10 Forums to Promote your Affiliate Links (2020)

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In this post, I will show you a list of 10 forums that you can start promoting your affiliate link to get free referrals. This post was last updated on April 18, 2020.

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In the PTC sector, you can earn a lot of money if you have active direct referrals. But getting direct referrals is not that easy for a newcomer. If you can follow a marketing strategy, learn from your mistakes and never quit your efforts, then your success is guaranteed.

The strategy we will be discussing in this post is forum marketing. Forum marketing can help you get free referrals if you play your cards right.

Forums are a very effective medium for promoting ptc affiliate links – if done the right way. For example, most online marketers sign up to a bunch forums and start spamming it with their affiliate links.

Huuuuuge Mistake !!

Of course, no one joins their money-making opportunity. On the other hand, there are other smarter affiliates who know what to do and get free referrals for the opportunity they promote. I suggest you read this article to learn some of the mistakes I was making when I started promoting my former clixsense affiliate link (now ySense) on forums and avoid them.

10 forums to promote your affiliate link to get free referrals

  1. Trendri.com: It is an active general make money online forum with thousands of users who are looking to make money online.
  2. eMoneySpace: This is an earn money online forum. And this forum is best for PTC affiliate links. Here you can promote your PTC affiliate link and get free referrals. This forum also offers multiple tasks for promoting links.
  3. BlackHatWord: BlackHatWorld is probably the largest forum when it comes to Black Hat SEO techniques with Millions of Visitors every month. You can learn a lot from this method if you are planning to promote your PTC affiliate links using Blogging and SEO. The best part is that this forum has a special section where users can discuss their money-making methods and share their affiliate links.
  4. Beer Money Forum: HUUUUUGE Make Money Online Forum with Millions of Members. This community first started its journey on popular social network Reddit and then jumped to its own domain. Great place to post your Affiliate Links since EVERYONE in this forum is looking to earn some extra cash online.
  5. Warrior Forum: WarriorForum is BY FAR the biggest forum when it comes to affiliate marketing. Here you will find very serious people and you should be careful when posting your affiliate links. If the admins understand that you are spamming you are going to get kicked out.
  6. Talk PTC Forum: Another fully targeted PTC forum. On targeted PTC forums I suggest you promote NEW PTC programs. If you promote ySense and Neobux, for example, you will not see great results because everyone in this forum may be already a member.
  7. Business Advice Forum: A great forum that gathers a lot of business owners and webmasters. Do you know what that means? It means they have money to spend on their businesses and websites. If you are promoting affiliate products that can help them upgraded their businesses, then this forum is for you.
  8. WebMasterSun: Another forum targeting webmasters. This forum has a special blogging feature that allows you to post your blogs. If you post useful guides and include your affiliate links inside, then I guarantee that you are going to get signups and sales.
  9. The Money Shed: A UK forum with thousands of users who discuss ways to make money online. A Great place to promote your affiliate links and make some money.
  10. Hyip.com This is an HYIP community. HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Programs (I don’t recommend them btw). Why do we suggest it? First of all, it has millions of visitors every month who have one think in common. They all want easy ways to make money online. If you know how to write good copy and lure people to click on your link, then believe me you are going to get free referrals.

So, these are our top recommended forums to get free referrals for your paid to click website. If you have any other forums in mind that we didn’t list here, then write them down in the comments section.

Also, share this article with your friends on social media. It means a lot to me. Consider it as a thank you for the articles me and my team, offer to the PTC community.

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  2. My favorite method of making money online is with building blogs in specific niches and promote affiliate products through them.

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