5 Things the ”Gurus” won’t tell you about PTC Referrals

5 things the gurus wont tell you about ptc referrals

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The ptc industry is filled up to the neck with ”Gurus” who supposedly know everything around this topic and they will try to guide you through their websites, through forum talking and through their selling guides on how to make a lot of money with ptc websites or on how to get direct referrals or with those idiotic rented referrals guides that they are trying to sell.

God I hate them..

When I started my Paid to click journey I got so many times scammed and I’ve spent so much time and money trying to make things work that I once literally punched my computers screen. Fortunately for me my brother-in-law, had another which he gave me for free.

Since everything in the ptc community is revolving around referrals, I decided to write this article to expose the top 5 things that these supposedly ”Gurus” are NOT telling you about them.

1. They won’t tell you that free methods of getting Direct Referrals SUCK

That’s right folks. Free methods suck. They do work in some extend but they mainly suck. The reason is the are very time-consuming and they have very little results that you are wondering why there are people who are still ”selling” these methods through articles and eBooks.

I challenge anyone who is having great results with a free ptc getting referrals methods that I will pay him $50 if he shows me a single method that actually works. Proofs will have to be presented.

2. They won’t tell you that only paid methods bring REAL results

Folks, as hard as this may sound the only methods that really work are paid methods. If you want to get direct referrals to your pay to click websites, then you have to pay for advertising. Promote on other Paid to click websites, promote on pay per click networks, such as Adhitz and Bing, buy advertising space on forums or other make money online websites and the list goes on and on.

If you don’t have the money to advertise, then you need to find some. When my Clixsense referrals ask me where to get them money to promote Clixsense, I always tell them to complete online tasks from within the Clixsense platform.

There are people who earn up to $800 per month from task completion. You need only $5 to set up paid ad campaigns to various ad networks.

3. They won’t tell you that Rented Referrals are BOTS

How many times should I repeat my self on this subject. I cannot believe that there are still people who think that rented referrals are real people.

Well…. ITS NOT !

Rented Referrals are BOTS. PERIOD.

I wrote an extensively article about this subject long ago with PROOFS that Rented Referrals are Bots.

They are not programmed to make you earn money, they are programmed to make you lose money.

The ptc websites that have rented (bot) referrals are sucking money from the little guys, to pay the big boys who are purchasing memberships worth of thousands per year.

The gurus will tell you that they have a secret strategy that you need to buy that will show you exactly how to master the renting referrals process.

That’s full of crap.

I’ll tell you the process.. for FREE

  1. Go to Neobux.
  2. Buy the ULTIMATE membership (hundreds of dollars)
  3. Rent 4000 referrals.

4. They won’t tell you that 90% of your PTC Referrals are not going to stay active

Another thing the ptc gurus ”forget” to mention out of fear of not joining their ptc websites is that 90% of the people who you are going to refer are not going to stay active.

In little words every 10 people you refer, about 9 of them are not going to be active.

This is the main reason that many ptc users are quitting. They thinks that by referring 10 -20 people who are going to start making serious money.

Well, that’s not the case.

You need to refer thousands for people to start making real money with ptc websites. At least this is what my 5 year experience with this industry showed me.

5. They won’t tell you that almost 99% of the websites they promote are not safe to join.

The ptc industry is very competitive. There are only about 5 -6 ptc websites that are trusted and are safe to join. All the other ptc websites are NOT to be trusted 100%.

Now, I’m not saying that new ptc websites don’t have a chance on becoming the next Clixsene or Neobux, it’s just that it is very hard..

A new paid to click website, to stay online for many years has to have two things. A steady amount of new people joining every day and a steady stream of advertisers promoting their services. If any of these two elements fail, then the ptc website is doomed to fail.

The ”Gurus” on the other hand, build PTC LISTS that supposedly list the best ptc websites for newbies to join. They list 20 – 30 ptc websites driving unsuspected users to join to ptc websites that after 6 months they no longer exist.

You night be thinking: ”What that has to do with referrals?”

Well, if you join a ptc website and you spend a ton of money and time to build your team of Direct Referrals and after 6 months this website does not pay you or your referrals, then you are doomed my friend.


The list ends here.. I wanna know your thoughts about these 5 points. If you liked this article then please share it with the rest of the ptc community. People need to be educated in order to avoid any mistakes.

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