9 Tips on How to Build an Email List Using Facebook

Gone are the days when your Facebook post could reach everyone that has liked your page. When you post a new update, your Facebook page audience would receive a notification that would enable them to know that you’ve added fresh content. With that in mind, Facebook marketing was easy.

But today, with the new Facebook algorithm, you might have noticed that just only a fraction (a tiny fraction) of your followers are getting your updates. You may have 1.400 page members and discover that 8 or 10 of them only see your updates. The question you might have asked is: is Facebook Marketing dead?

The clear answer is No, it isn’t.

You see, Facebook simply wants you to pay a certain amount to reach your existing page audience, that’s why the algorithm only shows your updates to fewer people. The best way out is to start thinking outside of Facebook. You should begin to see Facebook as a means to an end and not the end itself.

So, what is the end? Email marketing is the answer.

Email marketing gives you the total control you currently seek. It ensures that you can reach your target audience easily anytime time, any day. With Email marketing, you’ll be able to track your result, see the clients that are seeing your messages, add and remove people from your list, and keep them as your trusted buddy.

So, how do you make your Facebook page members and page visitors to join your email list?

How To Build an Email List Using Facebook: Top 9 Strategies

1. Run a Facebook Ad

You don’t always have to pay to reach your audience anytime you have an update. But for getting people to give you their email addresses, you should try using Facebook advertisement.

Here is the step you should follow

  • Have a valuable gift in the form of video, e-book, podcast, and any other useful gift that will prompt your audience to give you their emails
  • Create a simple landing page where your target audience will get their gift. (I recommend instabuilder for building landing pages. It’s a very easy to use).
  • Choose “traffic” on the advertisement option and indicate in your content that you have a gift for your audience and they should subscribe to your landing page to claim it.

Alternatively, you can choose “lead generation” to get their emails directly on your Facebook ad. Here is a video from YouTube that can help you.

2. Share Your Newsletters

Use the advantage of Mailerlite’s social share by sharing your email newsletters with your Facebook page audience and on some active groups. Be sure to include an active link to your sign-up page where you can capture their email and other info (make sure you request for little information as much as possible. The little you ask, the more emails you’ll capture).

3. Organize an Event

An event is the best way to connect with a large number of your target audience. Whether it’s an online webinar or an event about your business, you should make sure that you encourage the use of emails during registration.

4. Set Up A Contest With A Gift

I love free stuff. People so much appreciate anything that is free. This strategy has worked for a lot of people – it has worked for me, and it will work for you.

Here is what you should do:

  • Setup a landing page where you’ll be able to collect your emails and other info
  • Add a picture of your gift and create a content telling people that you’ll be giving it to the one with the highest number of referrers
  • You may boost your post for maximum exposure. But posting it to active groups will work just fine
  • Then award the gift to anyone that meets your need.

Alternatively, you can ask your fans to post their pictures and invite others to vote for the best one. Then you’ll award your gift to the winner of the contest

5. Use The Facebook Call To Action Button

On your Facebook Page, you have the option of using your call to action button for just anything: “shop now,” learn more,” “download,” and so many more. Simply select a “sign up” option from the drop-down and include a link to your sign-up page. With that, anyone that hits the button would be taken to your page and may give you their email address.

6. Have a sign-up Form on Your Page

Some apps integrate seamlessly to your Facebook page and allow you to collect emails from your page visitors. One of them is the constant Contact Form. You can check them out.

7. Get The “Subscribe To Our Newsletter” On Your Business Page

In addition to the sign-up button, you can have your “subscribe to our newsletter” tab included on your Facebook Page. So that when anyone clicks on the tab, he/she is redirected to your sign-up page.

8. Do Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a new feature that allows marketers to share helpful tips and answer questions. You can leverage on this powerful tool to connect with your page audience and have them sign-up to your newsletter for more useful information.

9. Have a Facebook Group

Try to create a Facebook Group and connect it to your business page. The reason is that Facebook Groups’ audience is found to receive new updates more than page audience. You can also spy on similar groups and see what people are interested in and do similar things in your group. Also, make sure your group is free and open to the public.

And, make sure that your group is well optimized so that people can find it via the Facebook search

So, if you are wondering How to build an email list using Facebook, try to put these tips above to work and you will start seeing great results. Do you have any tips on How to build an email list with Facebook? If so, tell us in the comments section below.

Also, make sure you share this post with your friends and family if you think it will help them.

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