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Last week Clixsense announced some exciting news for its members. They have updated their affiliate program bringing huge smiles to its existing and new members.

More specifically, for each new referral members bring in from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, they will earn more than double signup commissions.

What is affiliate signup commision?

When your newly referred member earns their first $5.00, you, as the referrer, instantly earn $2.00. This is called a signup commision. When you refer people from countries mentioned above you will earn $5.00 instead of $2.00 when they earn their first $5.00. 

That’s huge !!

The good news do not end here..

The Clixsense Team has re-enabled the affiliate program for people living in China & Vietnam. This means that members from these countries can begin to grow their downlines again.

The news brought waves of big smiles through the community as seen on their Clixsense’s forum.

Here is Clixsense’s official anouncement:

Members, we have an exciting new affiliate program update for you. For each referral you get from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway we are increasing the signup commission from $2.00 to $5.00 on first $5.00 earned from your new affiliate. 

We’ve also re-enabled the affiliate program for China and Vietnam. This means members from these countries can begin growing their downlines immediately.

You can follow this discussion on our forum here:…nd_Vietnam

We thank you for your continued support of ClixSense.

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