How Social Media Impact Marketing | Infographic

Have you used social media to help grow your business and to increase your sales? If you have, then you understand how important allowing shoppers to use social media to do eCommerce transaction is to your business.

Social commerce is recreating how people shop online. You can find shopping on almost any platform. Instagram has shoppable feeds and YouTube has “Buy” buttons on its websites.

Recently, Facebook announced its new algorithms for its newsfeed and the new features for Facebook Analytics tool Insights.

The infographic found at the end of this post. shows how much social media and eCommerce platforms have changed over the years.

At the start, both social media and eCommerce had their distinct roles. Social media connected people with the same interests and eCommerce connected shoppers and buyers.

As time went on, social media and eCommerce began to work together to increase sales for businesses and boost their reach. Both types of platforms have made adjustments to their algorithms and analytics. It is not so unusual anymore to see the latest eBay discounts on your Twitter feed or pinned to your Facebook wall.

In this post, I’ll cover Facebook’s recent algorithm changes for their news feed and why you shouldn’t stress out.

How the Algorithm Works

Facebook wants to create more meaningful interactions with its users.

They will take cues from how people counter, comment, and share posts to conclude what posts will take priority on a user’s newsfeed.

This change emphasizes how important it is for you to create engaging, relevant, and effective marketing campaigns on Facebook. It also shows how a well-planned and executed advertisement makes a big impact on the targeted audience.

Battling Engaging Bait on Facebook

No one enjoys seeing spam posts on their newsfeed. “Engagement bait” wants to take advantage of the new algorithm by increasing engagement to grow engagement and reach.

Facebook’s new algorithm created a machine learning model so that it will categorize different types of engagement and click bait.

Your followers will see fewer spam posts that aren’t relevant to them and more posts like yours.

Your job is to make posts that don’t have “engagement bait” and spam-like qualities to keep your posts higher on your followers’ newsfeed.

Creating a Music Community on Facebook

Facebook publicized their partnership with Universal Music Group and Sony/ATV.

These collaborations hope to produce a more music-oriented experience on Facebook for its users and musical artists. They will be able to build deep-rooted communities with music as a common ground.

This is good news if you regularly post music to your page or want to start incorporating it into your marketing campaigns. The contract between the three companies will let you use Universal Music videos you wish to post or share.

Promoting Local Events and News on Facebook

This newest feature Facebook analysis created focuses on everything local.

While Facebook is testing this new feature on its app, it allows its users to market and advertise events and announcements for a specific city.

If your business is primarily concerned with everything local, then take advantage of the new feature rolling out on the app.



The list of new Facebook algorithms isn’t long but have made big improvements and impact.

Have you seen any changes in your newsfeed or needed to make adjustments in your social media campaigns?

Let us know how the impacts affect you and how you’re using the new Insight features to help you.

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