7 Website Design Basics To Boost E-Commerce Conversions


The conversion rate of an e-commerce website is the key determinant of its success. Simply speaking, the more conversions that you business store fetches, the higher will be your profit. With this, it becomes imperative for every online seller to try and maximize the conversion rate.

A number of factors influence the conversion rate and website design is one of the most important of these. Therefore, it is advisable to optimize the design for fetching more conversions. The golden rule of e-commerce design is to create one that simplifies the user experience by making it smooth, seamless and intuitive.

Here are the basics you can follow to optimize the website design to boost conversions on your site:

1) Start with a compelling home page/landing page design

Since the home page or landing page is your customer’s first tryst with your business website, ensure that it has a compelling design. Keep the navigation simple and intuitive so that the user is able to follow every step easily and reach the conversion after going through the complete user journey. Focus on enhancing the design with suitable content, including impressive tag lines and meaningful descriptions. Enhance the search functionality so that the shopper can easily find the product they are looking for, without having to put too many efforts.

2) Use colors that replicate your brand

Pay attention to the color theme you choose for your online store as it should replicate your brand image. At the same time, they should catch the eye without being too loud or distracting. Understand your audience and their expectations, besides adhering to the current color trends while deciding the color scheme of the site. Make judicious of contrasts to grab the attention for elements like special offers and Call to Action (CTA) buttons. Use of white spaces is another good idea if your audience expects sophistication.

3) Place CTAs for gaining user attention

Call to Action (CTA) buttons are perhaps one of the most important elements that influence the conversion rate. Getting them the attention they deserve is critical if you don’t want your potential customer to leave just because the lack of visibility of the CTA button. This becomes all the more important considering the fact that a large number of shoppers access the online store through the mobile. Place them strategically so that they engage the user and compel them to take action. Choose a contrasting color and bold fonts for them so that they stand apart. Animated CTA buttons are fast gaining popularity as innovative design elements for e-commerce stores.

4) Present clear and attractive product images

Another way in which you can use website design to optimize conversions is by presenting clear and attractive product images as a part of the design flow. It is important to go an extra mile with the product presentation as these images are the key factor that drives the purchase decision. High-quality and multiple product images build the trust of the customer and have a positive impact on them. Design features like zoom-in zoom-out can enhance the image value. Add a relevant product description to every image.

5) Encourage customers to share their reviews

Product reviews and ratings are an amazing way to give your conversions a boost as they add trust and credibility to your website. Add a review section to the website design and encourage your customers to share their reviews related to the shopping experience and your products. You can even ask them for video testimonials, which can be a true value adding element for your e-commerce store.

6) Simplify the checkout

Checkout is the final and perhaps, the most critical step of the user journey on an e-commerce store. It is also probably the most challenging part for the seller as the possibility of cart abandonment is the highest at this stage. Create a simple and intuitive design for the checkout page so that the user can complete it easily and effortlessly. Minimize the fields in the checkout form as long and cumbersome forms tend to irritate the users and drive them away. Provide lot of payment and shipping options and place them strategically so that the shopper can see them clearly on this page.

Besides working on the website design, there are numerous other tactics that can be used to optimize the conversion rate for it. Read this post from Stray Digital to know more about them. A little effort can take your business a long way and bring great opportunities to sell more.

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