7 Qualities of an Effective Team Player

7 Qualities of an Effective Team Player

When you choose team members for your business, you want to know who would be the best team players for your organization. A person might have the technical skills for the job, but not be a good fit for your team.

For a team to perform well, it needs to have strong players. So what defines these people. Here are some factors that you should consider when selecting team members.

Demonstrates Reliability

A reliable team member will be able to get their work done, meet commitments, and do their fair share of the work. They will work hard and follow through on their assignments. With a team consistency is key. Your team needs to know that each member can be counted on to deliver their best performance all the time, not just occasionally.

Communicates Constructively

A team needs people who will speak up. Team members need to be able to clearly express their thoughts and ideas. They should be honest, direct, and respectful of others and for the team’s work. This is constructive communication. A good team member won’t shy away from making a point. However, they will state that point in the best way, respectfully, confidently and in a positive manner.

Actively Listens

For a team to function effectively, it needs to have people who are good listeners. Team members must consider, absorb, and seek to understand other people’s ideas and points of view, without arguing and debating each point. A team member will also take criticism without reacting defensively.

Effective communication and problem solving are most important. A good team member will have the discipline needed to listen first and respond second so that the result is meaningful dialogue.

Shares Willingly and Openly

A good team player will share. They share experience, knowledge, and information. They will also take the initiative to ensure other team members are informed.

Communication within a team is often informal in nature. Team members need to feel comfortable speaking with each other. Beyond discussions at organized meetings, team members will informally share information and important news with each other on a daily basis.

A good team member will actively share in this informal environment. They will keep the other team members in the information and expertise loop so that the team can get the job done, with little or no surprises. So, what sort of team player are you – can you identify yourself in this piece by nPower?

Cooperates with Others and Pitches in to Help

Effective teams cooperate like it’s second nature. Cooperation is the act of working with other people and acting together as a team to accomplish a task or job.

Team players may have differences, in their perspective and style, but they figure out the best ways to work together to get work done and solve problems. A good team member will take the initiative to offer assistance and respond to requests for help.

Exhibits Flexibility

Team members often have to deal with changes in conditions, many times these are changes they’ve created themselves. A good team player will know how to roll with the punches. They need to be able to adapt to the every-changing situations they’ll encounter. Team members should not get stressed out or constantly complain because they have to try something new or if there is a new direction being set.

Flexibility also means team members should consider other points of view and learn to compromise when necessary. They should not rigidly hold one point of view and argue that point to death. This can be a hindrance when the team needs to move forward in the decision-making process and get something done. A strong team player is firm in their thoughts but open to what others have to offer.

Shows Commitment to the Team

A strong team player doesn’t just care about their work. They also care about the team and the team’s work. They will show their care and commitment to the team up front, every day. They will make sure to put forward their best effort, and they’ll expect each of the other team members to do the same.

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