained in effective and engaging communication which makes the learning experience a thoroughly enjoyable one. Participants will also receive notes after the seminar or webinar, which make great future resources.

If you are licensed or registered as a professional engineer, you can sit for training and gain the required number of CEUs and PDHs.

Find Your Course on Demand

On-demand courses allow engineers to choose from a wide portfolio of topics and learn at their own pace. These courses are based on recordings of completed live seminars and include discussions between the tutor and audience, which add more information to the core material. Available in easily readable MP4 formats, the course material also includes extra notes in PDF format.

Multiple-choice and true/false quizzes are also available and these help course participants to sharpen their new knowledge and skills. Many participants have cited the reference manuals they received at these PDH courses as a valuable source of information which has helped them overcome real-life work scenarios.

You can complete the necessary quizzes and get your accreditation which comes in the form of a course completion certificate. It is possible that you do not pass the quiz the first time you do it – sometimes we miss out on the chance to prepare or make mistakes.

You can always retake the quiz and email the answers to give another shot at earning that completion certificate. The top PDH course providers do not charge money for extra attempts.

Courses differ in length. 1 or 2-day courses provide a compact learning experience while there are options to spread it across a larger timeline for those who cannot commit long hours at a stretch.

Self Study Option

Balancing the routine of work and continuing education can be a tricky proposition. Live and online courses are great but if you cannot compromise or change your existing routine, the self-study option is another lifeline.

There is no compromise on self-study courses – they maintain the high-quality content that focuses on increasing technical knowledge while also imparting practical skills.

These self-paced courses also include a lot of resources. Apart from the main study material, participants will also have access to course quizzes and an evaluation form (a prerequisite for many US-based engineering boards). Educators like can help you with online courses.

Other Advantages of Online PDH Courses

If you are part of a larger organization needing the same skills upgrade or are planning to enroll a bunch of your team members, then you can enjoy discounts for group enrollments. In case you change your mind, you can always avail a full refund within a stipulated time before the course starts.Continuing Education is imperative in a market where things can change overnight.

The things you learn in the seminars will stay with you and you can be the solution-bringer to your organization with your refreshed knowledge base. From energy conservation to electrical engineering, professionals in myriad engineering disciplines are reaping the rewards of a proactive attitude. Do not find yourself behind the rest in skills and knowledge. Be prepared and stay ahead of the curve with the right PDH course

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