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Clixsense New Promo Video

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Clixsense New Promo Video

Clixsense the – once to be biggest PTC website in the world – has released a new Promotional Video for its Affiliates to use on their marketing campaigns.

Clixsense who is still one of the biggest make money online and tasks completion websites in the internet-o-sphere has withdrawn its activities from the Paid to Click (PTC) world after they saw a decline in the use of this form of advertising, but mainly due to the face that PayPal stopped supporting Clixsense – one of the last legitimate Paid to Click websites in the business.

Clixsense managed to  recover from the loss of members and affiliates due to the above facts and it is now stronger than ever offering a new video and a responsive website that work super-great on mobile phones and tablets ass well.

The New Video is really super cool and it can easily convert visitors to your landing pages into affiliates. You should definitely give it a try.

Check the new video and leave your comments below. Do you like it? How would you use it to promote Clixsense?

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One Comment

  1. Well that video is not that new, is more than a month old 😛

    But yes, ClixSense keeps going forward dispite leaving PTC section.

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