What is VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is based on a virtual private server. The VPS environment is almost the same as that of a dedicated server with the only difference being that it is a form of shared hosting on a physical server “node”.

More simply we could say that it is a hosting package between cloud web Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting.

VPS Hosting is one of the many types of hosting you can choose for your Site or apps. It is quite popular as its price is particularly economical compared to other options that give you root access to a server.

Why is VPS Hosting different from Cloud Web Hosting and a Dedicated Cloud Server?

By selecting a Dedicated Server, you rent an entire Server. A dedicated server is an appropriate option for users who need a large volume of “traffic” traffic or increased resources.
Also users of both a dedicated server and a cloud server have the ability to install on their server custom kernel, which on a vps server is not possible.

If you are considering renting a virtual private server but have doubts about whether it is the right package for you, it is best to contact one of our representatives to discuss your needs.

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How does it work?

The technology behind VPS is often also called container and is based on the OpenVZ operating system. It is one of the first forms of virtualization that have been and particularly widespread even today.

It is not the same but can be likened in many cases to technologies such as other companies e.g. VMware or VVM that allows a physical server to install several operating systems.

For example, your PC can run on Windows 10 but at the same time can host multiple operating systems running in parallel at the same time. Popular programs that allow you to do the same on your computer are virtuozzo containers, hyper v, vmware desktop etc.

The environment we host VPS works with almost the same philosophy. When we have a physical server, we can run several virtual operating systems as separate Servers at the same time. This technology allows you to get almost all the benefits of a Dedicated Server or a cloud server at a very low price.

What are the benefits of VPS?

A VPS gives the advantages of the price approaching that shared hosting of a cloud web hosting while at the same time giving you more resources and full management “root acces” as if you had a Dedicated Server.

You can choose the operating system e.g. centos and the Control Panel management (e.g. Cpanel or Plesk) according to the needs of your application or Site during the ordering process in our system.

Your VPS server will be ready in a very short time, usually within 10 minutes and you will be able to perform any administrative action within it you wish.

When should I not choose a VPS ?

If your site or applications are of the utmost importance “mission critical services” we do not recommend the use of VPS.

If you need very increased and guaranteed resources also VPS is not the right choice.

Finally, if you need management support because there is no engineer in your company with the appropriate technical training you can choose to add managed support to your order or choose a cloud package or dedicated server that they provide at their price.

You can buy linux VPS or Windows VPS, depending on the operating system you feel more comfortable working with.

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