There are many people out there who are wondering how to make money on the internet in order to supplement their income.

In this post I gathered together all the possible methods that are available to start earning  money online as well as some crazy offline methods, that I couldn’t resist listing.

All of them are easy to learn and can help you earn some extra cash for you or your family.

I have also included some training resources and websites that will help you jump-start each method I mention in this MEGA post.

Be Prepared for a long reading because, as the titles says, I have listed 161 ways to make money online and offline..

Before You start going through this list, I feel that it is my obligation to tell you to read this post first. (it will open in a new tab). This post is very important because it will help you understand why most people fail to make any serious money online. I would hate to see you quit your efforts after a couple of months, so I strongly recommend you read the post first and then continue with the list.

This list will be updated every time I found a new money making method that it is not currently listed.

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Also, I would really appreciate it if you contact me, telling me any other ways to make money online, (or offline), so I can list them here.

So… Are you ready?

Here we go…

161 Ways to Make Money Online

1. Get Paid To Complete Online Surveys

complete online surveys for money
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Companies from all around the world are willing to pay you for your opinion. They do care for what you think of them because they can use your opinion to become better or to develop products and services that people will most likely buy from them. That’s why they are willing to pay you for your opinion.

Although this method will not get you rich, it can supplement your monthly budget. If you are living to a first tier country like Usa, Australia, Uk, Ireland then your earnings will be much more than people from other countries.

Here are some websites to start with:

2. Get Paid To Play Video Games

get paid to play video games
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There are two ways to make money playing video games. The first method is by creating a YouTube or Twitch channel and start monitoring your screen with tools like fraps or camtasia. The second method requires you to become a games tester.

Major corporations give their newly created games to a few hundreds of people to test them out before rolling them into the market. They want to be sure that everything will be ok before the games big launch.

This method must be a gamer’s dream come true. Gaming companies from all around the world look for candidates to play their newly created video games. They need your feedback about the video game before launching it to the market and they are willing to pay for it.

3. Get Paid To Completing Online Tasks

complete tasks for money

Companies from all around the world will pay you to complete specific online tasks like image identity categorization, address check ups, competition analysis etc..

The reason they outsource these tasks is because it would cost them a fortune in both time & money to ask from their own employees to do them. That’s why they go to platforms like and who have millions of members that are willing to complete the tasks.

If you are willing to spent 8 – 13 hours per day on this method, you can earn more than $800 per month. Check this article as well. I’m sure you will find it useful: Online Tasks For Money: Make Up to $889.20 Per Month

4. Get Paid To Watch Advertisements

get paid to watch ads

This is by far the easiest money making method you can do for some extra cash online. These websites are going to pay you to watch commercials for a fixed amount of time (usually 5 to 30 seconds) placed there by advertisers from all over the world. The earnings are low at the beginning but if you promote them and get many direct referrals you are going see your income to increase month after month.

The problem is that there are a lot of paid to click websites (or PTC) that are there to scam people. Learn how to spot them by reading this article here. Also, in this page I list some of the best ptc sites that I consider to be the best.

5. Get Paid To Write Articles

get paid to write

Are you good at writing? Then you have just landed on a goldmine. Millions of marketers need content for their websites but don’t have the time to write it themselves. This is where you jump in. You can write articles and get paid. As simple as that. Here are some websites where you can sign up for free and post your writing jobs. The more you write the more you earn.

6. Get Paid To Translate Articles/Documents

get paid to translate

Are you from Greece? India? Pakistan? China? France? Italy? If you are a bilingual then you have a competitive advantage in the make money online niche. People always need translations so this is an evergreen job. If you are good enough and fast, you can make a lot of money.

Just sign up to the websites below and create your own translating gigs Join to as many similar websites as possible to maximize your reach and to make your service even more discover-able.

7. Get Paid To Draw

You’ve always had the drawing skills, but your parents just didn’t think that you can make money out of it. That’s why they’ve send you to accountant school. Well.. they were wrong. You can get paid to draw by just offering your services to the websites below. If you are good, then you can make a ton of money.

Check Also ►

8. Get Paid To Listen To Music

9. Get Paid To Watch Tv/Movies

10. Get Paid To Sell T-Shirts

Courses and Resources that will help you:

11. Get Paid To Sell Photographs

This method allows you to make money online by taking photos with your smartphone or a any simple digital photograph and list them to different photo marketplaces. These pmarketplaces get millions of people every day that are interested on buying quality photographs to use on their magazines, blogs or graphics.

You can list and sell your photographs here:

[link] [link] [link]

There is a course called XXXXXxXXX that costs only XXXXX to purchase. It has all the secrets and directions on how to master this money making method. I suggest that you read buy it and read it.

12. Get Paid To Read Emails

There are websites similar to the ones who pay you to watch advertisements that pay you to read emails for a specific amount of time. You get compensated a small amount for every email you read.

13. Get Paid To Complete Online Offers.

Online Offers are created by companies that pay you a small amount of money if you purchase something from them of if you install a smartphone app., if you install a program on your computer, if you complete a small questionnaire and other similar staff.

There are website that list all these offers together for you to choose the ones you want to complete.

14. Get Paid To Do Voice Overs

If you believe that your voice is good, then you can do voice overs and get paid for it. Voice overs are basically used for radio advertisements and sales videos. The buyer simply gives you a script and explains you the style he or she wants you to do the voice over. You record the voice over, send it to him and get paid. As simple as that.

In order to do voice overs you will need to have a good microphone installed on your computer. There are many cheap ones that can do the work just fine. Fot example the XXXXXXX from amazon is a good choice.

15. Get Paid To Rent Your Computer Power.

If you want to make money by simply doing nothing, then you can test this method. You basically have to install a small software on your computer and then you will generate cash from it. You are going to rent your computer power to people who want to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrenies. The stronger your computer is the more money on autopilot you are going to earn every month.

16. Get Paid To Shop Online

This is the new trend in online shopping. You basically shop from your favourite websites like you always did and you get cashback bonus with your every purchase. For example if you purchase a t-shirt from XXXXXX for $XX you will get $X back as cashback bonus.

17. Get Paid To Dropship Products

Dropshipping is the process of listing products from one marketplace to another with a higher price and when one of your items is sold, the first marketplace ships the item to your customer without its logos printed on the package.

18. Get Paid To Do Photoshop

If you are good on photoshop, then you can list your services to the websites below and sell your skills as a freelancer photosho designer.

19. Get Paid To Exchange Commodities

There are websites that allows ordinary people – like you and me – to trade commodities like oil, gold, silver, stocks without the need to be an experienced trader or work in a big company. This method requires an initial investment of $200 to get started trading on these platforms.

  1. Get Paid To Sell Other Peoples Stuff

This method is called ” Affiliate Marketing”. You basically get paid to sell other peoples products in exchange for a commision per sale. To use this method you will need to learn how to do effective internet marketing to sell products online fast.

You can join these affiliate marketplaces to find products to promote



Share A Sale


21. Make Money Online Through A List Of Emails

This method requires you to build a list of emails in a specific niche (like dog training, fishing, weight loss) and promote relative products to them by using an autoresponder. Autoresponders are email marketing services that allows you to schedule emails in order to be sent automatically to those who sign up to your list.

This is a form of affiliate marketing – the method I mentioned before.


22. Get Paid To Post On Your Followers On Different Social Networks.

To earn money with this method, you need to have social media accounts with huge following. If you have on your twitter profile 10 000+ followers, you can sell  a posting to your social media account for $5 or more.

Of course you need to learn how to keep your audience engaged and avoid posting only different offers.



23. Make Money By Selling SEO Services Online

24. Get Paid To Review Products

25. Get Paid For Searching The Web

26. Make Money By Starting Your Own Website/Blog

27. Make Money By Publishing Your Own Ebook

28. Make Money By Creating Information Products

29. Get Paid To Review New Music

30. Make Money Online With Twitter

33. Make Money Online With a Facebook Fan-Page

34. Get Paid to Do Stupid Stuff in Front Of A Camera

35. Make Money Online By Buying and Selling Domain Names

36. Get Paid To Create Marketing Videos

37. Make Money Online With YouTube.

38. Get Paid To Do Mystery Shopping

39. Make Money Online By Selling Your Unwanted Stuff

40. Make Money Online By Selling Your Knowledge

41. Rent Your Parking And Get Paid

42. Make Money By Doing Different Chores

43. Make Money Selling Products from China

44. Make Money Babysitting

45. Get Paid To TakeOther Peoples Dogs for a walk

46. Make Money For Placing Advertisements On Your Car

47. Make Money For Renting Your House to Filmmakers

48. Make Money By Selling Your Body

49. Make Money By Doing Clinical Trials

50. Make Money Online With Online Network Marketing Opportunities

51. Get Paid To Create Themes and Plugins

52. Get Paid With CPA Offers

53. Get Paid For Managing Other Peoples Social Networks

54. Get Paid For Being A Virtual Assistant

55. Make Money Online By Transcribing Videos.

56. Build and Sell Crafted Items

57. Make Money Online By Teaching Foreign Languages

58. Get Paid To Test Websites  allows webmasters to harness the power of the masses and test the usability of their websites. UserTesting pays you to visit websites or apps, complete a set of tasks, and speak your thoughts aloud. You get $10 via paypal for every 20-minute session you complete.

59. Make Money By Asking To Be Funded for A Reason.

60. Make Money By Buying adn Selling Cars For Profit.

61. Make Money By Selling Your Clothes

62. Get Paid To Rent Your Car

63. Get Paid To Drive Other People to their destination

uber (peerfly)

64. Get Paid To Rent Your House To Worldwide Travellers

65. Get Paid To Sell Hosting Services

66. Make Money By Selling Your Sperm

67. Make Money By Selling your Plasma

68. Get Paid To Do Nothing for 70 days.

69. Collect and Sell Scrap Metals

70. Make Money By Copying Other Peoples Trading.

71. Make Money By Lending Money To Other People

72. Make Mony By Investing in Different Projects

73. Make Money By Funding Other Peoples Projects

74. Make Money With Online Casino Games

75 .Make Money online with Arbitrary Betting.

76. Sell Your Concert or Sports Tickets

77. Get Paid From Mobile Applications

78. Start Your Own Online Shop

79. Get Paid To Design Logos and cartoons

80. Get Paid To Answer Questions Online

81. Offer to wash someones car

82. Make money by Offering cleaning services

83. Make Money Online With Binary Options

84. Make Money Online With HYIP Sites

85. Make Money Online With Bitcoin

86. Get Paid To Do Data Entry Work From Home

87. Get Paid To Travel

88. Get Paid To Lose Weight

89. Get Paid To Live In Alaska

90. Get Paid To Test Prodcts

91. Get Paid To Advertise on Your Car

92. Get paid to go to school

93. Get paid to watch videos

94. Get Paid To Do Other Peoples Homework

95. Get Paid To Like Pages

96. Get Paid To Follow People On Twitter

97. Get paid To surf

98. Get Paid To Be A Surrogate Mom

99. Get paid to donate blood

100. Get paid to advertise

101. Get paid To Sleep

102. Get paid to work out

103. Get paid to take pictures

104. Get Paid To text

105. Get Paid To Answer Questions

106. Get Paid To Walk

107. Get Paid To Date With Other People

108. Get Paid To Party

109. Get Paid To Play Poker

110. Get Paid To Drive Your Car

111. Get Paid To Test Games

112. Get Paid To Try

113. Get Paid To Wear Clothes

114. Get Paid To Write Poetry

115. Get Paid To Recycle

116. Get Paid To Stuff Envelopes

117. Get Paid To Learn

118. Get Paid To Promote

119. Get Paid To Eat

120. Get Paid To Sign Up

121. Get Paid To Send Emails

122. Get Paid For Typing

123. Get Paid For Ideas

124. Get Paid To Go To College

125. Get Paid To Refer

126. Get Paid To Be Online

128. Get Paid To Talk on the Phone

129. Get Paid To Masturbate on A Webcam

130. Get Paid To Test Drugs

131. Get Paid For Solving Captchas

132. Get Paid TO Receive Text Messages

133. Get Paid To Install Games And Applications On Your Smartphone

134. Get Paid To Be a Friend

135. Get Paid To Download

136. Get Paid To Give Advice

137. Get Paid To Upload

138. Get Paid To Write Essays

139. Get paid to go to school online

140. Get paid to donate bone marrow

141. Get paid to test drive cars

142. Get paid to review movies

143. Get Paid To Model

144. get Paid To Upload Videos On Youtube

155. Get paid to process emails

156. Get paid to read articles

157. Get paid to be a test subject

158. Get paid to watch movie trailers

159. Get paid to donate eggs

160. Get Paid To Have Sex

161.  Get Paid To Be A Webcam Model

162. Make Money By Selling Video Games

At least, this is what this guy below, claims that he can teach you.

161 Proven Ways to Make Money Online (and some Offline)

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