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[toc]If you are an Internet Marketer like me, then you know how important it is to promote your affiliate links on the web.The more you promote, the more sales, leads & sign ups you will get to your business – thus more money to your pocket.

One of the biggest problems that new Internet marketers face when starting online, is the advertising cost they need to have, to promote their business.

What I mean is that, not all of new Internet marketers have $500 – $1000 per month to promote their businesses. More or less their marketing budget is closer to $0 – $100 per month than the amount mentioned earlier.

Trying to use free advertising techniques like posting on classifies ads, using traffic exchangers, and writing articles is too much time-consuming and we all know and understand the importance of time in our business.

cheap advertisingThis is where Clixsense comes to save the day with its cheap advertising services. Clixsense can send thousands of people to your websites per day, for as low as $0.00140 Cost per Click.

Are you interested on getting that kind of cheap traffic to your website? If yes, then continue reading. Cheap advertising doesn’t have to be low quality traffic !


What is Clixsene?

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For those of you who are not regular readers to this blog and you just landed on this page from a search engine, I suggest you read this review I wrote a couple of months ago, to get a more analytical view of what Clixsense is.

In few words , here what Clixsense is:

Clixsense is a paid to click website (PTC), meaning that it pays its members money to watch advertisements published by various Internet marketers. Apart from clicking those advertisements, its members can make money by completing online tasks, offers, surveys and by referring other members.

Clixsense is online since 2007 and it is the oldest pc website is the industry. It currently has over 4  200 000 active members and it is growing steadily every day.

cheap advertising on Clixsense

Screen-shot taken from clixsense’s homepage on 23/11/2014

[su_label type=”important”]NOTE:[/su_label]Clixsense erases accounts that have not logged in for at least one time to their account in a 3 month period.

So, basically Clixsense’s members are being incentivized to watch these ads, for a certain amount of time, before they get credited with the amount earned.

The ptc advertising model is a win-win-win situation because:

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  • The Internet marketer gets massive traffic to its landing page (as low as $2.20 for 1000 clicks)
  • The ”clicker” gets paid for watching the ad for a fix amount of time and
  • Clixsense gets its profit.


Controversy Around PTC Websites

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This advertising model is getting a lot of controversy with many supporters (like me) and many detractors due to the cheap advertising rates that offers to its advertisers.

Detractors believe that:

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  • Ptc users are not converting well and they are interested only on getting their money by clicking advertisements.
  • The way the ptc model delivers cheap traffic is not ethical.
  • The clicks they get are from bots and not real humans,
  • Ptc websites are ponzi schemes.


I – as a supporter – I agree with these statements, to some extend.

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  • Yes, the 90% of Ptc websites work like ponzi schemes. (not in the case of Clixsense)
  • Yes, the 90% of them rent bots (aka rented referrals) to its members and most probably these bots are clicking on Internet marketers ads. (Clixsense doesn’t rent referrals nor it has bots)
  • No, the ptc advertising model has nothing to do with being ethical or not. If the website states clearly it’s business model to both parties (the advertiser and the clicker) then it is more ethical than most other advertising sources out there.
  • As for the traffic is not converting, let me tell you this.


[su_quote]If your landing page sucks and lacks the essential psychological triggers to convert users to leads, join an opportunity or buy a product then this is your fault..[/su_quote]

In few words, good Internet marketers get conversions, bad Internet marketers get nothing..

Why Clixsense?

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So after explaining what is Clixsense and what is the controversy around its business model, the next question you should be asking your self is..

[su_quote]Why To Choose Clixsense over the thousands of other Ptc Websites out there for my advertising needs?[/su_quote]

Now there are many reasons why I support Clixsense. In this section I am going to talk about the 7 reasons why you should choose Clixsense for your advertising needs.

Lowest CPC Rates

Clixsense has the lowest rates on advertising in the ptc industry. You can drive cheap traffic to your website with as low as $0.00140 Cost per Click.

100% Real Humans

Clixsense members are 100% Real Humans. Clixsense has never got involved with bots.  Let me share a small tip with you. Try visiting other ptc websites as well. If you see that they offer rented referrals to its members, then there is a great chance you receive bot traffic to your website.

Only Unique Views

Only One Click per Member is Counted for PTC Ads, no Repeats. So for example if you buy 10 000 hits to your website then 10 000 unique members will see your advertisement. in other ptc websites your ad might appear 2 and even 3 times in front of a ptc user.

Targeting Options Available

Clixsense has many targeting options available, such as gender targeting, premium members targeting and country targeting. Premium members are people who upgraded themselves  on Clixsense. That means that they are people who spend online money.

[su_label type=”important”]TIP:[/su_label]When I promote products or services that are not free to join, I always prefer targeting premium members than free members.

Ads Visible To Non Members

Advertisements on Clixsense are visible to non members as well.

When someone who is not a member visits Clixsense and clicks on the ”View Ads” tab found in the homepage, they will get to see all the advertisements that are running at that moment.

If your ad copy is designed well, you can get free clicks t your advertisement.

Here is a screenshot from one of my latest campaigns.I received 232 Free Clicks from showing my advertisement to not members as well.

cheap advertising

Strong Anti Cheat Protection

This is probably why I always choose Clixsense for my advertising needs over other ptc websites.

When you buy an advertisement on any ptc website you pay more or less money, depending the time you want each user to see your advertisement. So for example, if you buy a 15 second ad, the ptc users has to watch the ad for a non-stop 15 seconds.

What almost all ptc websites do is, they don’t stop the timer when a user moves to another tab on his browser, while watching your advertisement.

This way, ptc users have  5 to 6 different ptc ads from different ptc websites, open at the same time, without watching any of them.

They just go to the ptc website #1, click the ad and immediately move to ptc website #2 and so on.

This is not the case with Clixsense.

When  a user tries to leave the page while an advertising is running, Clixsense stops the timer. This forces the user to watch the advertisement for the full-time, the advertiser purchased.

Also when a user leaves the page and comes back in a while and the timer starts running again, after the timer finishes Clixsense will not credit the user. Clixsense wants the user to watch the advertisement non-stop.

Ad starts when website fully loads

Advertisements on Clixsense start only when your website fully loads. that means that the timer starts counting only after the website is fully loaded or 10 seconds after opening the website (timeout), whichever comes first.

Other ptc websites start the counter as soon as the ptc user clicks on and do not allow the website to fully load. This may cause you to lose viewer-ship time from your advertisement.

Cheap Advertising With Clixsense

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Clixsense offers to advertisers two ways to get cheap traffic to their pages. The first method is with the normal Pay To Click ads and the second method is with the Clixgrid.


Clixsense offers five different types of exposure for the PTC Ads.

They are:

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  • Micro
  • Mini
  • Standard
  • Extended
  • and Sticky


Each ad type has a different exposure time that varies from 3 to 60 seconds with different options available. They also require a different amount of Ad Credits per click.

Members will be more tempted to click on ads with longer exposure like the Standard or Extended and because of the longer exposure higher conversion rates are to be expected.

If you’re just looking to increase your websites traffic, the Micro and Sticky exposures are the best choice at very low-cost, however these types have limited targeting options and statistics available.

Here is a table showing and comparing the different advertising rates for Clixsense PTC ads.

 [table id=ptcadstable /]


ClixGrid is a game of chances offered by Clixsense to its members.

Clixsense users basically have to click anywhere on the picture and watch the advertisement for 5 to 10 seconds. After this time has passed the user will know if he is  a winner or not. The user will not get credited anything if he is not a winner.

You can advertise your website or affiliate link on ClixGrid for as low as $0.45 per day! The minimum amount of time your ad will be seen is 5 seconds, after the site fully loads.

It is a great way to increase traffic to your site or gain referrals and leads to your sites at very low-cost.

Pricing per link varies from $6 for 7 days to $100 for 180 days. Multiple links may be purchased at the same time and volume discount applies, therefore, the more you buy the more you save!

For example, if you submit at least 10 links, of any duration, then you get a 10% discount from the total!

cheap advertising - clixgrid

The clixgrid table with the latest winners.

Websites not allowed to advertise

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Any website submitted to ClixSense will first go through approval before being activated. Websites containing malicious script or code, excessive pop-ups, or viruses are not allowed. In summary, and without being exhaustive, no sites promoting the following shall be submitted:

[su_list icon=”icon: ban” icon_color=”#ed2628″]

  • Adult Content or Sexually Themed Material
  • Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia
  • Tobacco Sales
  • Discriminatory Practices
  • Hate / Violence Sites
  • Weapons Sales
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Illegal Downloads/Warez
  • Gambling
  • HYIP Programs


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I have used Clixsense to promote my affiliate offers, build lists and get referrals on various programs for over a year now and I am fully satisfied.

I can tell you with absolute confidence that you are going to receive at least 200 leads to your list by purchasing a 1 day sticky ad.

Of course if your landing page sucks, then you are not going to get any, that’s for sure…

Cheap advertising services often offer low quality traffic. I know this, I’ve fall into ”the cheap traffic trap” a lot of times.

With Clixsense everything is different.

The more you advertise to their platform, the more you get the feeling that you understand its audience and you know what to do to increase your conversions.

I am already running a couple of advertisements on Clixsense now and I am going to start a series of case studies that will be revealing my landing page, the advertising package I chose and the results.

[Update] I have written a case study regarding one of Clixsense’s advertising methods and the results are outstanding. Case Study: How I Got 154 Leads for $11 in 15 Days

This way I can prove to the world, that Clixsense WORKS. Cheap Advertising is not Low Quality Traffic anymore.

If you are not a member on Clixsense, I suggest you [su_highlight background=”#feff65″]Join Now[/su_highlight] and test drive its advertising platform. Trust me, you have nothing to lose, only to gain. 🙂

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  1. I agree with you that clixsense advertising price is cheap. So anyone can advertise there.

  2. Hi…. Do u think it can work with direct link and a cheap offer (allways in mmo niche)?

    Thank u!

    1. A Cheap offer in the MMo niche? Of Course. People in PTC websites want to make money online. If the landing page is structured well and the entry offer is cheap, I am sure you’ll have adequate conversions with a good ROI.

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