Top Tips To Find A Job In Tech

tips to find a job in tech

If you are smart you are fully aware that now is the best time to be working in a technologically-oriented industry.  The digital density is infiltrating all areas of life from taxis to telecommunications, recruitment to retail – the pace of change is growing and at a fast rate.

According to online research, an overwhelming 99% of all modern employment (yes, that statistic is correct) now require some knowledge of tech.  Furthermore, with the estimated range of 30 – 50 billion smart devices projected to go online by the year 2020, the Internet of Every (IoE) concept is changing as far as the eye can see.

So, what does this mean for the millennial entering the job industry right not?  If you are planning a career in tech, you are undoubtedly entering at the correct moment; however, are you in the correct place for it to be beneficial?

To be successful in finding a tech career, it is necessary to take certain considerations into account such as identifying the best opportunity for your needs.  It is also important to consider the number of people in the field and find out how to stand out from the crowd.  Also, what does it take to succeed in a job interview?  This article will provide top strategic tips on how to chart a course through the complex recruitment procedure and land your dream tech job.

Gaining Knowledge

Gaining knowledge seems a simple concept, right?  Well, many people consider this to be a minor factor and will overlook it when applying for tech jobs.  Unfortunately, this can be detrimental because all tech companies, even the smaller start-up companies, search for solid technical skills in their tech engineers.

Regardless of whether you are self-taught or have a formal education, you will need certificates to build a steady skill foundation.  This means mastering technology skills required and keeping updated with the constantly changing tech innovations.  A company is less likely to hire an individual who is not aware of tech advancements.

Share Your Passion For Tech

The majority of tech companies utilize tech to research their employees – it makes sense, doesn’t it?  Why simply offer the job if you do not have any idea about the individual’s tech abilities?

If you are involved with online social networking, then it is likely that top search engine and social media recruiters will know.  This is one of the reasons why it is vital that you share your passion for tech on your blogs, twitter accounts and Facebook – particularly if you spend time online sharing experiences.  A hiring manager and recruiter will identify your interests and passions from this information; therefore, it is recommended that you present a passion for tech if you have one.  This will help you stand out from the crowd.

Be Prepared At All Times

One of the best tips is to be prepared for an interview at any time or place.  The majority of tech companies need to recruit teams quickly and will contact applicants at any given moment.  In fact, career fairs may turn into recruitment events, so it is recommended that you have your resume on hand and come psychologically prepared for an interview. You may have to move elsewhere for your work,  a blog we read suggests Texas is the place for tech jobs – this is according to Harnham.

 Know Your Target

Just as HR do research on their applicants; it is vital that you conduct research into the prospective employers, industry trends and latest technological innovations.  You do not need to be aware of all factors, but it can be beneficial to know the basics for conversation purposes.  Twitter is a strong source of information and is a hub to find out trending issues in your industry.

HR experts can share outstanding tales about applicants who appear at interviews without any preparation and are not sure of any details about the employer.  This is a warning that you need to have some preparation beforehand for any chance of success in the interview.  Why should a company be interested in your application if you were not interested in researching their company?

Be Curious

Regardless of when the interview is held, it is useful to be prepared with several questions about the company and position.  Recruiters find applicants who question the company proactive, curious and confident allowing you to stand out from the rest of the candidates.  Of course, it is vital that the questions are thoughtful and intelligent not generic or dull – you want to impress the hiring manager.

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