PTC Advertising: Promote Your Website the Right Way

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There are many people out there who don’t know the power of PTC advertising and the great results it can bring. There is a lot of controversy around this advertising medium mostly because of the lack of knowledge of the internet community around this subject and the suppression of this advertising channel by major advertising corporations.

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For example, did you know that you can’t promote a ptc website through Google Adwords?

Also, marketers falsely believe that PTC users who click the advertisements are doing it only for the money that they are going to get from performing this action. Although to some extent this is true, your ad will get the viewership that we as marketers so desperately seek.

If the landing page or video you are going to promote is structured with the AIDA model in mind (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) then it is guaranteed that these people will convert to your message.

Again, let’s not forget that the people who click on your advertisements are real people who have needs and wants and they will respond to things that they find interesting.

PTC advertising is probably the cheapest method (and very effective if done right) of promoting any business and creating awareness for your product or services most preferably in the Internet Marketing / Make Money Online Niche.

As with every marketing channel there are advertisements done right and advertisements done wrong. and each marketing channel has its ups and downs compared to each other.

Through my 5 year experience as a paid to click marketer and user, I am in a place to suggest 5 things you need to – absolutely – do before starting an advertising campaign on a paid to click website.

TIP #1. Use Splash Pages

Usually, when advertising on PTC websites your landing page will appear in front of the viewer for 5 – 15 seconds the most times. You can promote your landing page for 30 and 60 seconds in some PTC platforms but most of the time your you’ll be buying 5 to 15-second ads.

To get the maximum results from your ptc advertisements you have to use a splash page.

Splash pages are custom-made landing pages that have few information and they drive the eyes of the padi to click user to the call to action button.

Pages with too much information, tend to confuse PTC users because of the many in formations they have to process in a short amount of time, causing them to take no action.

Here are some examples of good splash pages which you can build similar:

wordlinx landing page
A landing page example from
clixsense splash page example
Clixsense splash page example

You can see the simplicity and how straight forward these landing pages are from Clixsense (now ySense) and Wordlinx.

TIP #2. Include a Clear Call to Action

Another mistake most advertisers do when promoting on ptc websites is that they fail to include a clear and straight forward call to action.

If you want the viewer to sign up to your squeeze page or click that button, make sure to include

  • a big button
  • a clear message of what you want the viewer to do

For example:

  • Click Here to Sign Up.
  • Sign Up Here.
  • Download the Ebook.
  • Subscribe to get your link

A clear call to action with a minimal splash page will get you the greatest results.

TIP #3. Target the right country

Sometimes when I view advertisements I notice some advertisements appear in front of me in other languages than English. I am a native Greek and fluent English speaker.

When advertisements in arabic or latin appear in front of me, I do nothing. Just skipping to the next advertisement.

What do you expect a PTC user to do when he sees a PTC advertisement in a language he doesn’t understand?

That’s right.. NOTHING. He will just leave the site without doing absolutely anything.

So if you are planning on promoting something in a language other than English, be sure to target the right country.

Now, not all PTC websites allow country targeting, so make sure you study the advertising features before you buy advertising credits.

TIP #4. Split Test Your Landing Pages

People react in a different way to different landing pages. A single change of the call to action button can increase or decrease your conversions.

Your conversions can increase or decrease if you include the word Free or if you include a scarcity sentence like ”Only 5 spots available”

To test different variations of your splash pages to see which one converts better you should use a tool that allows to covert many links to a single one.

A cheap tool to use that does the job perfect is is a tracking tool that tracks the clicks your links get and how many conversions each page gets.

It allows you to convert as many links as you like in a single link. It can track the conversions each page gets. This way you can understand better what works best and what not.

Here is a video taken from their site that explains the split-testing feature:

TIP #5. Track your results

One thing you should definitely do is to track your results.

Tracking your advertising expenses is essential in helping you get the maximum results from your advertising money.

Tracking your links will help you understand how your pages convert from incoming paid to click traffic. Many Internet Marketers state that tracking is the one most essential tool for their online success. – the tool I mentioned earlier – is the cheapest tracking tool with the most features you can get online today. It allows you to track unlimited links and unlimited traffic at only $39 per month.

You can test this tool with their 30 days free trial. If you decide that his is what you are looking for, then go ahead and purchase a license.


If you follow the tips I mention in this article, I guarantee you that your results will be better when advertising on paid to click websites.

If you liked this post and you’ve found it useful, make sure to share it with your friends or your communities. I am sure they will appreciate the fact that you are sharing great content with them.

Also, I am open to questions. Just leave your comment below and I will get back to you the soonest possible.

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4 thoughts on “PTC Advertising: Promote Your Website the Right Way”

  1. Hello,

    Very nice article I really appreciate it good job.
    I have read your article about getting referrals for ptc sites especially for clixsense but still I didn’t get it, can you give the paid strategy to use to get about 50-100 referrals a day? As I know advertising in ptc websites to get clixsense referrals is not effective since all members there are already member of clixsense.

    Thank you.

    1. When Advertising on PTC websites to get referrals for Clixsense, the trick is to find ptc websites that are not advertising on Clixsense. If a ptc website promotes it self on Clixsense, their members will most probably come from Clixsense.

      Try finding other ptc websites to promote your Clixsense Affiliate link. When you do find possible ptc websites to promote your affiliate link, make sure to click on their advertisements. If you see many Clixsense ads, then DO NOT promote your affiliate link.

      Try finding other ptc websites.

  2. Hi,
    I’m sort of new to the affiliate marketing game. When I promote a product as a Ad on Clixsense is it best to
    have a Landing Page for prospects to be redirected to rather than sending them direct to the website I’m promoting? I know there’s a lot of tutorials out there but none that explain in detail about how to link
    landing pages with promotions and emails…cheers

    1. It’s better if you create a landing page with a clear call to action. Landing pages have less information and tend to drive prospects to the call to action button more easily. Also, keep in mind that you have only 5 – 30 seconds to grab the attention of the audience so you need to include less information than the normal front page.

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